OFood Food Delivery Service in Nigeria – The Beginning of the End

OFood is one of the distinctive features of the Opay super app that allows users to order food online and send it to the consumer’s doorstep.

OFood was launched in Nigeria in August 2019 and operates mainly in Lagos.

OFood OPay Food Delivery Service in Nigeria
OFood OPay Food Delivery Service in Nigeria

Food businesses are never insolvent. Why? Because we all cannot do without food, the same goes for the Ofood service. It is an online food delivery service.

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It’s like having all the restaurants’ cuisines at your fingertips and choosing one out of the many choices.

OFood (short for Opera Food or OPay Food) is a subsidiary service of Opera pay (which is an OPay company) that provides food delivery services to its customers.

The company-Popular Chinese-owned African fintech also operates- Oride, Okash, Owealth, Obus.

How does OFood work?

Ordering and delivering your favorite meal has never been easier. Simply, follow the steps below to get started.

  • Download the OPay App: Firstly, download the OPay app from the Google Play store on your Android phone.
  • Then, click on install. After installation is complete, click on Open.
  • Signup for OPay: You will need to register as a new user on OPay. So fill in your details and your phone number.
  • You can have multiple accounts with them provided that you have different phone numbers that you will use to login and that you can remember your passwords.
  • Check for Discounts
  • Choose a Restaurant near you to Order from:  This is to aid faster delivery, ensuring your food is still hot when it gets to your place.
  • Select the Delicacy you want 
  • Payment time: You can pay for food using your own money in your OPay wallet or you can pay when the food is delivered.
  • Confirm Delivery: After the delivery of the food, you must confirm the order in the OFood dashboard and you are done.

OPay has done a lot in terms of making themselves a darling to the Nigerian populace and we must confess that they have been successful.

The Advantages of Ofood

Opay has had a great strategy in her resolve to make herself popular with Nigerians, and hold the market.

With numerous sales promotions and discounts, the company continues to enjoy the support of Nigerians for their various products and services.

Ofood lets you order your favorite food online directly from your Android phone.

You can order food online using the OPay app at your nearest restaurant. Order Chinese, Fast Food, and local Nigerian food.

The great part is that you get the food supplied to the doorstep of wherever you are, be it at work, at home, on the go, and so on.

The challenges of Ofood
  • Network downtime, perhaps due to load on the app, you will try several times before placing an order.
  • Of particular concern raised by users is the cleanliness of the restaurants and the environment where the food is made, as it appears that most of the restaurants registered under the app are bukas.
  • Delivery time is another major challenge as many users complain of waiting for over an hour before food delivery.
  • Also, there were complaints that the food was not delivered appropriately and safely.
The Beginning of the End

The problem began, for Opay, when the state government of Lagos (Opay’s largest market) crippled ORide’s operations by imposing a ban on the activities of motorcyclists in major parts of the state.

OPay has long-established the rumors that it will close some of its business in Nigeria excluding its payment operation, Opay today.

Other daises that will be affected consist of Oride- its cycling platform; Ofood- its place of much-needed food delivery; Ocar – its taxi lifting platform and Oexpress – its resource platform.


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