How to Split Screen on iPhone Correctly in 2024

How to Split Screen on iPhone Correctly

You can see a cassette of recently used apps in the app switcher. To access the second app, you want to use Split Screen and swipe left or right. After finding it, click on its icon. The two programs should now be displayed in split-screen mode, with one app occupying the left side and the other on the right.

How to Split Screen on iPhone
How to Split Screen on iPhone

How to Split Screen on iPhone Correctly

It’s conceivable that today’s saying will need to be changed. Should you possess an iPhone? Its screen can be divided. When compared to using a single screen, it’s at least twice as pleasant. You can use this functionality to open two web pages or apps at once.
You will learn how to use the iPhone split screen in this tutorial, along with everything you need to know. Although there are valid reasons why Apple isn’t being overly transparent about this function, not everyone is aware of how to use it. This article will walk you through using the feature in the article that follows.
Navigating to Settings >> Display & Brightness >> Display >> Zoom >> Set >> Use Zoom is the easiest way to split a screen on an iPhone. Your device can now transition to split view mode.
We will also go over the mode’s restrictions and how to take advantage of the split full-screen feature.

Split Screen on iPhone

You cannot split the iPhone screen to show two applications at the same time as you can on an iPad. Nevertheless, you can use picture-in-picture mode to overlay a video on a different app. It’s also likely to swiftly switch between recently opened apps by swiping up from the very bottom of the screen.

How to Split Screen on iPhone: Split mode isn’t available on all models

Not all models support split mode.
Split screen on iOS is not a feature that many people use frequently. Despite being a useful function, very few iPhone users are aware of the screen split view option.

How to Split Screen on iPhone: What is the reason for this?

The explanation is rather straightforward. The reason is that this feature isn’t compatible with every phone. The iPhone’s split view capability is not widely known.
The particular version of your phone determines whether it is in the correct mode. Only the newest iPhone models are compatible with this setting.
Starting with model 6, all iPhones bearing the suffix Plus Max, Plus, or Pro are included in this category; however, the less costly phones are not compatible with this feature. This implies that if you have an iPhone 6s Plus, you can use Split Screen mode.

The iPhone 13 or the iPhone 13 Pro Max can use this mode (see iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 13). Unfortunately, users of iOS or older (classic) iPhone models—such as the iPhone 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, and above iPhone models—will be without this choice since not all apps support it.
The iPhone has a highly helpful feature called screen splitting, which several Apple customers are unaware of. If so, split screen functionality will not be integrated into the iOS default mode. All you have to do is hold your device in the horizontal or crosswise orientation that feels most comfortable for you.

How to Split Screen on iPhone

How to use iOS in real split-screen mode or share your screen with an iPhone. As previously indicated, if you own one of the more sophisticated iPhone models, you can use the Split Screen Mode, which is accessible from the main menu and can be enabled.
At first, it is difficult to find the feature because it is concealed in the iOS menu. To split the screen on an iPhone, navigate to the Settings app, then select Display and Brightness, Zoom, Display, Set, and Zoom.

Your iPhone will be able to transition to Split Screen mode when you make this pick. If you want your screens to be divided shortly, all you need to do right now is hold your phone either horizontally or crosswise.
After opening an app, your iPhone will automatically transition to iPhone Split Screen mode if you tilt it to the side. In addition to the current main app, this mode allows you to access a plethora of other Apple internal data, including the time, calendar, incoming messages, contacts, reminders, mail notifications, and settings.
At that moment, the complete screen divides automatically if the app you’re using supports it.
In short, it’s an unaltered rendition of iPhone Split Screen Mode that offers more iOS details.
On the other hand, further functionality like Split Screen can only be unlocked through a jailbreak or jailbreak. In contrast, Apple’s approach isn’t approved and can be dangerous for your security.

How does split screen viewing on an iPhone work?

If you choose “Split View,” the application will only occupy half of the screen. You will be able to choose another app from the app selector as well. Not all of your applications are shown here; only the ones you’ve opened recently are included. Consequently, before attempting to split-screen, open these two apps. A black line separates the two applications.

How to Split Screen on iPhone: iPhone split screen mode:

This mode shows Apple’s internal information, such as calendars, mail notifications, reminders, and incoming messages, together with the clock and other notifications. Your screen will automatically split to display the time when you are using an application that supports this feature. Put simply, it’s an unaltered replica of the iPhone Split-screen Mode that offers information about iOS.
However, jailbreaks, sometimes referred to as jailbreaks, can be used to unlock extra capabilities, including split screens on iPhones. On the other hand, Apple’s approach is illegal and might pose several security risks.

How to Split Screen on iPhone: Four best alternative split-screen apps

Apple’s screen splitting functionality is quite restricted because it is exclusive to a few other devices and lacks a genuine split-screen capability. The mode is indeed split screen.
Is it possible to have the real iPhone split screen functionality, which allows you to view two separate pieces of material at once? It’s accurate, and it doubles the enjoyment of using the iPhone.
Installing applications that are specifically made is an additional choice.

The App Store offers a wide range of apps designed to replicate the iPhone split-screen mode on your device. Many programs display two screens, either beside or in addition to one another, quite well.
Using Air Display, which enables you to utilize your Android phone as an additional screen for your iPhone, is an additional method. Other iPhone apps make use of split views.

1. WebDuo Pro

Within the App Store, one of the best divided-screen apps for iPhones available right now is WebDuo Pro. The application is a unique web browser that enables simultaneous browsing of two websites. The concurrent usage of two applications is not permitted with this option, though.
This implies that you can use split screens with this program on browsers like Chrome or Safari, but not on apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. The premium edition of WebDuo Pro will set you back $1.99.

2. Split Screen View

Additionally, using the application is also suggested. There is a free and unpaid version of it that supports content display in tandem. This holds for both websites and apps, such as Twitter or Instagram.
Which screen contents you want to make available with this application is entirely up to you. One small problem: the app’s appearance seems a little antiquated or out of style. Among the greatest split view applications is this one.

3. Split Web Browser

One of the greatest applications for splitting screens on an iPhone is Split Web Browser, which is a standalone app. Similar to WebDuo Pro, you can run two browsers at once with this program, which you can download for free from the program store.
Unfortunately, you can’t use it and other apps like Facebook Messenger, TikTok, or Twitter at the same time. The app has no advertisements, which is a plus, even if it’s free.

4. Split Screen

The Web Browser App for Split Screen You can also download the completely free program “Split Screen – Web Browser.” Under the slightly awkward moniker comes one of the best split screen apps available. Apps, such as social media apps or browsers, can be used as soon as they are downloaded and installed.

iOS vs. Android

Split screen mode on an iPhone is feasible. I do not have one. Instead, I’m using a Pixel phone. The steps to split your screen on an iPhone are as follows, while the steps for Android phones are as follows. Although many phones will be compatible with the new Pixel 6, not all Android phones produced by other companies will.

How to Split Screen on iPhone
How to Split Screen on iPhone

FAQs on How to Split Screen on iPhone

How do I activate my iPhone’s split screen?

To use split screen mode on your iPhone, turn it to landscape orientation. When using an application that supports this capability, the screen automatically splits, which presents several security problems. When split-screen mode is activated, the entire screen divides into two panels.

How can I multitask on the iPhone and iPad with a screen split?

Using the iPhone or iPad to multitask Adhere to this advice. Initially, arrange the different applications you intend to use and enable more functions.

How to Close Split View on an iPad and Remove Split Screen?

The following part will explain how to uninstall Split Screen from an iPad in case it was accidentally opened. You’ll be able to see your apps in the same size they were intended to be. You can drag and tap the black bar to open Split View. Your iPad can be split into left or right edges. Compared to the iPhone, it is very different.
Now all you need to do is submit each application simultaneously.

Does the iPhone have split screens for incredibly small screens?

Numerous new features are included with the most recent iPhone. Splitting screens on small screens isn’t the most common, though.
You can watch videos while you’re engaged in other activities. With the iPhone 7, videos can be viewed on its small screen. Any device with a screen larger than the iPhone 8 has one. An iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11, as well as an iPhone 12 and 13, should be used first.
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