What Is Silent Logging and How to Fix Android SystemApp

What Is Silent Logging and How to Fix Android System App

The SilentLogging App is a preinstalled system application that comes with Samsung Android phones. It is located in the modem settings and tracks all of your phone’s call and SMS logs, backing them up so you may easily transfer them to another device.

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What Is Silent Logging
What Is Silent Logging

What is Silent Logging on Android? Uses and Risks

To accomplish several functions, Android phones require multiple system apps, bloatware, and service bundles. One of these system app packages that comes pre-installed on Android and is in charge of configuring the modem settings is com.sec.modern.settings. The application package appears as SilentLogging. What exactly is Android’s silent logging, then? What uses does it have? What rights does Silent Logging have on your Android tablet or smartphone, and is it safe? Let’s investigate the solutions.

What is Silent Logging on Android?

SilentLogging, as the name implies, has nothing to do with Android’s silent logs or login. This is a high-speed wireless connection that is included in contemporary equipment for mobile devices and data terminals.
With the package name com.sec.modem.setting, Silent Logging is an Android default program that stays on your phone’s network modem (VOLTE) and has access to messages, call logs, and mobile data.
An Android built-in app related to kernel management that has the ability to connect to the internet secretly. The application is set up using the com.sec.modem.setting package name.
On Samsung Android phones, the software is installed out of the box; however, you may also download the APK file and perform a manual installation.

How does Silent Logging work?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and background processes enable apps and other system components to access and gather data without alerting the user, which is how silent logging works. However, how does this operate?
Smartphones supporting VoLTE (Voice over LTE) can communicate with their modem settings through the use of SilentLogging.apk. For this reason, SilentLogging’s package name is “com.sec.modem.settings.” Additionally, it communicates with the network, device memory, and file system that make up the device core.
To be more precise, Samsung servers are backed up with call and SMS logs from your phone via Silent Logging, which also offers silent access to the mobile Internet. In this manner, even if your device changes, you may still access them.

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Permissions for Silent Logging

A large number of permissions are needed for silentlogging to function. It allows you to view internal settings and see all the permissions needed for proper operation.
You can also get the permission by going to settings, where you must select quiet logging and identify the system apps. You will then be presented with the option to check the permissions.
Open SilentLogging and go to Settings>Apps>Show System Apps to confirm that all the permissions are there. To view all of the permissions it possesses, click the permissions section here.

How to download and install SilentLogging

The app SilentLogging is, nevertheless, pre-installed on all Samsung Android smartphones. But, you can always download and install it manually if you’ve already removed it or if the app is causing you to encounter any stoppage errors.

This is how to install and download Silent Logging.

• Search “SilentLogging apk” on Google.
• Download the APK from the relevant website.
• Use the APK file to install the app now.
• If installation fails, be sure to enable “Install from unknown source” in development mode.

Is it a malware or anything as such?

Since most of us spend our time online, many people believe that quiet logging is a virus or spyware and want it removed. However, since this is frequently an Android app for politicians, it may not be regarded as a widespread issue. Thus, you shouldn’t be concerned because it isn’t a virus, malware, or bloatware. The best course of action is to factory reset your device if you’re having problems with silent logging. You can try disabling it or cleaning the cache on your device.

Silent Logging: Is It Safe?

Samsung Android phones come with a built-in app called Silent Logging, which was created by Samsung itself.
Furthermore, the ample authorization for the silent logging is totally secure and may be left active without worrying about a hacker attempt.
On the other hand, customers have complained that the quiet logging continuously drains their device’s battery. This issue is simply fixed by terminating the process or disabling it.

Does silent logging use up too much battery power?

Given that SilentLogging frequently runs in the background and uses resources, it is easy to see how much battery life it consumes. However, it is usually a better option to disable or delete an app if you notice that it is using a lot of battery life.

What should be done if you lose more battery?

We are all aware that an Android device’s battery can play a significant role and pose a significant issue for consumers. The battery is quickly depleted by silent logging, though this is usually not a major issue with this software. Since this is a genuine built-in app, it might occasionally experience problems like other programs. Disabling the app or restoring your phone is the easiest course of action if you find that this app is rapidly depleting your battery.

Can I Uninstall Silent Logging?

Uninstalling an Android system program that also has SilentLogging enabled is challenging. Rooting your smartphone is the only way to remove or uninstall anything. As an alternative, you can make use of ADB.

Steps to delete or uninstall silent logging Using ADB

Making Use of ADB
1. Turn on the Developer Options for your Android tablet and phone.
2. Select USB Debugging from the Developer Options menu.
3. On a PC, download ADB and unpack the contents.
4. Next, in the empty space, press and hold the shift and right click buttons.
5. Press the PowerShell window to open.
6. Locate the ADB device command and link your phone and computer together.
7. After entering the command, pause.
8. The uninstallation will be visible to you in a moment.

Apply System Remover.

1. Install system app remover after downloading it.
2. Locate the logging app using the checkbox.
3. Select the “Uninstall” option.

What Is Silent Logging
What Is Silent Logging

How To Stop Silent Logging?

Nevertheless, there are no issues when you remove SilentLogging, and you can continue to use the devices as usual. However, it’s usually a better idea to disable it rather than think about deleting it.
Here’s how to end the process and cease silent logging.
1. Use the Android settings app.
2. Open App Manager or Apps.
3. From the hamburger menu, select “Show system apps” (three vertical dots in the upper right corner).
4. Click “SiletLogging” to initiate it.
5. Press “Force Stop.”

Wrapping Up: Silent Logging

One built-in program that has to do with the modem settings is called SilentLogging. It appears to be present on many Samsung devices and goes by the package name “com.sec.modem.settings.”

What is Android silent logging? Silent Logging: An Overview

As everyone is aware, silent logging for Android is an app that we install on our phones to access our operating systems; this program also permits you to view your phone. This is frequently a pre-installed, internally created app used on Android devices that support VOLTE. This is frequently a high-speed wireless connection that is used in computer terminals and mobile devices with contemporary hardware.

What is SysScope? — Got any idea !!!

SysScope is a built-in application on all Android devices. It is the System Scoper acronym. Since it might be a system application, deleting it is either prohibited or not advised. You must attempt to remove it using the device program’s guidelines if you would like to.

What are the benefits of silent logging on your phone?

Are you curious as to why you should use the Silent Loggging app on your Android device? It’s not only you; a lot of others have similar questions.
As implied by the name, silent logging entails connecting to the internet in order to back up all of your calls and SMS.
Backups are crucial, particularly if you want to transfer your data to a new Android smartphone that you purchase. At that point, you start to value the Silent Logger app. The kernel of your device is essential to executing such backups.
It alludes to the codes kept inside the gadget in a secure location to prevent overruns by other programs.

How Can I Fix My Android App’s Silent Logging?

The Android app for silent logging can be fixed in a few different ways. Among these are:

1. Force the app to halt
As previously indicated, some users force-quit the Android software called Silent Logging in order to resolve issues with battery usage that arise from using it or any other app, such as rootpa. Even if it won’t assist indefinitely, it’s imperative that you understand this.
The Android app for silent logging can be forced to stop by following the instructions below.
• Click the menu and choose “Settings.”
• Select “Applications” from the menu to enable Android’s silent log.
• Press the uppermost three-dot ellipsis.
• Select Force Stop from the two available options. There is a brief decrease in battery usage.
2. Data cache clearing
Data cleaning is an additional method of resolving problems with the scpm client app or SilentLogging. This is also quite easy to do and involves easy actions that are very similar to those mentioned previously.
• Click the menu and choose “settings.”
• Select “Applications.”
•Select the Silent Logging app from the list that appears.
•Regarding the tri-dot ellipsis
• Select “Storage.”
• Select “Clear data.”
3. Turn off the silent logging by using the Titanium backup.
A person may occasionally find that neither of the two solutions works for him and want to delete the software.
With this, there is good news. It is possible to disable a built-in pre-installed app, even though deleting it is not an easy task. Thus, one must create a Titanium backup in order to stop SilentLogging.
Prior to doing this, you must do an Android rooting procedure on the smartphone. After that, download, install, and open the Titanium backup app from the Playstore.
Enter Silent Logging app or com.sec.modem.settings into the search icon. The application will freeze or become inoperable if you select the “Freeze” option.
By utilizing Titanium backup to disable the program, problems can be resolved and all background processes associated with the app are stopped.
The Superuser program is included in several Samsung apps; to allow the app to disable SilentLogging with Titanium backup, you must choose the “Grant” option.

How do I get rid of Silent Logging app on Android: How do I uninstall silent mode?

Uninstall the application in silent mode

Open the command line.
2. Type cd
3. Type /q REMOVE=ALL .
4. The password you previously established must be entered into the command using the PROTECTION_PASSWORD option.
Turn on the hidden settings. Android: Take these actions to open the developer options menu:
1. Select the Settings option.
2. Select the “About” or “Phone” option.
3. Keep tapping the Build number until the message “You are now a developer” appears.
4. Select System from the settings menu once again.
5. Press the Advanced button.
6. Select the Developer menu.
IMS logger: Android IMS logger
Your calls are logged by the message sync service called IMSlogger. It is a system application found on Samsung gadgets.
The Slocation App By its name, Android Slocation makes it obvious that it has to do with location. This Android software looks at your mobile radio activity to find out whether someone is following you or listening in on your phone calls.
RAM LOGGING IN CP: Boost the processor on your Galaxy
1. Get the calculator open.
Step 2: Enter (+30012012732+).
2.5 DRParser ought should launch
3. Enter *#9900#
3.5 SysDump ought to launch
4. Select High in the Debug level menu.
4.5 To apply it, your system will restart.
5. Go back to steps 1 through 3.
6. Look for CP RAM LOGGING and activate it.
6.5 A device restart will occur. Your processor will prioritize RAM as a result.
With the SysDump things now resolved, let’s move on to the developer choices. >If it isn’t enabled, then adhere to these instructions. If so, disregard this.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Build number 2.5 from the “About phone”->”Software information”->”Build number” Build reference
  • Select the Developer choices.
  • Go back to the settings menu and tap System.
  • Tap Advanced.
  • Tap Developer options.
What Is Silent Logging
What Is Silent Logging
IMS logger: IMS logger Android

The IMSlogger is a messaging sync service that also occurs to log your calls. It’s one of the system apps on Samsung devices.

Slocation app Android

Slocation as by name, it is obvious that it is related to the location. It is an Android app that examines your mobile radio traffic to determine if somebody is listening to your phone conversations or tracking your location.

CP RAM LOGGING: Boost your Galaxy’s processor tips

1. Open calculator

2. Type in (+30012012732+

2.5 DRParser should open

3. Type *#9900#

3.5 SysDump should open

4. Go to Debug level and Select High

4.5 Your system will restart to apply it.

5. Repeat steps 1 through 3.

6. Find CP RAM LOGGING and turn that on.

6.5 Your device will restart. This will prioritize RAM for your processor.

Now that the SysDump stuff is out of the way, time to go to developer options.

If you don’t have that enabled then follow these steps. If you do, ignore this.

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to About phone->Software information->Build number

2.5 Spam press Build number

3. Go to Developer options

4. Go down to Hardware accelerated rendering and look for these 3, Force GPU rendering, Force 4x MSAA and Disable HW overlays. Enable them all.

5. Scroll down to Backround process limit and select No backround processes


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