Yahoo Mail latest version helps users find attachments and deals

Yahoo Mail latest version
Yahoo Mail latest version

Yahoo Mail latest version – If you told anyone you used Yahoo’s email service a few years ago, they would probably laugh at you. Yahoomail was beginning to resemble America Online in terms of functionality.

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And, with all of the cool bells and whistles popping up on more popular email services like Gmail or, it’s hard not to chuckle.

Yahoo Mail latest version

If you haven’t used Yahoomail in a while, take a look at the new edition, which makes it easier to find attachments and offers.

In reality, they can persuade you to make the switch.

Yahoo Mail latest version is having a makeover on smartphones, with new iOS and Android apps launching.

Many of you haven’t used Yahoo Mail in years, but Senior Director of Product Management Josh Jacobson pointed out that it’s one of the most popular productivity apps in the Apple App Store, with 2.1 million ratings and a 4.6-star score. mail is also attempting to do something different from the Superhumans of the planet, according to Jacobson, because it isn’t one of the many applications that “solve for essentially corporate use cases.” Rather, it’s “absolutely based on the consumer email use case, solving the business of your life.”

Jacobson, for example, said he joined Yahoo after his previous employer, the smart inbox service Xobni, was purchased by the company. (Yahoo is owned by Verizon Media Company)

 All thought at the time that “search is the way to go” when it came to assisting users in finding items in email.

“People really don’t know or want to have to figure out what to type into the imposing white box to find the item that they’re looking for,” he said.

So Yahoo..mail latest version now provides a variety of views that can make it easier to find things without having to browse by concentrating on particular types of content from your inbox.

There’s a view that just shows all of your attachments if you’re looking for a photo or a file that someone sent you. If you’re searching for deals, you have three options: the Deals View, the currently iOS-only Location View (which displays nearby deals on a map), and the Supermarket View (which shows you grocery discounts based on your loyalty cards).

While the app sorts and prioritizes these offers, the deals themselves come from your inbox, not Yahoo, according to Director of Product Management Shiv Shankar.

The new Yahoo email also provides a view for checking all of your email subscriptions, as well as an unsubscribe button that permits you to unsubscribe from any of them with a single tap.

There’s also an additional view (currently only available on iOS) that focuses on “active updates,” which are emails that are urgent or time-sensitive, such as package tracking or travel updates.

The overall appearance of Yahoo Mail has also been updated. This involves adding a navigation bar to the bottom of the screen, which Shankar claims will allow for “single-hand usage” despite the fact that phone screens are getting larger.

Each user can customize the navigation bar by selecting which views to include. By the way, if you’re hesitant to send email from a Yahoo address, Jacobson found out that the Yahoo Mail app can be used to access non-Yahoo email accounts such as Gmail and Outlook.

Yahoo Mail latest version aims at emerging markets and casual users launchYahoo Mail versions for mobile web and Android Go

While Yahoo Messenger’s days are numbered, Yahoo and its parent company Oath (which also owns TC) remain optimistic about the future of other communication services, especially Yahoo Mail.

Moreover, Yahoo released two new versions of Yahoo Mail: a mobile web edition and an Android Go app.


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