Way Back Machine: How can I use Instagram’s Wayback Machine?

Way Back Machine: How to use Instagram’s Wayback Machine?

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Way Back Machine
Way Back Machine

What is a Wayback Machine?

A digital repository for online content is the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive. It was made available to the public in 2001 by the San Francisco-based charity Internet Archive.
Wayback Machine allows users to view archived versions of webpages.


Over 832 billion webpages that have been stored since 1996 are available on Wayback Machine. The Internet Archive holds books, movies, TV shows, music, and other types of information in addition to webpages. Wayback Machine consumes a large amount of the more than 40 petabytes of data storage used by the Internet Archive.

Why is Wayback Machine important?

One of the earliest institutions to archive the internet was the Internet Archive. Therefore, Wayback Machine acts as a unique archive of the early internet before most other records of it.
The internet is always expanding and changing, and websites can be changed or removed at any time without erasing any historical evidence. The internet’s history is preserved by Wayback Machine long after those pages have been altered or removed.
How is the Wayback Machine operated?
Wayback Machine automatically visits websites, crawls them, and takes snapshots of them at different times. After that, these screenshots are saved, given timestamps, and made available to users.
Wayback Machine makes use of multiple crawlers, some from the Internet Archive and some from outside sources. A page may also be submitted by users for manual archiving.

Typically, a variety of files, including picture files, JavaScript, HTML, and cascading style sheets, are used to create websites. Every file has a unique URL that Wayback Machine records in order to show the user the entire website as it appears. For instance, a webpage’s photos have unique URLs apart from the main page.

The URLs to the files and the page itself may be collected at different periods. For instance, an image may be recorded and crawled days after a page’s primary HTML is.
From the Wayback Machine main page, users can perform a search by entering the URL of a website and a date range for the content they wish to view.

A graph detailing the number of times a webpage has been crawled since 1996 and a calendar listing crawls per day are displayed on the Wayback Machine search results page. The date, time, and purpose of each crawl are visible to users as they browse over them.

Have trouble using Instagram’s Way Back Machine?
Way Back Machine
Way Back Machine

Yes, if you’re looking to learn how to use Instagram’s Wayback Machine, you’ve come to the correct place.

You can browse a vast collection of online pages that date all the way back to 1996 with Wayback Machine.

Therefore, the Way back Machine is a great resource for anyone who wishes to view previously published Instagram photos, a user profile from before it was updated, etc.

To begin, navigate to the Wayback Machine website and input the Instagram post’s URL that you wish to view.

The following subjects about the Instagram way back machine will be covered in this guide:

Each of these will be covered in more detail below.

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Can we use the Wayback machine for Instagram?

The Wayback machine is compatible with Instagram, so sure. The Wayback Machine lets you view previous iterations of Instagram posts.

How do I use the Wayback machine for Instagram?

First, go to the Wayback Machine website to accomplish this.

There’s a search box visible there.

In the search box, type the URL of the Instagram post you wish to view.

The webpage will list earlier iterations of the page in a calendar format.

The image above illustrates how the Wayback machine archived 8,95,137 historical Instagram webpages between September 5, 2004, and May 23, 2022.

The dates of each month are displayed in blue and green.

The dates’ blue hue denoted the images of the Instagram pages that were active on the specified day.

Redirects are indicated by the dates’ green color.

You can view the matching Instagram page for a given date by clicking on the blue date.

A 302 redirect error will appear when you click on a date that is highlighted in green, as seen below.

As a result, you can see Instagram’s previous pages from the blue-colored date.

Way Back Machine
Way Back Machine
What are the different types of Wayback Machine alternatives for Instagram?

There are other websites where you can view an archived version of a webpage in addition to Wayback Machine. The following is a list of the top websites that can be used instead of the Wayback Machine.

  • Stillio Automatic Screenshots
  • Internet Archive
  • Domain Tools
  • Page Freezer
  • Web Citation
  • Yubnub
  • iTools
  • Alexa
  • Time Travel
Why does the Wayback Machine not work for Instagram? 

Over time, the Wayback Machine only keeps a portion of a website’s pages. Thus, Instagram’s web pages are only partially preserved. You can view your URL if it is part of these particular preserved web pages.

If you’re looking for a previous post from someone whose Instagram account has since changed to a different handle, you’ll need to look it up in the Wayback Machine using their former URL or account name from that period. You may be able to locate the former username of the account you’re looking for by looking through pictures of other accounts that once tagged it. Sometimes Instagram disables accounts, so even if you search for it, you won’t be able to locate it.

Is private Instagram using the Wayback Machine?

No, Instagram private accounts are not compatible with the Way back machine. Since the Way back Machine gathers publicly accessible web content, it is able to preserve certain social network profiles. If someone sets their social media profile to “private,” others won’t be able to view their posts, pictures, or other content.

Way Back Machine
Way Back Machine

I hope you now know how to access Instagram’s Way back Machine.

We’ve covered a variety of user-related questions about the Way back Machine for Instagram in this guide, including how to use it, what kinds of Way back Machine alternatives there are for Instagram, if it works for private Instagram, and the reasons behind occasional Way back Machine malfunctions.



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