Xvid Codec – Amazing Tool to Play all Sorts of Video Files

Xvid Codec
Xvid Codec

Xvid is a free video codec with excellent compression and quality.

Millions of people around the world rank it as their first choice.

If you’re experiencing difficulties watching Xvid media files on your PC, you should get the free Xvid Video Codec.

You can change the specifications to get the optimal viewing experience on your device.

Not only does it support all Xvid video files, but it also has a file compressor.

It offers a good compression ratio, allowing you to save space on your hard disc without sacrificing video quality.

Follow the steps below to learn how to get Xvid Video Codec for free on your computer.

What is XviD?

The word XviD refers to a popular new video codec that is being developed as an open source project by volunteer programmers from around the world.

The format was intended to provide a free alternative to other commercial video codecs, and although being open source, its quality and efficiency have propelled it to the top of the video codec list online.

While XviD is not as extensively used as the DivX® codec, it is frequently supported in new DVD players nowadays.

The XviD codec allows a full-length DVD-quality movie to be compressed sufficiently to fit on a single CD (depending on the length of the movie), while retaining the original image quality.

Despite the fact that XviD movies provide superior quality video at smaller file sizes, they encode faster than MPEG-2 thanks to fantastic compression technologies. To provide high quality video and audio, the video is frequently mixed with MP3 or AC3 audio. These factors, together with the fact that the codec is freely available, have contributed to the format’s success.

XviD Codec

You must to install the XviD codec on your computer before you can play XviD videos.

Simply download the most recent version of the XviD codec for your system and follow the installation instructions:

  • Windows XviD codec v1.3.7 (11.3MB)
  • Mac OS X XviD codec v1.3.7 (Link)

After installing the video codec on your machine, your preferred media player should be able to play all XviD movies and videos.

If you encounter any difficulties, please see the XviD FAQ for solutions to typical XviD codec installation and playback issues.

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How to Download Xvid Video Codec on PC for Free

1. Click the download button to open the official Xvid download page in a new tab.

2. Select one of the Mirror links in the Windows box; it makes no difference which one you select; the EXE setup file will be downloaded to your machine.

3. Run the EXE file to launch the setup wizard.

Select your favourite language and click OK.

4. Click the Next button to start the Setup.

5. Accept the licence agreement and then click Next.

6. Select the destination folder or leave the default choice, then click Next.

7. Xvid provides the option of receiving notifications when the codec is updated.

Choose whether you want notifications or prefer to check for updates manually, then click Next.

8. You must configure the codec’s settings. Choose the media types you want Xvid to play, and then click Next. I propose that you select all three alternatives.

9. The software will be downloaded and installed on your computer.

When it’s finished, click the Finish button.

How to Uninstall Xvid Video Codec from your PC

If the Xvid Video Codec isn’t the proper codec for your video clip, you can easily uninstall it.

1. In the Windows search bar, type Add or Remove Programs and press the Enter key.

2. Find Xvid Video Codec in the list of installed apps and select Uninstall.

3. Confirm that you wish to uninstall the software, and the uninstallation procedure will do it.

Xvid Video Codec Overview

The Xvid Video Codec is a powerful programme that allows your computer to play many sorts of video files. The programme is free and open-source under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It specialises in Xvid file encoding.

These films are not standard MP4 files, but rather MPEG-4 Part2 ASP files. Simply put, these video files are compressed so that they may be sent faster and take up less disc space.

The Xvid codec decompresses the file, restores its original quality, and allows it to be played on a computer with any video player that supports MPEG-4 and MP4 codecs.

The codec is also compatible with Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and DVD players.

Xvid Video Codec Features

The basic function of the Xvid Video Codec is to allow some files to play on your computer. In addition to MPEG-4, the codec supports a number of alternative file types that are not supported by most systems.

Xvid contains various useful capabilities in addition to decompressing video files.

Compress Video Files

The Xvid file compressor may considerably reduce the size of huge files.

It works with huge video files and is similar to ZIP utilities for files and directories.

The Xvid programme removes much of the superfluous information in the file that isn’t required to play the video while retaining the movie’s high quality.

At PAL resolution, a standard HD uncompressed digital movie can take up around 100 GB of space.

After compressing the file, it can be reduced to around 500 MB, implying that Xvid has a compression ratio of around 200:1.

Convert Your Video Files

The Xvid Video Codec is included with the Xvid MiniConvert utility.

Files with MP3 and AVI components can be converted.

It supports MPEG-4, H263, MKV, WMV, MP4, and various additional codecs, including DivX and Dx50.

The files are transformed to Xvid-compatible formats, which may subsequently be compressed easily.

The Xvid MiniConvert tool

The MiniConvert tool offers a simple user interface.

Simply upload the source file and select a destination directory.

The MiniConveter will provide a progress bar to let you know when the conversion is finished.

Restore Defaults

Your video file is not permanently altered by the Xvid compressor.

The Restore Default option returns the file to its original specifications.

Third Party Compatibility

Xvid Video Codec is compatible with a variety of third-party solutions that enhance the software’s capabilities.

Subtitles, menus, and dubbing extensions are available.

Free Alternatives to Xvid Video Codec
  • Media Player Codec Pack: This free codec pack works with practically every compressed audio and video file and is compatible with most media players.

It supports 480i, SD, HD, and 720p video resolutions.

  • K-Lite Codec Pack: An easy-to-use codec pack that supports all major and most obscure file types.

It can encode and decode audio and video files and has completely configurable parameters for both.

Xvid Files

Many DVD or Blu-ray players, as well as Windows 10 or later, will automatically play Xvid files; Mac users will need to install a suitable player.

You can use an internet converter or an application like Handbrake to convert Xvid files to other popular formats.

One of the difficulties of working with audio and video files is that there are numerous file formats, not all of which are easily read or globally compatible with the software you normally use.

Xvid is a video encoder that uses the MPEG-4 Part 2 ASP format to compress video data.

Xvid is a free file format provided under the GNU General Public License (GPL), hence encountering this type of file when downloading video online is typical.

How to play Xvid files

The good news is that playing Xvid files isn’t difficult; there are numerous devices and apps that can decode and play Xvid.

Blu-ray and DVD players: Many common DVD and Blu-ray devices can play Xvid files if you copy them to CD or DVD.

Because they are based on the same underlying technology, most Xvid files will play smoothly on devices with the DivX logo.

Windows 10 and later can play Xvid files natively using the default video player. Simply double-click an Xvid file to play it.

Furthermore, any video player that can play a conventional MPEG-4 file will be able to play an Xvid file.

VLC, Windows Media Player, and the fittingly called Free Xvid Player are a few examples.

Mac: While there is no default app on Apple Macs that can play Xvid files, there are a number of third-party apps that do.

You can install VLC or get the commercial Elmedia Player, which comes in both a free and paid Pro edition.

Using the built-in video players in Windows, you should have no trouble playing Xvid files.

Xvid Converter

WMV, MP4, VOB, MKV, MP4, 3GP, RMVB, FLV, and QuickTime MOV video can be converted to Xvid video with Xvid Converter.

Xvid is a video codec library that adheres to the MPEG-4 video coding standard, more specifically the MPEG-4 Part 2 Advanced Simple Profile (ASP).

Xvid encoded files can be burned on a CD or DVD and played in some (but not all) DivX DVD and media players.

You may now watch the versatile video whenever and wherever you choose. Simple settings, fast performance, and a user-friendly interface.

It is very simple to use and requires no special settings. Only a few clicks are required to finish the operation of converting music; it can recognise your hardware configuration and automatically determine an ideal convert scheme.

By multithreading, you can achieve a converting speed that is more than 300% faster than your imagination.

How to convert Xvid files

There are several options available for converting an Xvid file to another format.

Try one of the various online converters for a quick and simple solution.

These converters are provided on a website; simply upload the Xvid file, click the convert button, and download the transformed file.

Depending on the size of the original Xvid file, the conversion usually takes a few minutes.

Convertio and Office-Converter are two popular converters.

Using the web-based Convertio service, you may effortlessly convert Xvid files to various formats.

The disadvantage of using online converters is that the maximum file size you may upload and convert is usually limited.

To convert huge files, you may need to use a commercial video converter such as Handbrake or Miro.

Troubleshooting tips for Xvid files

If you are unable to play a video file, it is conceivable that the file is not an Xvid file, that you are misreading the file extension, or that the file is mismarked.

Keep in mind that, while Xvid and Divx files share a shared history and a lot of technology, they are not the same file format, and not all Xvid files will play on Divx devices.

If a file won’t play, try converting it with one of the tools given in the preceding section. It’s likely that a filer converter will be able to convert it into a more common file format that will play properly.

XviD Players

Please keep in mind that all XviD players require the XviD codec to play XviD videos.

Windows Media Player v11.0

Windows Media Player (WMP) is one of the most popular XviD players, owing to the fact that it is the default media player in Windows and can play almost any video format with the appropriate codecs loaded.

This player should already be installed on your computer, but if you don’t have the most recent version, you can get it here.

Media Player Classic v6.4.9.0 (Windows XP/2000)

Media Player Classic (MPC) is a popular media player replacement for Windows XP/2000 that appears and feels identical to Windows Media Player v6.4. However, don’t be misled by its appearance.

It has been upgraded to accommodate all popular video formats and includes all of the functionality you would expect from a modern media player without any extraneous features.

We highly suggest this fantastic media player to everyone.

Media Player Classic v6.4.9.0 (Windows ME/98)

Media Player Classic (MPC) is a popular media player replacement for Windows ME/98 that appears and feels identical to Windows Media Player v6.4. However, don’t be misled by its appearance.

It has been upgraded to accommodate all popular video formats and includes all of the functionality you would expect from a modern media player without any extraneous features.

Everyone should use this lightweight media player.

BSPlayer v1.37

BSPlayer is another XviD player alternative that can play most media files (AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, WAV, MP3) and subtitles (MicroDVD, Subviewer and SubRip).

Custom subtitle positions, colours, typefaces, and transparency are also supported by the player.

You may change the look and feel of the game by downloading additional skins from the internet.

Finally, this player has very efficient CPU and memory use, so if you have problems with skips during playback, you should give this player a try.

The Xvid Codec Pack is a free video codec with excellent compression and quality.

Because it is tuned for the latest CPUs, Xvid operates incredibly quickly. Real-time video recording from a camera and smooth HD video playback are not issues.

Your PC will still have enough power for other tasks!

The fact that Xvid compressed video files may be played practically everywhere is a huge advantage.

The Xvid software operates on a variety of devices and is supported by the majority of popular video players. Home entertainment devices such as TVs and DVD/BD players may also play Xvid video.

The Xvid codec is used to compress video files in order to make them smaller. When compared to uncompressed video, it can compress footage at a ratio of 200:1.

This speeds up network video transmission and saves a lot of space on your computer’s hard disc.

While Xvid compresses video very well, it does it without obvious quality loss and with a sharper image than other codecs.

Xvid is a “lossy” compression format, but it only removes image information that are not required for human perception.

As such, it is regarded as a video MP3.

Version History for Xvid Codec Pack:


  • Fredrik Wikstrom’s xvidcore
  • AmigaOS build patch
  • Applevel multithreading mode is also supported for AVI output in xvid encraw.
  • Correctly set the interlacing flag in the decoder.

VFW frontend

  • Reintroduce functionality for decoding raw YV12 input FourCC video
  • Fix: Only generate debug output when the debug option is active.

DShow/MFT frontend

  • Windows 7 thumbnail creation error fixed
  • In Windows 8.0 and later, disable the MFT filter. Because Microsoft prohibits third-party MFTs from being used in UWP apps, making our MFT the default causes complications.
  • Correct the output buffer stride calculation in MFT.
  • Improved MFT pixel aspect ratio support
  • Correctly setting interlaced flags on output pins in DirectShow and MFT

Is Xvid Video Codec free?

Yes! I’ll teach you how to download and install the official Xvid Video Codec for free if you follow the steps above.

Is Xvid Video Codec safe?

You will not have spyware or adware if you download the most recent version of the official Xvid Video Codec.

The file is completely open-source, so anyone may inspect the source code and ensure that it is clean.

It is not suggested that you download the software from a third-party site since the package may be outdated or infected with dangerous code.

Does Xvid Video Codec compress video files?

The codec has a compressor that can be used to greatly reduce the size of your large movie.

We saw a compression ratio of roughly 200:1 during product testing without compromising video or playback quality.

This not only saves space on the disc drive or cloud storage, but also makes transferring or sharing the content more easier.

What is Xvid codec for Windows 10?

The XviD Video Codec will considerably increase the amount of video formats that can be played on your computer.

You may also utilise the built-in compression software to save disc space by compressing videos you’ve watched without sacrificing quality.

What quality is Xvid?

Xvid is a fork of Project Mayo (the original open source project responsible for the commercial DivX codec) that attempts to create a high-quality open-source MPEG-4 codec.

The codec’s quality is often slightly better than that of DivX, and, unlike DivX, it is open-source.

Is Xvid a file extension?

Xvid, unlike MP4, is a video codec library that adheres to the MPEG-4 Part 2 Advanced Simple Profile (ASP) coding standard.

It is a competitor to DivX Inc.’s proprietary DivX codec.


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