RCS Messaging and How to enable it On Your Phone?

RCS messaging is intended to be the next evolution of SMS, which brings a variety of attractive features to the table to compete with Apple’s iMessage.

The fact is, many carriers around the world are dragging their feet in the use of the RCS messaging feature.

RCS Messaging On Your Phone
RCS Messaging On Your Phone

However, it is still a cool addition to Smartphones, even if it repeats the duplicate functionality seen in popular IM apps.

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RCS messaging is the next generation of messaging, bringing high-quality photo sharing, typing signs, location sharing, group chats, and video calls.

Wealthy communication services, best known as RCS, have been around for a long time. But what precisely is RCS?

RCS Messaging: What is RCS?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a protocol that will finally replace SMS, and it got off to a slow start.

It was formed by a group of industrial promoters in 2007 and was brought to the GSM Association, a trading group, the following year, where it basically languished for almost a decade.

What You Need To Know About RCS Messaging

The basics as a general overview, in 2018, Google broadcasted that it was working with major mobile carriers around the world to adopt the RCS protocol.

The outcome is Chat, a procedure based on the RCS Universal Profile — a global standard for enacting RCS that lets subscribers from different carriers and countries to connect.

Notwithstanding the continuing popularity of SMS messaging, some people still need more than it’s proficient in the offering.

Making the service even more important and competing with popular, messaging apps, smartphone makers, carriers, and organizations industry’s governing agencies have created an RCS (alternatively called RCS Chat) program that is modernized in text messaging features from Facebook Messenger , iMessage, and WhatsApp on the same platform.

The Chat interactive protocol permits the conversation of group chats, video, audio, and high-resolution images, that looks and functions like iMessage and other rich

Google has officially released RCS support for its Messaging program and made it as easy as it gets.

You will know that your device is ready for RCS if you receive an in-app notification within Android Messages.

Just follow the on-screen instructions to enable Chat features, and you should be sending messages online via RCS immediately.

Just keep in mind that the person you are chatting with will also need to have RCS, or else, the conversation will fall back to the old SMS.

Here’s How to Enable RCS Messages on Your Android Phone.
  1. If you have not already done so, download the Google messaging app.
  2. Once installed, open the messaging app.
  3. Tap the settings button (three vertical dots) at the top right of the app.
  4. Click on settings.
  5. Then tap the Chat Features.

If the chat feature switch is already on, you’re ready!

If the Enable chat features toggle is turned off, turn it on by tapping on it once and when it’s already on, you’re all set!

On the other hand, when Google rolls out RCS features to your device, you should get a notification in the app telling you that the features are accessible.

Simply, follow the instructions in that notification and the RCS message features will be enabled.

Bear in mind that Google is in the process of rolling out RCS support to its messaging application, so it takes a while before you see it available on your device.

RCS Messaging: What about iPhones?

At the present, RCS is making its way to all Android devices, the standard face a promising future.

But there’s still a pretty big thorn in its side: Apple.

IPhone users do not need RCS like that because they already have iMessage.

Pending Apple comes on board the RCS train, communications among iPhones and Android handsets will still have to be slow, archaic SMS.


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