MTN to MTN Airtime Transfer: How to Transfer Airtime on MTN (2022)

MTN to MTN Airtime Transfer: How to Transfer Airtime on MTN (2022)

MTN to MTN Airtime Transfer 2022
MTN to MTN Airtime Transfer 2022

Do you want to learn how to transfer MTN airtime? That is MTN to MTN Airtime Transfer. There are several simple ways to share your MTN airtime credit with any MTN phone number. Mobile users can effortlessly share their credit by entering a single code and completing the process in seconds. Follow our step-by-step instructions to learn how to utilize this service without difficulty.

MTN to MTN Airtime Transfer

Airtime credit is the money you pay to your service providers in order to use their services, such as making phone calls and surfing the internet.

Almost all Nigerian telephone network service providers include capabilities that allow users to transfer airtime credits to other subscribers. You can transfer MTN airtime to another MTN phone number for any reason. You can do it for a monetary reward or simply to give what you have to others.

This is the same service as MTN Share. So, in case this service provider’s consumers are confused, the MTN Share service is identical to the airtime transfer service in terms of processes.

This service is available to all MTN users. There are, however, some service guidelines to be aware of. Before utilizing this service, postpaid customers should be informed of the following conditions and limits.

These are some of them: MTN to MTN Airtime Transfer

  • Only Naira-denominated funds can be transferred. Because Kobo transactions aren’t accepted, your credit should read 50.00 Naira instead of 50.29 Naira.
  • You can send anywhere from 50 to 5,000 Naira in a single transaction.
  • The maximum daily transfer amount is N100,000. Each day, you can send this amount to one or multiple MTN phone lines.
  • You can transfer airtime as many times as you wish every day. Just keep in mind that your total daily transfer amount cannot exceed N100,000.
  • On the network, postpaid users can only transfer airtime if their postpaid account balance is positive, not negative. For instance, if your postpaid account has a balance of -N500.00, you won’t be able to transfer credit.
  • If you are a prepaid subscriber to the mobile service provider, you cannot transfer an airtime credit amount more than the credit balance on your phone line. This means you’ll need enough airtime credit on your phone to cover the amount you’re sending to a different contact.
  • The service uses PIN codes that are specifically selected to ensure that only the owner of the phone number can transfer his or her credit.

This also protects the sender’s phone number from being used to transfer airtime credits to others without his or her permission.

A personal identity number (PIN) option is available for MTN Share. The default PIN number for all MTN customers is 0000.

This default PIN code makes it hard to share money. Before transferring credit, anyone who wants to make use of the service must alter their MTN transfer code.

You can reload anyone’s MTN account at any moment using your own airtime credit. However, you must first change the default PIN to generate a personal identification number.

MTN to MTN Airtime Transfer

What is the MTN airtime transfer code and how can I modify it? How to change your MTN airtime transfer code

  1. Consider using your new PIN code. Instead of 1234 or 5678, your new four-digit number should be difficult.
  2. Assume you chose the number 5894 as your PIN (remember, it’s your concept, so come up with your own code). Send a text message with the following format: default PIN, followed by your new PIN. By inputting the new number twice, send it to 777. For example, 0000 5894 5894 is an example of a message. You’ll get a text message almost immediately stating that the PIN change was accomplished.
  3. You can also change your personal identity number in a different way. Dial *777*0000*5894*5894# (where four zeros represent the original code and 5894 represents your new PIN) and then press “OK” to finish.
  4. If you want to learn how to share MTN airtime, you can use a variety of approaches. The methods are all given below.
What is the best way to transfer MTN airtime? MTN to MTN Airtime Transfer

When it comes to sharing credit from one MTN telephone line with another, there are several options.

Method 1: SMS Transfer. Send a text message to your service provider via 777, utilizing the short message service.

  • Text the term “transfer” to the number 777, followed by the phone number of the person who will get your credit, the credit amount you want to send, and your PIN code.
  • Let’s assume your PIN is 5894 and you want to send 1,000 Naira to MTN phone 08035555555. On your device, type the following message: Transfer 08035555555 to 1000 5894. Simply send it to the number 777.
  • After the text message is sent, the network provider will send you a confirmation request. To finish this procedure, send the word “YES” to the same number 777.

Method 2: MTN to MTN Airtime Transfer

USSD Transfer: This is a really straightforward method. Simply call *777*, followed by the recipient’s phone number, the amount you want to send, your PIN, and the # symbol.

  • If you want to send 1,000 Naira to an MTN phone line with the number 08035555555 and your PIN is 5894, dial *777*08035555555*1000*5894# once more. After dialing the code, press the send or OK button on your device.

This is a fantastic offer, and everyone will appreciate the ease with which MTN airtime may be transferred.

It’s also worth noting that users of “BetaTalk” and “Yanfun Yafun” aren’t allowed to exchange airtime, and bonus airtime cannot be transferred.

How do I reset my MTN transfer PIN? MTN to MTN Airtime Transfer

If you forget your MTN transfer PIN, you may not be able to alter it on your device on your own.

Simply dial MTN customer service number 180, and a representative will chat with you and assist you through the steps of recovering your lost PIN code.

If you wish to change your PIN, the procedure is different, but you can still remember your current PIN. You can use either SMS or the USSD code to accomplish this.

To utilize the SMS method, type and send your current PIN code, then twice your new PIN code, then # to 777 on your phone.

For example, if your current personal identification number is 1000 and you want to change it to 5894, the text you send to 777 should be 1000 5894 5894 #.

To use the USSD method, dial *777* your existing PIN* your new PIN* your new PIN #, then submit the code.

If your current personal identification number is 1000 and you want to change it to 5894, use the USSD code *777*1000*5894*5894#.

If you’ve been looking for information on how to transfer airtime from MTN to MTN, this tutorial has all you need to know. Simply use the popular MTN Share option to swiftly give your credit to individuals you care about.


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