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Lowe's Business Credit Card
Lowe’s Business Credit Card

If you prefer to shop at Lowe’s, the Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card issued by Synchrony Bank can be a rather vital tool. Your Lowe’s credit card account can mean big savings on home projects or better margins for your contracting firm, with daily savings of 5% on purchases and choices for financing large projects.

Any benefits you may receive, however, are contingent on you paying your payment on time to avoid finance charges.

That’s why it’s important to be familiar with the different methods you can use to pay the bill on your Lowe’s card.

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Credit Card Options at Lowe’s

In addition to the Lowe’s Advantage card, Lowe’s has numerous other credit cards tailored to fulfill the needs of different clients.

When paying with your Lowe’s credit card, it’s crucial to know which card you have so that your payment goes to the right spot.

Synchrony Bank issues the following cards:

  • Lowe’s Advantage Card
  • Lowe’s Visa Rewards
  • Lowe’s Business Account
  • Lowe’s Accounts Receivable

Lowe’s also offers an American Express Business Rewards card.

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About Lowe’s Credit Card

Lowe’s has grown from a little North Carolina hardware store to one of the world’s leading home improvement retailers. We’ve always been committed to assisting homeowners, renters, and professionals in improving their homes and companies.

A MyLowe’s account allows you to keep track of your online and in-store purchases, get free shipping on orders of $45 or more before taxes, fees, or shipping charges, return things without a receipt, and access saved products online.

Every purchase you make with your Lowe’s credit card saves you 5%. Lowe’s, like any other store, provides its own credit card to cardholders.

Customers can only use their Lowe’s credit card at Lowe’s, and the discounts and benefits they receive are only valid at the popular home improvement store.

After becoming a cardmember, you can save up to $100 on your first in-store purchase and get special financing on eligible items. This is a great benefit !.

The typical annual percentage rate on the Lowe’s store card, as with many other card stores, is quite high. Users can only save money on interest if they pay off their credit card within the promotional period.

If the user does not pay off the sum in full, interest is levied from the beginning of the purchase, so you could be stuck with large costs.

Though you should consider whether a Lowe’s credit card is right for you, many DIYers find the Lowe’s credit card to be worthwhile.

The good news is that the store offers numerous discounts and bonuses, which is a great benefit to cards.

You can apply for a Lowe’s credit card by filling out the following application form:
  • Go to the official Lowe’s credit card website or click here.
  • Complete the application form with your pertinent information and submit it.
  • Complete your application by following the instructions.
  • You will be ask to provide some personal information including your address, full SSN and salary.
  • You can also apply for a Lowe’s credit card at a Lowe’s store.

If you’ve applied for a Lowe’s Store card but haven’t heard back, you can always contact the store by calling the number listed on their customer service page and selecting “Lowie Store Card” from the drop-down menu.

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Lowe’s Advantage Card

Lowe’s offers some great savings with the Lowe’s advantage card. To take advantage of this deal, you must first open and use a new Lowe’s advantage card. Anyone who needs to make multiple costly home repairs may find themselves frequenting Lowe’s. The Lowe’s advantage discount: 5 percent off your eligible purchase or order charged to your Lowe’s Advantage card.

For comparison, some of the best cash-back rewards cards only give a 2% rewards rate. You can earn that rate even if you don’t shop at Lowe’s. Although the Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card can only be used at Lowe’s, the absence of an annual charge compensates for this limitation.

The biggest disadvantage of the Lowe’s advantage card is that its benefits cannot be combined.

Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card Benefits at a Glance
  • Standard APR is 26.99 percent
  • No interest if paid in full within six months of purchases of $299 or more.
  • 36 fixed monthly payments at 3.99 percent APR, 60 fixed monthly payments at 5.99 percent APR, or 84 fixed monthly payments at 7.99 percent APR until paid in full.
  • Get 5 percent off your eligible purchase.
How to Login to Your Lowe’s Credit Card

Let’s get started with this article and look at the Lowe’s credit card Login Online options. They are the ones listed below. Never forget any step to log in to Lowe’s credit card; read this step given below.

  • To begin, go to the official Lowe’s credit card website or click this link [https://Lowe’s.syf.com/login/].
  • From the Lowe’s credit card homepage, go to the login portal.
  • Next, input the User ID and Password for your Lowe’s credit card.
  • After entering your Lowe’s credit card User ID and password, click the secure login button.
  • Your Lowe’s credit card online portal login has been successful.

I hope you can simply log in to Lowe’s credit card online portal after following the preceding procedures.

Forget User ID on Lowe’s Credit Card

If you’ve forgotten your Lowe’s credit card User Id, follow the steps below; don’t forget to take any of the actions to remember your Lowe’s credit card User Id.

  • To begin, go to the official Lowe’s credit card website or click this link [https://Lowe’s.syf.com/login/].
  • Go to Lowe’s credit card webpage and click I forgot my User Id or go straight to [https://Lowe’s.syf.com/login/findUserId].
  • Finally, type in your account number and zip code.
  • When you’ve completed all of the fields, click Continue.
  • Your Lowe’s credit Card User Id will appear on your screen after verification.

I hope that by following this procedure, you will be able to retrieve your forgotten Lowe’s credit card user ID quickly.

What is the process for creating a MyLowe’s account?

To make an account, go to https://www.Lowes.com/u/login.

What is the process for opening a Lowe’s Credit account?

Learn about the Lowe’s Advantage card and Lowe’s Business credit card at the Lowe’s Credit Center.

Start the application for your next project once you’ve determined which card best suits your needs.

How to Login to Lowe’s CC?
  • To begin, go to https://Lowe’s.syf.com/login/.
  • Fill up your username and password.
  • Choose SECURE LOGIN.
Forgot Password for Lowe’s Credit Card

If you’ve lost your Lowe’s credit card password, follow the procedures below; don’t skip any steps if you’ve forgotten your Lowe’s credit card password.

  • Go to Lowe’s credit card’s official website or click on this link [https://Lowe’s.syf.com/login/].
  • Go to Lowe’s credit card homepage and click on I Forgot My Password or go straight to [https://Lowe’s.syf.com/login/reset].
  • Next, type in your User ID and zip code.
  • When you’ve completed all of the fields, click Continue.
  • Your Lowe’s credit Card password will be emailed to you after verification.

I hope you can quickly retrieve your Lowe’s credit Card forgotten password after following this procedure.

Lowe’s credit Card Register online

If you wish to register for a Lowe’s credit card online, follow the procedures below; don’t forget any important processes. Apply for a Lowe’s credit card online.

  • Go to Lowe’s credit card’s official website or click on this link [https://Lowe’s.syf.com/login/].
  • From the Lowe’s credit card webpage, select I Want to Register or go straight to [https://Lowe’s.syf.com/login/register].
  • Finally, type in your account number and zip code.
  • When you’ve completed all of the fields, click Continue.
  • Your Lowe’s credit card will successfully register after verification.

I hope that after going through this method, you will be able to quickly register for a Lowe’s credit card online [https://Lowe’s.syf.com/login/register].

Things to Consider Before Applying for a Lowe’s Credit Card
  • Deferred finance offerings
  • Special project financing
  • Special discounts on your first in-store purchase
  • 5% discount at check-out
  • APR of a high standard
Lowe’s Credit Card Payment Options

When it comes to paying off your Lowe’s credit card, you have a few options to choose from, based on your preferences. The actions to take in order to complete payments via each method are as follows:

Making a Lowe’s Payment Online

To make an online payment, you must first open an account with the bank that issued your Lowe’s credit card. By connecting into your account through the American Express login page, you can make a payment on your American Express Lowe’s Business Rewards credit card.

  • To make an online payment for a card issued by Synchrony, go to Lowe’s website.
  • To begin the registration procedure with Synchrony-issued cards, you will need to submit your account number and ZIP code, as well as the card number and card ID number.
  • Simply follow the steps on the screen to complete the registration process and log into your online account.
  • Make a payment schedule and a payment plan. To complete the transaction, you’ll need to provide the merchant with your bank account and routing information.
How to Make an Online Payment with Lowe’s QuickPay

Synchrony Bank’s QuickPay service allows you to pay your bill online without logging in. Visit the Lowe’s QuickPay website to take advantage of this service. Fill in your credit card information, last four digits of your Social Security number, and billing ZIP code in the appropriate sections and follow the prompts to complete your payment.

Making a Lowe’s Card Payment by Mail

Payments to Lowe’s can also be mailed in.

You can send a check or money order to the address listed on your billing statement, or you can use one of the following addresses:

Card TypeRemitting Payment Address
Lowe’s Project Card or Lowe’s Advantage CardLowe’s, P.O. Box 530914, Atlanta, GA 30353-0914
Lowe’s Visa RewardsLowe’s, P.O. Box 960010, Orlando, FL 32896-0010
Lowe’s Business AccountLowe’s, P.O. Box 530970, Atlanta, GA 30353-0970
Lowe’s Accounts ReceivableLowe’s P.O. Box 530954, Atlanta, GA 30353-0954
Lowe’s American Express Business RewardsCall American Express at 866-537-1397 to get the payment address for your state.
Paying using a Lowe’s Credit Card in Store

You can use your Lowe’s credit card to make a payment at any Lowe’s location.

To make your first in-store payment, you must first complete the transaction at the customer service counter. You can have someone lead you through the phases of the payment transaction.

Phone Payment on a Lowe’s Credit Card

You can use your Lowe’s credit card to make a phone payment, but you may be charged a fee for making an expedited phone payment. Call the number that corresponds to your account type to reach customer service:

Account TypePhone Number
Lowe’s Consumer Credit Cards888-840-7651
Lowe’s Business Account888-840-7651
Lowe’s Accounts Receivable866-232-7443
Lowe’s American Express Business Rewards866-537-1397
What is the process for registering for the Military Discount?

To begin registering for the Military Discount, create a MyLowe’s account.

Sign in to your MyLowe’s account to see your Account Dashboard, which includes links to the Lowe’s Military Discount Program.

What method will be used to verify my military credentials?

ID.me, a recognized verification source, is used to verify military credentials online. Fill in all fields exactly as they appear on your military documents. If you can’t check online, go to your local Lowe’s and give a customer care representative the following information:

  • Military branch
  • Military status
  • Military separation date (if applicable)
  • Military credentials
  • Photo ID
Lowe’s Synchrony Bank Card Login Issue – Lowe’s credit card login Synchrony

We certainly want to speed up the transaction-adding process, thus I recommend submitting a request to add this bank to the system.

How to Fix Lowe’s Synchrony Bank Card Login

Follow the steps given below to remedy the problem.

Total time allotted: 20 minutes

Adding Transactions to the Database
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Banking option.
  • Choose Make a new account.
  • In the section where you list your bank’s name or URL, include the URL.
  • Press Enter to continue.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Request support for your bank.
  • Type in the bank’s website address (URL).
  • Select the Request option.
Review and submit transactions

Meanwhile, you can use the WebConnect interface to manually import the transactions into the system.

You will be asked to do nothing more than log into the bank’s website and download a WebConnect file (CSV, QFX, QBO, or OFX).

To submit the file to QuickBooks, please follow the steps detailed below:

  • Select Banking on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Select File Upload from the Update drop-down menu; if no bank is connected to QBO, choose Upload transactions manually from the File Upload drop-down menu.
  • Click Browse and navigate to the file you previously downloaded.
  • Press Next after selecting Lowe’s Advantage from the drop-down option.
  • To map the fields, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Choose which transactions you wish to import.
  • Choose Yes, and then click Let’s Go.

Please consult the article Import bank transactions from an Excel CSV file into QuickBooks Online for additional details on the methods indicated above. The issue ‘Lowe’s Synchrony Bank Card Login Issue’ has been resolved as follows: Yes, you are accurate (Solved). The data was obtained from the Intuit Community forum.

Lowe’s Synchrony Bank Card Login Issue: QuickBooks Online (QBO) and/or QuickBooks have a known issue with this error number. The problem can be fixed via self-service or a paid help option, if needed. First, see if you can solve the problem on your own by looking for a solution lower down this page.

If the problem is difficult to address or you are unable to do so on your own, please contact us by clicking here or contacting us through another support channel.

Customer Service for Lowe’s Credit Cards
  • 1-888-840-7651 for Lowe’s consumer credit cards;
  • 1-866-537-1397 for Lowe’s Business Rewards American Express
  • CustomerCare@Lowes.com
  • Lowe’s Business Account Card: 1-888-840-7651
  • Lowe’s Accounts Receivable Card: 1-866-232-7443
Email Address: 


Lowe’s credit Card Payments Address

Lowe’s Consumer Credit Cards:
P.O. Box 530914
Atlanta, GA 30353-0914

Lowe’s Business Rewards American Express:
Lowe’s / American Express
P.O. Box 650448
Dallas, TX 75265-0448

Other Lowe’s Business Credit Cards:
Lowe’s Business Account
P.O. Box 530970
Atlanta, GA 30353-0970

Lowe’s Accounts Receivable
P.O. Box 530954
Atlanta, GA 30353-0954

Lowe’s Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions
What is the phone number for Lowe’s Credit Card Customer Service?

Consumer credit cards from Lowe’s: 1-888-840-7651

What is the address for Lowe’s credit card payments?

Lowe’s Consumer Credit Cards are available at: Lowe’s P.O. Box 530914 Atlanta, GA 30353-0914

Phone payments for Lowe’s credit cards: Payments can be made over the phone; the pay by phone number is 1-800-445-6937.

  • In the final step, log back into your credit card account.
How Do You Obtain A Lowe’s Credit Card?
  • Double-tap on Apply Now on the card’s features page
  • Enter your first and surname names, as well as a middle name if necessary.
  • Enter the primary address and select the residential type
  • Enter the primary phone number and select the phone options such as mobile or business number • Enter your email ID and confirm the same in the next section
  • Enter the SSN or TIN
  • Enter birthdate
  • State your net yearly salary
  • Produce the associate ID if there is one Select a choice in the following area, accept the requirements, and wait for approval in the following section.
Lowe’s credit card is issued by which bank?

Synchrony Bank is the issuer of the Lowe’s credit card. Synchrony Financial is a significant financial organization with over 16,000 employees and 75 million active customer accounts.

What is the minimum credit score for a Lowe’s card?

To qualify for the Lowe’s credit card, you’ll most likely need a fair, good, or exceptional credit score. The average fair credit score is roughly 600. Excellent scores begin around 800 and good scores begin in the high 600s.

Is the Lowe’s credit card approved instantly?

The Lowe’s credit card is usually approved immediately. This means that once you submit your application, you’ll know right away if you’ve been approved for the card. While your application is being processed, you may have to wait a week or more to obtain your results.

Can I use my Lowe’s credit card anywhere?

The Lowe’s credit card can only be used in Lowe’s stores or for online purchases at Lowes.com. The Lowe’s card, as a store credit card, cannot be used at any retailer other than Lowe’s shops or Lowes.com.

How can I check the amount on my Lowe’s credit card?

The most effective way to find out your Lowe’s Store Card balance is to log into your account online or call customer service at (800) 444-1408. You can also use the mobile application to check your Lowe’s Store Card balance.

How to Check the Balance on Your Lowe’s Store Card:

Online: To check your Store Card balance, go to Lowe’s Store Card balance and log in.

Call (800) 444-1408 and follow the directions to get your current balance read automatically by the system.

App for smartphones: Log in to the mobile app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android. Your credit card balance will be displayed on your home screen.

It’s a good idea to keep track of your Lowe’s Store Card balance. If the amount looks to be more than it should be, review your recent transactions to determine if anything is out of the ordinary.

How can I check the progress of my Lowe’s Credit Card application?

Lowe’s customer care can be reached at 1-800-444-1408, and Synchrony Bank can be reached at 1-866-226-538 to verify the progress of your credit card application.

If you are not immediately authorized for the card, you may have to wait 7-10 business days to receive your decision.

If your application is denied, call 1-866-226-5638 to request a reconsideration from Synchrony Bank. It’s not a sure thing that they’ll change their minds, but it’s worth a shot.

What is a Lowe’s credit card credit limit?

Your creditworthiness, debt load, and income will determine your lowe’s Credit Card credit limit. With a decent credit score of 650, some people were given credit, but only up to $300. To acquire a larger amount of credit (about $2000), you’ll need a credit score of at least 700.

Home Depot Consumer Credit Card vs. Lowe’s Advantage Card

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is a purchasing card that is only offered at Home Depot. There are no ongoing discounts or rewards with the card.

It does, however, come with one significant advantage: a one-year extended return period. The Home Depot credit card, like the Lowe’s credit card, has no annual fee and is highly recommended if you have a decent credit score.

The card offers a sliding discount of one receipt for purchases made within the first 30 days of card approval, depending on the amount spent. A $100 discount is the maximum.

The Home Depot card features a six-month financing plan, similar to Lowe’s, and it similarly charges delayed interest if the loan isn’t paid off within that time frame.

Cardholders are often provided unique financing options.

Overall, the low-cost discount of 5% makes it a better alternative than the Home Depot card, providing that both stores are in your area and can carry the things you need.

Who Should Think About Getting a Lowe’s Credit Card?

This Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card offers fantastic incentives to homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and home improvement gurus who make the most of their Lowe’s purchases.

Even if these special financing offers aren’t used, a cardholder who buys a lot of home renovation items will save money every year if they take advantage of the 5% discount promotion. A consumer who spends $2,000 per year at Lowe’s, for example, will save $100 over the course of the year.

The card could be beneficial to anyone considering a large home upgrade but not wanting to pay the entire cost up front. The cardholder will pay substantially less interest than other credit cards by financing the project over 84 months at 7.99 APR.


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