NIMC registration portal: How to Link Your NIN with Your Phone Number (For MTN, Glo, Airtel & 9Mobile) in Nigeria

NIMC registration portal: What is the Nigerian national identity management commission?

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is a constitutional Nigerian entity working for the country’s national identity management systems.

NIMC registration portal How to Link Your NIN with Your Phone Number
NIMC registration portal How to Link Your NIN with Your Phone Number

It was established by NIMC Act No. 23 of 2007 to create, operate and manage Nigeria’s national identity card database, integrate existing identity database in government institutions, and register individuals and legal residents

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On the other hand, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is an independent authority regulating the telecommunications industry in Nigeria.

It was formed under resolution 75 on November 24, 1992, and was charged with the promotion of fair competition in the telecommunications industry and protection of telecommunications services and facilities providers.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has previously instructed telecommunications service providers to disconnect all unregistered customers with their National Identity Numbers (NIN) within two weeks.

Any subscribers who fail to register with NIN will be cut off from using their mobile line by the end of the year.

NIMC Registration Portal: What Is The NIN Number?

The NIN number also called the National Identity Number is an irreplaceable number given to a person when he has successfully registered.

During enrolment details such as Demography, occupation, state, and more are collected.

National Identity Number (NIN) consists of 11 randomly selected random numbers and assigned to a person after registration on the National Identity Database (NIDB)

It is used by the governments of many countries as a means of tracking information about the citizens
Thus, what NCC want to do now is to connect the NIN server with the server of all telecommunications providers to observe what people are using SIM card for.

One can have different SIM cards from different networks but they will all be connected to the same NIN number.

NIMC registration portal: How to Check Your NIN Number Using Your Mobile Number

You can Dial *346# to recover your National Identification Number (NIN) on MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile network.

NIMC Registration Portal: How to Link Your NIN with Your Phone Number

Airtel Users: How to Link NIN in Airtel Line  

To effectively link your NIN to an Airtel phone number, simply follow these steps:

  • Dial *121# on your Airtel number you want to link to.
  • Type 1 “NIN capture” and send.
  • Enter your 11 digit NIN and send. (e.g. 72029071585)
  • Hold on to the message to confirm your submission. In case you get an error, wait a while and try again later.

How to link NIN to MTN SIM Card

Below is how to link NIN to your MTN line using your phone:

  • Dial *785#
  • Enter your 11-digit NIN, and “Send”.
  • Note: You can also go to and fill it out to link to the online form. Or simply call their customer service at 180. 

How to Link NIN to 9MOBILE Line

  • 9Mobile users should visit the link below;

  • Click on ‘Verify and link your NIN now’
  • Fill the Information required and submit
  • 9Mobile code USSD link will be announced the moment is available
 How to link NIN to Glo Line

Glo SIM card users can use any of these methods to link their NIN number

  • Go to to fill in your information and link.
  • In the information box, Type in the first name and last name, middle name (optional), phone number, and NIN number, and email address; and finally send.
  • You can use the text message format to connect it to your Globacom line
  • Send text: UPDATENIN then NIN number, first name, last name to 109
  • Example:{ UpdateNIN 72014989522 Shola, Abiola} send to 109
  • This should be done on your phone number to link.

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NIMC Registration Portal: Questions People Also Ask
  • How do I know if my national ID card is ready?

To check whether your National ID card is all set, follow the steps below to see the status of your National Identity card online.

Ensure the PIN gotten for your National Identity card registration center is in one piece.

Most importantly, log on to

  • Can Nigerian citizens check their national identity card online?

A lot of people registered for a very long time and are yet to know their NIMC Status Online.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), made it possible for Nigerian citizens who enrolled for the national identity card scheme to check the status of their national identity card.

  • How do I Check my NIMC status online?

Follow the steps below to check your NIMC status online: In the first place, log on to

Then, click on the” Proceed Button” and fill in all the required personal details or information: First Name, Last Name, and National Identification Number.

Afterward, click the bottom “Check now” to see your status.

  • What if you forgot your NIN and don’t have the slip?

Simply dial *346# on the SIM card you enrolled with the National Identity Management Center (NIMC).

A message having your NIN will be displayed, just copy it to a place safe.

Please note that checking your NIN by using the USSD given above costs N20 only


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