How To See Deleted Reddit Posts and comments 2021- Best Guides

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts and comments

See Deleted Reddit Posts and comments
See Deleted Reddit Posts and comments

Reddit is a terrific way to meet people who share your interests and to share your views and posts about them. But the most prevalent issue that Reddit users have is “How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments,” which we’ll go over in detail in this article.

What is Reddit? See Deleted Reddit Posts

Reddit is a popular online message board that receives over a billion monthly page views. Reddit contains a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics, both filtered and unfiltered. There’s a Reddit group for you if you’re interested in breaking news, entertainment, TV fan ideas, or a never-ending stream of the prettiest creatures on the internet.

Why is my Reddit post not visible? See Deleted Reddit Posts

Your Reddit postings may not appear in your feed or the subreddit community for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples:

1. Moderators delete the post or comments due to policy/guidelines violations.

2. Reddit marks the comment or postings as spam or irrelevant.

3. The Reddit user account is no longer active.

4. Your post has been taken off from Reddit.

Has anyone ever been concerned about Reddit threads and comments that have been deleted? Or are you looking for a way to recover deleted posts and comments? But don’t panic; we’re going to talk about How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments today.

We’re going to go over everything in great detail with you.

Here are six ways to see Reddit posts or comments that have been deleted: See Deleted Reddit Posts

1.    Removeddit

2.    Ceddit

3.    Un-Delete Reddit Comments

4.    Resavr

5.    Unreddit

6.    Wayback Machine


posts on Reddit Simply replace “Reddit” in the original URL with “removeddit,” and a cached version of the website will be loaded.

Here’s an illustration: reproduced 130 research papers about/ reproduced 130 research papers about/

Messages deleted by moderators will appear in red, whereas messages removed by users will appear in blue. This is particularly useful.

Removeddit also has a bookmarklet that you can add to your bookmarks tab to quickly view the entries that have been removed.

Press the bookmark whenever you encounter a deleted article, and the archived edition will be loaded automatically.

2 Ceddit – see Reddit postings that have been deleted: See Deleted Reddit Posts

Ceddit, like Removeddit, allows you to restore deleted posts and tweets, and the technique is very similar to Removeddit’s. It can try to recover the majority of the deleted comments from the list, but it won’t be able to do so completely because certain comments may be disabled before Ceddit can cache them.

• To utilize ceddit, go to, choose a post, and then click on the URL.

• Remove the phrase “Reddit” from the URL and replace it with “Ceddit,” as follows:

When you’re finished, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can look for the missing Reddit comments.

3 Un-Delete Reddit Comments: See Deleted Reddit Posts

Un-Delete Reddit Comments is a Chrome extension that allows you to archive Reddit articles and subsequently view them. To hide the Reddit sites in your browser, they employ Google IndexedDB.

While this application will not allow you to restore lost Reddit posts and comments, it will allow you to save or save your favorite Reddit articles for later use.

This is a Chrome extension that allows you to save Reddit posts for later viewing. It allows you to preserve a variety of remarks, even if they are later deleted.

While you won’t be able to recover deleted comments, it can be a useful tool if you hide any key conversations manually.

To utilize the extension, go to the Extension tab after opening the Reddit article you wish to cache. The URL below would be displayed with a huge Cache icon by the extension.

The website will be cached when you click the icon. You can restore the saved page by pressing the extension button again later.

Follow these instructions to install and utilize the Un-delete Reddit comments extension:

Tap on this link to visit the Chrome Extensions Shop.

Click the “Add to Chrome” button and click the “Add Extension” button on the next popup window.

Once you’ve added a visit to, pick the post you wish to archive or save and press the Un-Delete Reddit Comments icon on the Chrome extension tab.

A wide blue button will appear that says “Cache” which immediately catches the tab on your browser.

4 Resavr – View Reddit posts that have been deleted: See Deleted Reddit Posts

Resavr is another useful tool for finding deleted Reddit comments. They just extract and preserve all deleted comments with a length of at least 650 characters.

According to the website, comments with 650+ characters may include some useful information, and retrieving it instead of retrieving all comments may allow a large number of people to access that information. By eliminating brief comments, the website can also save a lot of disk space.

Visit their homepage to see all of the top comments added to the system recently and to view deleted comments on Reddit using Resavr.

You can also search for comments by typing the title of the article into the top right corner’s search box. They still have a Recent Comments tab that shows all of the comments that have been removed from the site recently.

Apart from the comments, they also show you the character length, as well as the date and time when the message was removed. You’ll utilize this information to discover more about the message on blogs like the Wayback Machine.

5. Unreddit: See Deleted Reddit Posts

Unreddit is yet another Chrome extension that allows you to browse and even view deleted Reddit comments and messages.

Archived copy of this page

If Removeddit fails to return a deleted message, you can still use the Wayback Machine to search previous versions of the archive. The Wayback Machine is a website that keeps a copy of every webpage on the internet. They do not, however, know all of the details. If you look into their data and the amount of data they have on each page, it’s mind-boggling.

The Wayback Machine is an excellent resource for locating and enjoying old Archived Reddit articles and comments. Many people can still learn more about outdated articles and other intriguing Reddit topics thanks to them.

They regularly archived copies of far too many web pages.

It can also crawl Reddit multiple times each day and save a wealth of information and index Reddit pages on its server.

To view Archived Reddit posts and comments

go to in the Reddit URL search window, which is

When you’re finished, you’ll see a large map of years, followed by a large square chart of days and months outlined in blue and green.

To see stored or archived Reddit information, click on the year you wish to see, and then select Day from the month calendar if you like. A window will appear asking you to choose a time of day to see the archived version of Reddit.

When you’re done, you’ll be taken to a copy of the archived Reddit pages hosted on‘s servers. It’s also worth noting that the Wayback Machine doesn’t browse every page or article on a website; rather, it crawls a huge portion of them and attempts to save entire copies of each page over time.

On March 31, 2019, I was able to download a cached copy of Reddit, as shown in the image below. Using a cached copy of these pages, you can get removed comments or posts from Reddit.

You can also use Wayback Machine to access archived versions of other websites. Simply input the website or page URL you want to see in the cached copy, as well as the date and hour you want the copy to be delivered.

Conclusion on How See Deleted Reddit Posts

That’s all there is to the page; if you need additional websites, check out any of the official Reddit discussions on the subject. However, the websites listed above are well-known and have the most cached data for Reddit comments and updates.


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