Google Maps New Update 2020: A look at the Newest Adds Street-Level Details

This year makes it 15 years since the launch of Google Maps, and in honor of achieving such an important milestone in 2020, the company has unveiled a major Google Maps New Update featuring a new look (complete with a new mobile app icon) and some new features.

Google Maps New Update 2020

Google Maps New Update 2020

Google Maps is one of the most dependable navigation apps around, permitting users to navigate their locations using the best route while discovering new locations along the way.

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Google Maps New Update 2020

 Google will bring more detail and grandeur to its map with changes that encompass both environmental features and city-level details alike.

This major upgrade to Google Maps brings smarter, more road-level data to major cities

Google has embarked on its intelligent computer vision smarts and catalog of satellite imagery to give Google Maps applications a refurbishment

Google also uses the mapping process to identify natural features in its satellite imagery, focusing on arid, icy, forested, and mountainous regions.

These features were then given a color range in the HSV color model.

These changes will reach all 220 countries and territories supported by Google Maps – more than 100 million square miles [100 million sq km] of land, from the major metro to rural and small cities.

The update comes at a time when Google is leading as the default mapping app for every challenge on iOS and Mac.

New features and updates will be released across android, iOS, and desktop in the coming months.

Any maps made by developers before September 15 will retain the old color scheme until Google releases an update to the entire Google Maps Platform in early 2021.

Google Maps New Update 2020 launched for Android and Android Auto Users

Check out the new features of Google Maps. Google has released an update that will help make commuting and navigation more comfortable and engaging.

Here’s a rundown of everything new to these reviews, and how it will help make traveling a much better experience.

  • Music Streaming Integration

Many commuters tend to listen to their preferred music while on their way to school or school and switching around music and navigation apps can be problematic.

Google Maps solves this problem by enabling Spotify integration, thereby enabling users to access Spotify while using Google Maps.

Users can link to Apple Music or Google Play Music, allowing you to listen to your playlists straightaway.

  • Google Assistant Integration

During your driving, you may want to get to stopovers like convenience stores and gas stations along your way. .

Google Maps solves this problem by integrating Google Assistant, as well as the search menu, to help users navigate to nearby destinations.

  • Sharing Trip Progress

Informing your friends, colleagues, or family on where you are during your trip is important, especially if you are running late, or have an emergency along the way.

Google Maps allows this function by adding the Share Trip Progress button. Using this, users would be able to send in text messages emails to their contacts about how near they are to their destination.

Informing your friends, coworkers, or family where you are during your trip is imperative, particularly if you are drunk, running late, or have an emergency on the road.

Google Maps permits this feature by adding a Share Trip Progress button. With this feature, users will be able to send email messages/text messages to their contacts about their whereabouts.

  • Commute and Explore Tab

Originally announced as one of the upcoming updates, the Explore tab can be seen on Google Maps.

This allows users to view nearby places worth sightseeing, such as restaurants, gyms, and landmarks, and attractions.

The commute tab permits users to view each route and the route to their destination. This lets them see the estimated time, as well as routes that may have a huge traffic volume.

This feature comes in handy, as travelers will be able to quickly access their options ahead of time.

  • Saved

This is a tab where, as the name implies, you can save “important places you’ve been – or want to visit! It’s especially useful for upcoming trips or vacation planning.

As if all of this was not enough to emphasize how fully integrated Google Maps has been in the 15 years since its launch, Google says it will also enhance the Live View feature launched last year, which syndicates a real-world image from Google Street View, in addition to the power of machine learning and smartphone sensors.

The Live Views on Google Maps New Update now shows users their location, and with the guidelines overlaid in greater than before reality.

Google Maps New Update Bottom Line

Google Maps is still one of the best navigation apps, and with these new features, increased functionality lets users do more.


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