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Xbox One Games 2020

Playing background music on Xbox One is now authentic. After many years, Xbox One adds the ability to listen to your favorite music and audio in the background while playing your favorite games with Anniversary Update.

Xbox One Games 2020 – What is the Xbox One?

Xbox One is an eighth-generation home game console developed by Microsoft. Announced in May 2013, it is a replacement of the Xbox 360 and the third console in the Xbox series of video games. It is the first Xbox game console to be released in China, especially in Shanghai Free Trade.

Xbox One Games 2020
Xbox One Games 2020

Xbox One Games 2020: How does Xbox one work?

Xbox One has HDMI inside, so you can plug in your cable box and use your TV experience with the console. This will allow players to quickly switch between games, live TV, and other entertainment, and continue with different side activities

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Currently, there are not many apps that support background music; you can only use Cast or Groove Music for Microsoft to play background music.

Pandora is another app available on Xbox One with background music support – you can download the app now in the Windows Store

However, Groove Music should be more than enough, as one of the biggest advantages is the ability to play music on files that you have saved in your OneDrive account.

How to Play Background Music on Xbox One 2020

Playing music in the background is great.

  • Launch one of the supported music applications, such as Groove Music or Pandora.
  • Start playing music from your library.
  • Click the Xbox button on your controller to return to the home screen, and you’ll see that the music will continue to play in the background.
  • You can now open the flyout menu on the left to control playback and background volume. In flyout out, you also get the option to download a music app with another app so that the controls are always visible.
  • Start the game and you will see that the music will continue to play more than the sound from the game you are playing.
  • While playing a game, double-click the Xbox button on your controller to display the left-hand flyer to control your music.

Background music from USB flash drive is also supported. And more interestingly, the background music also supports playback of files stored on a USB flash drive, but you will need to download an app called Simple Background Music Player

Just know that you have to store your music in a folder called “Xbox Music Library” for the console to see it.

It’s that simple.

How to play background audio and music on Xbox One

Q: How Do I Play My Music Back To My Xbox One?

A: Background audio is now available for Xbox One due to summer updates,

Here’s how it works!

First, you need an app that supports background sound. Currently, only Universal applications such as Cast and Xbox One Preview version of Microsoft Groove

In the future, more apps will join the background audio party, such as the Windows 10 YouTube app myTube.

What is the dissimilarity between Xbox One and Xbox One S?

The Xbox One S has many additional features that the novel Xbox One does not have. Another big difference between the Xbox One and Xbox One S is 4K content and, most importantly, 4K game upscaling, and HDR support for well-matched TVs.

The conclusion: Xbox One Games 2020 – How to Listen to Background Music & Audio While Playing (Soundcloud) – Activate

What do you think of the background music and audio on Xbox One? Are you using Groove or Pandora or something else in background music? Let us know in the comments below.


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