Black Friday Deals 2020 in Nigeria | the Secret of Best Deals | Tips

Black Friday 2020 is one day in the year when e-commerce records some of the highest sales. Black Friday deals offer great discounts on phones, gadgets, and more.

Black Friday Deals 2020 in Nigeria
Black Friday Deals 2020 in Nigeria

This year’s Black Friday falls on Friday, November 27, however, various retailers are offering deals early Black Friday at the moment.

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The name, Black Friday, was coined as a result of an uproar that erupted the next day after Thanksgiving, as holiday shoppers went into their yearly shopping passion.

Traffic jams were frequent, causing trouble and even accidents.

Many years’ later sellers and buyers began to see Black Friday as something more than a day of national frenzy.

Stores began to take advantage of the increase in holiday shoppers; offers discounts and low prices intending to attract more customers.

Hence, Black Friday was born. These days, it is not uncommon for retailers to advertise as high as a 50% price slash on products, and consumers are more likely to take advantage of the full potential.

Awareness of anticipation of the day begins way earlier in the year; probably as early as September

Tips: Things to Know Ahead of Best Black Friday Deals 2020

November is known worldwide as Black Friday month. Officially this year, Black Friday is expected to be on November 27, 2020.

However, most retailers have launched their deals earlier than the said date. So what is Black Friday and why should it matter to you?

Nevertheless, many retailers have already launched their deals before the deadline. Now, what exactly is Black Friday and why you be concerned?

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is recognized as the biggest shopping event of the year. On this day people came not only to watch the game but also to shop.

Gradually, the city turned into a traffic nightmare for just that particular day which made the name stick

 Over time Black Friday has advanced to become the day when retailers delight their buyers with some of the best mouth-watering discounts on products sold.

This not only forms brand loyalty for retailers but is also a great way to make big sales.

Why Black Friday?

Sighting discounts such as a 50% discount, an 80% discount and up to 99% on the products which you want to buy might cause you to go on a shopping spree.

This is more improved by the fact that your payment has been simplified by e-channels instead of cash.

Don’t lose track of the money you have spent. The best way to avoid this is to have a Budget.

Black Friday is a good day to make purchasing decisions as goods will be at a lower price which you might never get all year round. So it is a good day to buy cheap stuff and reduce costs.

Black Friday Deals 2020 Major Dealers Involved In Nigeria

This is a typical e-commerce biggest sales day. It is also worth noting that in recent years SMEs have used this day to increase sales of their products and to create awareness of their products.

Sites Offering Best Black Friday Deals 2020 in Nigeria:
Best Black Friday deals 2020 from Jumia, and Konga

You can save a lot of money with your purchase before and during the Black Friday 2020 promotion. Wealthy and smart people like to save money.

This year’s Black Friday promises to be fun. The Black Friday 2020 deals have already begun and people are buying their preferred items at a huge discount. Don’t be left out

The Secret of Best Deals

The truth is, the best Black Friday deals are limited to stock. It is the fasted fingers first.

Hence, the key to the Konga and Jumia flash sales if you want to get the best deals is to be vigilant and buy the moment it is out.

How Can You Get The Best Deals?

Simply through the e-commerce newsletter, generally, this is the channel utilized to notify customers about any particular deals that will be offered on that day.


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