December Global Holidays 2023 – List of Holidays in December | Religious Holidays in December

December Global Holidays 2023: List of Holidays in December | Religious Holidays in December December Holidays Around the World: A Month of Celebrations!

December Global Holidays
December Global Holidays

All around the world, December is a month of celebration! It can be confusing, to begin with so many distinct holidays and customs. December is the most popular month for holidays, with millions of people celebrating them worldwide.


For me, December has always been a significant month. This is the time of year when my friends and family gather together to enjoy the winter festivities. I always look forward to spending time with my family, both close and distant. And now is the ideal time of year to do that: around the holidays.

December has so much to enjoy in so many different ways. For instance, I’m glad that the weather in Northern Italy is typically cold but not very snowy. I enjoy organizing parties, sipping hot chocolate, and spending time inside.

The holiday parties are something else I adore about December. For instance, I always like getting dressed up and going to parties. Holiday parties provide the ideal setting for me to spend time with friends and family, which is something I truly enjoy doing. This is a significant element of the holiday season where I live in Italy. Indeed, there’s never a shortage of food or drink, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

December Global Holidays

Of course, Christmas Day is the highlight of December. For example, I enjoy getting ready for Christmas lunch with my family when I wake up on Christmas morning. I am constantly in a state of gratitude and fortunate for everything that I own.

All things considered; December is among my best months of the year. In addition, I adore the holiday spirit, the chilly temps, and quality time spent with close companions. It’s a genuinely magical time of year, and I always like it.

You will discover some of the most well-known international holidays in December. Everybody can find something to celebrate, whether it’s Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Christmas! Thus, prepare your passport and begin organizing your global travel!

December Global Holidays 2023: A Synopsis

The listings of global holidays for December 2023 have returned. We are almost in the final month of the year, which means that it is almost done. December has many international holidays. People have time to spend with friends, family, and loved ones over the numerous holidays in December. There are over ten international holidays in December, yet just four or five may be known to some individuals.

We’ll introduce you to more December international holidays in this post. not to mention the several other December holidays in addition to the global holidays. Continue reading this post to learn more about these holidays.

December Global Holidays 2023

There are numerous festivities in conjunction with the year’s final month as it draws to a close. December is a time when people of many nations and faiths celebrate festivities together. These are the main international holidays in December.

  • 25th of December: Christmas Day
  • 26th of December: Boxing Day
  • 31st of December: New Year’s Eve

These are the three main international holidays that fall in December; however, there are many more, which we will also include in this piece.

A list of December Global Holidays 2023

December Global Holidays
December Global Holidays

All of the December holidays are included here, while some are only honored by specific areas or religions and are not observed worldwide.

1. Hanukkah 2022December 18th – December 26th
2. World AIDS DayDecember 1st
3. KrampusnachtDecember 5th
4. Bodhi DayDecember 8th
5. Feast of the ImmaculateDecember 8th
6. Human Rights DayDecember 10th
7. St. Lucia’s DayDecember 13th
8. Las PosadasDecember 16th – 24th
9. International Human Solidarity DayDecember 20th
10. Winter SolsticeDecember 21st
11. Christmas EveDecember 24th
12. ChristmasDecember 25th
13. Boxing DayDecember 26th
14. St. Stephen’s DayDecember 26th
15. KwanzaDec 26th – 1st Jan
16. New Year’s EveDecember 31st
December Global Holidays
Religious Holidays in December

The December religious holidays observed globally will be enumerated and discussed here. The December religious holidays are listed below.

Las Posadas (December 16th – 24th)

Las Posadas, a Christmas custom, honors the arduous voyage of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Joseph. No one would let Mary and Joseph in, despite rumors that they were looking for somewhere to stay while Mary gave birth to Jesus.

St. Lucia’s Day (December 13th)

The day of St. Lucia is December 13. Many individuals love sharing gifts and singing carols on this occasion. On the other hand, the celebration honors the discovery of a brilliant star in the sky, which led the three kings to Bethlehem to see the infant Jesus.

International Human Solidarity Day (December 20th)

In observance of the International Red Cross’s establishment in 1863, today is designated as International Human Solidarity Day. But the day also honors the independence, neutrality, and humanism that were the cornerstones of the International Red Cross.

Hanukkah (December 18th – 26th)

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday commemorating the tale of the miraculous provision that is observed for eight days in a row. But the origins of the celebration can be traced back to Israel, where there is a tradition that, during the Greek invasion, Jews found a one-day supply of oil.

Winter Solstice (December 21st)

In the Northern Hemisphere (Antarctica), the Winter Solstice signifies the shortest day and longest night. Nonetheless, the term “winter solstice” refers to the start of the days getting longer. This occurs around this time each year.

25th of December

Christmas Day, observed on December 25th, is a widely observed Christian holiday that honors the birth of Jesus Christ. Moreover, youngsters enjoy this particular celebration the best, and it’s a lot of fun.

26th of December

Kwanzaa, a celebration of African history, falls on December 26. In addition, December 26th is Boxing Day.

31st of December

New Year’s Eve, observed on December 31st, is a global holiday marking the start of a new year. But the genesis of this festival can be traced back to a Japanese custom.

These are the most widely observed religious festivals and holidays in December that are observed globally. Only New Year’s Eve is observed globally out of all the festivals and holidays mentioned above.

December Global Holidays
December Global Holidays

FAQs about the December Global Holidays

20 December Global Holidays

A holiday is a designated day or time when people commemorate a meaningful occasion. It could be a cultural celebration like Carnival or Chinese New Year, or it could be a religious event like Christmas Day or Hanukkah.

The customs and ideals that underpin these December winter holidays are frequently significant to the individuals who observe them. Additionally, they frequently feature unique cuisine, music, and customs, and they may be a wonderful way to strengthen your ties to your culture or faith.

Here are the top 20 December international holidays to celebrate, whether you’re seeking a way to bond with your own culture or faith or you’re just interested in learning about how people celebrate throughout the world:

December global holidays to take part in:
  1. World AIDS Day
  2. King Bhumibol’s Birthday
  3. St. Nicholas Day
  4. Bodhi Day
  5. Immaculate Conception
  6. Human Rights Day
  7. Saint Lucia’s Day
  8. Las Posadas
  9. Hanukkah
  10. International Human Solidarity Day
  11. Winter Solstice
  12. Yule
  13. Festivus
  14. Christmas Eve
  15. Christmas
  16. Boxing Day
  17. St. Stephen’s Day
  18. Kwanzaa
  19. New Year’s Eve
  20. Omisoka
December Global Holidays Celebrated Worldwide
DateHolidayWhat we celebrate
December 1World AIDS DayWorld AIDS Day is a global holiday that is celebrated on December 1st. It is dedicated to raising awareness about AIDS and the impact it has on people all around the world.
December 5King Bhumibol’s BirthdayOn December 5, Thailand celebrates the birthday of its beloved king, Bhumibol Adulyadej. King Bhumibol was born in 1927 and was king of Thailand between 1950 and 2016.
December 6St. Nicholas DayDecember 6 is a holiday that people celebrate as St. Nicholas Day. It celebrates the life of St. Nicholas (A.K.A. Santa Claus), a Christian saint who was known for his generosity and kindness. On St. Nicholas Day, many people exchange gifts and eat special foods in honor of the saint.
December 8Bodhi DayBodhi Day is a holiday that celebrates the moment when the Buddha reached enlightenment. It is observed on December 8th in most countries, but some celebrate it on other dates.
December 8Immaculate ConceptionThe Immaculate Conception is a Catholic feast day that celebrates the conception of Jesus Christ by Mary, the mother of Jesus. It is celebrated on December 8th and is one of the most important Catholic holidays.
December 10Human Rights DayHuman Rights Day is a special day that celebrates the fundamental human rights that every person is entitled to. It’s observed every year on December 10th and is a time to reflect on the progress that has been made in protecting human rights around the world. It is also a time to recommit to making sure that all people are treated with dignity and respect.
December 13Saint Lucia’s DaySaint Lucia’s Day is not exactly the most famous of the December global holidays. Still, December 13 is a religious holiday in honor of Saint Lucia, the patron saint of light. It is often celebrated with special church services, parades, and cookouts. In some countries, such as Italy and Sweden, it is also a day for celebrating the start of the Christmas season.
December 16-24Las PosadasLas Posadas is a December holiday celebrated in Mexico and many other Latin American countries. It commemorates the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.
December 18-26HanukkahHanukkah is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the re-dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem. It is celebrated for eight days and nights, usually beginning on the 25th of Kislev, according to the Hebrew calendar.
December 20International Human Solidarity DayInternational Human Solidarity Day is a global holiday on December 20 that celebrates the idea of human brotherhood and cooperation. Every year on December 20th, the United Nations created it. The goal of this holiday is to promote peace, understanding, and cooperation between all people. This day is also used to raise awareness about global issues such as poverty, hunger, and disease.
December 21Winter SolsticeThe winter solstice is a holiday that celebrates the shortest day of the year. It is observed on December 21st in most countries, but some celebrate it on other dates. The word “solstice” means “sun stands still,” and this name reflects the fact that on the winter solstice, the sun appears to stand still in the sky. After the winter solstice, the days begin to get longer again.
December 21YuleYule is a winter holiday that celebrates the rebirth of the sun. Pagans, Wiccans, and Druids are just a few of the many people who celebrate it worldwide. Special celebrations, gift-giving, and family get-togethers are frequently part of Yule, which typically occurs in late December or early January.
December 23FestivusDan O’Keefe, a writer for Seinfeld, invented the parody holiday Festivus in the 1960s. It celebrates the non-religious aspects of Christmas and is typically celebrated on December 23rd.
December 24Christmas EveChristmas is a holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is one of the most significant holidays of the year, and Christians everywhere celebrate it.
December 25ChristmasChristmas Eve is another one of the important holidays in December and a special day for Christians worldwide. It is the day before Christmas and is often celebrated with family gatherings and special church services. Many people exchange gifts on this day, and some families even eat their Christmas dinner on this day.
December 26Boxing DayChristmas Eve is another one of the important holidays in December and a special day for Christians worldwide. It is the day before Christmas and is often celebrated with family gatherings and special church services. Many people exchange gifts on this day, and some families even eat their Christmas dinner.
December 26St. Stephen’s DaySt. Stephen’s Day is celebrated on December 26th in honor of St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr. It is often celebrated with special church services, parades, and cookouts.
December 26 – January 1KwanzaaKwanzaa is a holiday that celebrates African-American culture and heritage. Every year from December 26 to January 1st, Dr. Maulana Karenga created it.
December 31New Year’s EveOn New Year’s Eve, people around the globe celebrate the coming of the New Year on this last day in the Gregorian calendar.
December 31OmisokaOmisoka is the last of the December global holidays, as the Japanese celebrate it on December 31st. It is a day to celebrate the coming of the New Year, and people typically exchange gifts, eat special foods, and participate in traditional ceremonies.
December Global Holidays
December Global Holidays: Are there any additional December holidays?

Huge celebrations of faith and culture, such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas, converge on the last month of the year, drawing families together.

December Global Holidays: How December is celebrated around the world?

While people associate December with the approach of Christmas, the month also marks several significant cultural and religious occasions worldwide, including the enlightenment of Buddha, the memory of a Mary apparition, and the celebration of African-American heritage.

December Global Holidays: What month has the most holidays worldwide?

December is the most cheerful and festive season of the year, despite having the shortest day of the year and extremely cold winter weather. In the middle of winter, there is much for people and cultures all around the world to be grateful for, honor, and enjoy this month.



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