Word Blitz: Facebook Messenger Free Word Blitz Game

Facebook is becoming more interesting as the day go by, and one of the most interactive played Game on Facebook is Word Blitz game

Facebook Messenger Word Blitz Game
Facebook Messenger Word Blitz Game

Facebook Messenger Word Blitz Game is a puzzle game on Facebook Gameroom. Word Blitz game is a swift word game challenge that involves organizing letters to form a word.

Word blitz is a word puzzle that is comparable to a scrabble game. This game is very hard to play and you need a lot of brainpower, and at times you may be stuck trying to find the correct spellings to words.

Beyond being a game, it is greatly educative and can assist you in enhancing the following:

  • Spelling
  • Intellect
  • Vocabulary
  • Speed

To win or earn points in the Word Blitz game, you are expected to put words together to achieve a correct spelling.

This word puzzle can be played by kids, teenagers, and even adults.

How to Play Word Blitz on Messenger

Before choosing this game, you have to be a fan of a puzzle game and be ready to use your brainpower.

To play the game you need to download the Facebook messenger app. See further steps on how to access the game below:

  • Firstly, connect your device to an active internet connection.
  • Then, launch the messenger app on your Android or iOS device.
  • After that, log in your Facebook account on the Messenger app
  • Click the search bar option on the messenger app.
  • Now enter the keyword instant games.
  • Furthermore, open the Facebook instant games page from the search result by tapping on it.
  • Next, tap the search option on the Facebook instant games page.
  • Then, input the keyword Word Blitz in the search bar.
  • Enter the Facebook world blitz game from the search result.
  • Finally, click the Play Game button.

As soon as the Facebook Word Blitz game is successfully launched, you can invite your friends to play the game with you.

To play the game after downloading it, you are required to match words in blocks together to get the right spelling of the word and then earn points when correctly done.

Word Blitz Game Features

  1. It features a fun mix of crosswords, uncrosses, and word links in the puzzle that can be an addiction and fun game to play.
  2. There are about 1036 levels along with tons of words waiting for you plus a daily wonderful bonus to earn.
  3. It has incredible graphics with cool live animations effects.
  4. This game can be played on both phones and tablets at any time with no internet/ Wi-Fi connection and it can play both online and offline at all times.
  5. The challenge could be between friends and other players at hand for the game.
How to Play the Word Blitz on Facebook

The game can be played through the Facebook web or you can download the Facebook Gameroom app to play. Follow the steps below to play;

On Messenger;

  • Firstly, sign in to your messenger app, and open a chat.
  • Then, click on the game icon at the top.
  • Lastly, search for the Word blitz game and click on play to start playing.

On Your PC;

  • Firstly, log in to your Facebook page, click on the search bar to type in word blitz.
  • As soon as you see it, tap on play.
  • That’s all you need to play the word blitz game on Facebook
Word Blitz Facebook Messenger Cheats and Answers

With this cheat, you can win anyone on Facebook messenger word blitz game and it is very straight forward.

To win this game without hassle, kindly follow these steps:

  • Visit Www.Findtheword.Info/Search.Aspx?Stype=Words-In-The-Word&Sword=BLITZ
  • Swiftly use it for all the words in the box
  • To save time, match all the words that you are being shown smartly and this will give you alphabets that are arranged in the right order


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