What Is TTY Mode: How Does It Work on Mobile Phones?

What Is TTY Mode: How Does It Work on Mobile Phones?
What Is TTY Mode in Mobile Phones
What Is TTY Mode in Mobile Phones

There are different means by which we can communicate to disabled people because communication and technology have made it so easy with the establishment of TTY.

If you don’t know what TTY means, then you don’t need to worry as we will be talking about it in this article.

What Is TTY Mode

A TTY known as a teletypewriter is a device used by an individual who is either deaf, mute or they have hard hearing issues. The TTY devices help to convert text input to audio and then decode it back to the text input to the other person.

Originally it was created for landline phones but today they are also in cell phones. If a person who can talk is using the TTY mode in his or her phone, the TTY device converts the text to audio to the other person and then decodes it back as text to the other person receiving.

Although the TTY machine sounds like text messages, the main function is stress-free as it permits users to communicate freely.

However, TTY devices can be connected to landlines and also cell phones giving room for good communication with hindrances. TTY mode is also being referred to as the mode which permits the phone to function as a TTY device.

You could also connect with other external TTY devices depending on the supported device that you are using even if it is an android or a landline.

What Is TTY Mode – Types

Different phones have different modes for TTY which are TTY FULL, TTY VCO, and TTY HCO.  The TTY Full mode allows people to send and receive messages through TTY messages, while TTY VCO mode is for the people with hearing disabilities to send messages through voice and they also receive their reply through TTY text display. And lastly, TTY HCO mode permits users to receive voice messages and also send text messages.

What is TTY mode used for

If you don’t know what the TTY mode is for then, let me enlighten you, the TTY mode allows people who have hearing disorders and who are also speech impaired to communicate by making use of the text to voice or voice to text means.

In this modern-day, cell phones are designed with in-built TTY technology and this means you don’t need to buy an additional TTY device in order for you to communicate.

What happens when the TTY mode is off? What is TTY mode?

When you turn off the TTY mode, your phone no longer has the access to use the TTY machines, in other words, switching off the TTY mode allows you to use the normal phone calls and also text messages. When the TTY mode is switched off, you won’t be able to make use of the TTY functions again until you switch on the TTY mode.

Should TTY be on or off? What is TTY mode?

If you don’t want to make use of the TTY mode, you can just keep it off. The TTY machines are connected with either your telephone landlines or your mobile phones. But when the TTY mode is on, the TTY machine will be connected with the mobile phone and it can then send and receive information.

What is TTY mode: How do I use TTY mode on my phone

One of the biggest advantages of the TTY mode is the ability to be able to communicate over the normal phone standard and it can convert text input to audio. If you don’t know how to use then TTY mode on your android phone, here are some tips in which you can use

  • Choose the applications tab
  • Pick the settings application
  • Tap on call from the settings application
  • Select the tty mode from the call menu
  • Choose the desired TTY mode that you want for your android phone
  • Click back to the main menu to place a call, you can also choose if you want to make a normal call or you want to make the call using TTY mode.
How to use the TTY mode on an iPhone

You can choose to use the TTY mode on your iPhone or you can choose to make your calls using the normal call logs, but if you want to use the TTY mode on your iOS but you don’t know how-to, follow the instructions given below

  • Click on settings app
  • Click on general from the settings icon
  • Click on accessibility from the general menu in the settings icon
  • Choose TTY
  • Choose if you want to use the in-built software TTY or if you want to add the external device through the hardware TTY
  • Go back to home
  • Click on phone
  • Choose the person you want to call
  • When the call screen is displayed, click on TTY button
  • Enter the message you want to send to start the call
What is TTY mode in android?

Your android phone can make use of the TTY mode and your phone also has an optional teletypewriter for the TTY device. This means people who have issues with their hearing issue or speech impairment can make use of this device.


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