Amazon Confirms More Layoffs of About 5% Workforce, Impacting Its Buy with Prime Unit

Amazon Confirms More Layoffs of About 5% Workforce, Impacting Its Buy with Prime Unit

Amazon Confirms More Layoffs: Amazon Cuts ‘Buy with Prime’ Staff

Amazon is now letting go of workers in its Buy with Prime division as it begins to reduce staff across the board, including in its streaming section.

According to a source within the company, Amazon is firing a little over thirty members of that team following an examination of its Buy with Prime division.

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Amazon Confirms More Layoffs
Amazon Confirms More Layoffs

The e-commerce behemoth is devoted to the program overall, but the reduction takes into account the demands of the current iteration. An Amazon representative verified the action.

Introduced in 2022 and extended to all U.S. vendors a year ago, Buy with Prime enables Prime members to shop on websites other than Amazon, utilize their saved checkout data, and take advantage of Prime features like free, quick shipping, and free returns. Additionally, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Salesforce have broadened the options. Ahead of the holiday rush, Amazon rolled up services like order tracking, live chat, and simplified returns in November.

Less than 5% of the Buy with Prime employees are affected by the layoffs, an Amazon representative claimed. According to the spokesman, the business is trying to locate the impacted individual’s new roles within Amazon; if not, they will continue to receive pay and benefits for at least 60 days, be qualified for a severance compensation, and have access to job placement assistance.

Amazon Confirms More Layoffs: Amazon announces job cuts in Buy with Prime division 

The company sent out an email stating,

“We regularly review the structure of our teams and make adjustments based on the needs of the business and, following a recent review, we’ve made the difficult decision to eliminate a small number of roles on our Buy with Prime team,” the company said in an emailed statement. 

Additionally, Amazon stated in its statement, “We will continue investing significant resources in Buy with Prime to build on this momentum. Buy with Prime is a top priority for Amazon, with strong adoption from merchants and positive feedback from customers.” “We’re grateful to these employees for their contributions, and we’re focused on supporting them in their next steps.”

The comparatively small number of layoffs at the Buy with Prime division joins the tens of thousands of workers impacted by Amazon’s reduction over the previous year or more.

Amazon Prime Video and MGM Studios laid off hundreds of employees

The firm announced last month that it would eliminate several hundred positions at MGM Studios and Prime Video. In November, the corporation announced that several hundred employees would be let go from its Alexa division. The corporation said in March that it will be cutting 9,000 jobs, primarily in AWS, the cloud services division that has been the company’s main source of revenue, as well as in the People Experience and Technology, Twitch gaming, and advertising departments. The corporation indicated over a year ago that it will cut more than 18,000 jobs, many of them in the retail sector, starting at the end of 2022.

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Numerous Amazon physical stores have also shuttered. The business shut down its two Amazon Style clothing boutiques in November. The firm closed all of its non-grocery outlets and standalone bookstores in 2022. The e-commerce behemoth has acknowledged the growth of its supermarket business while maintaining the importance of traditional shopping.

Amazon Confirms More Layoffs
Amazon Confirms More Layoffs

FAQs on Amazon Confirms More Layoffs

Is Amazon laying off employees in 2024?

Amazon plans to extend job losses into 2024 by laying off several hundred workers in its streaming and studio divisions.

Amazon confirms additional layoffs: Will these layoffs have an impact on AWS?

In March 2023, Amazon said that a round of 9,000 layoffs at the IT behemoth would affect both AWS and Twitch.

Amazon Confirms More Layoffs: Will there be more layoffs in 2024?

In actuality, there were more layoffs in January, which suggests that widespread layoffs may be in the works for the upcoming months of 2024. 32,000 tech workers had lost their jobs as of 2024, according to a recent Bloomberg study that cited.

Amazon Confirms More Layoffs: What companies are doing layoffs in 2024?

Which businesses went through significant layoffs in 2024? Who has made cuts thus far?

  • UPS cuts 12,000 jobs worldwide.
  • Microsoft to lay off 1,900 workers.
  • eBay eliminates about 1,000 jobs.
  • Google eliminates hundreds of jobs.
  • American Airlines to lay off 656 employees.
  • Wayfair lays off over 1,600 employees.
  • Twitch cuts 35% of the workforce.
Amazon Confirms More Layoffs: What companies are laying off in 2024?

Although Amazon hasn’t disclosed the precise number of job cuts for January 2024, thousands are likely to occur. Together, these large digital companies—which include Pixar, YouTube, TikTok, Discord, eBay, and TikTok—have let go of almost 5,000 workers in the first month of the year.

Amazon Confirms More Layoffs: Why is there a large layoff at Amazon?

This week, Amazon announced that hundreds of employees from its MGM Studios and Prime Video teams will be let go. Executives at Amazon stated that the company prioritized investments for long-term success when it made the layoffs.

Who are the victims of Amazon’s layoffs?

For the next three months, Amazon plans to stop hiring new corporate employees, citing a “unusual macro-economic environment.” The business would soon let go of almost 10,000 workers. The cutbacks would mostly impact Amazon’s retail, devices, and human resources businesses.

Who are the victims of Amazon’s layoffs?

Employees in the US, Canada, and India will be impacted by the job losses that were revealed on Friday. It adds to the 27,000 workers that Amazon fired in the latter half of last year and the early months of this year, and it comes after more recent layoffs in the company’s gaming and music divisions.

Amazon Confirms More Layoffs
Amazon Confirms More Layoffs
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