What Is Google My Business and Why Your Business Needs My Google Business

Google My Business is a free service that assists small businesses in creating and managing their Google listings, which appear as consumers search for businesses on Google Search and Maps. It aids in the recruitment of potential consumers and the dissemination of knowledge on what makes them special

Google My Business – Why is it relevant for businesses to be listed on Google Search and Maps?

Today, three out of four shoppers look for a business online, and seven out of ten have purchased from a business they found through a search engine. Businesses may appear right when people search for the goods or services they provide by listing themselves on Google.

What Is Google My Business
What Is Google My Business

Thereby allowing potential customers to learn more about them or contact them

Currently, millions of Indian companies are using Maps to communicate with their customers. Foresight School in Ahmedabad, for example, gets 30% of its customers through Google by managing feedback and posting exclusive deals and events on a regular basis.

How will GMB (Google My Business) assist me in improving my business?

Businesses may use Google My Business to draw more clients and it will also assist companies in the following ways:

  1. Stand out by exchanging current and valuable information: Customers search online for detailed details, such as directions, opening hours, images, and deals, and to compare companies.
  2. Customers should be engaged: Customers may use their phones to exchange stories, leave ratings, and contact small businesses. You can use My Google Business to tell customers what makes your business unique by sharing the most up-to-date details, images, and offers.
  3. My Google Business allows you to participate in the discussion about your company. Respond to feedback, notifications, and queries, and increase the number of calls you receive from interested customers
  4. In less than 10 minutes, you can create a free mobile-friendly website:

You can create a free website that looks fantastic with Google My Business. From your device or phone, you can easily design and edit your website with the free website builder. It also tells you which images get the most attention and where your customers come from.

  • Discover how customers find you and engage with your listing:

Google My Business provides you with valuable knowledge on how customers find you and interact with your listing. You can keep track of the number of searches for your business, incoming phone calls, and directions requests. It also tells you which images get the most attention and where your customers come from.

Why is it necessary for my company to be verified on Google My Business?

To manage your business details on Google Maps, Search, and other Google resources, you must check your business listing.

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The verification process ensures that the company’s data is correct and that only you, the owner or manager, have access to it.

You have restricted access to edit the company information that appears on Google before you complete verification. Users are twice as likely to deem verified companies respectable.

How do I get my company listed on Google?

In just four easy steps, you can get your company listed on Google:

a. Sign up for Google My Business and make a new list.

b. In the Search Box, type your company’s name and address. If a listing appears among the suggested matches, select it, or generate a new one and fill in the required details.

c. Verify Your Business: Google will check to see if your company is actually located where you say it is. You will get a postcard with a verification PIN in 1-2 weeks.

d. Complete the verification process and begin sharing the most up-to-date details.

Google My Business – Some tips and tricks

When customers search online, businesses with full listings that include contact details, photographs, and feedback have a much better chance of attracting their attention.

According to Google analysis, consumers are 50% more likely to consider buying from companies that have a full listing.

Positive feedback, relevant images, and special deals are all valuable pieces of information that consumers use to decide whether or not to do business with you.

Here are several pointers on how to maximize your company listing to reach the right people:

a. To claim your Google My Business listing, follow these steps: If your company appears in local listings after a Google search, you can claim your listing and check that you are the owner.

b. Create a Complete Profile: When creating your GMB page, make sure to include essential business details such as your address and phone number, as well as the hours of operation.

C. Inquire about customer feedback: Nearly 90% of shoppers report that favorable reviews is a big factor in deciding which company or store to buy from. To draw more customers, ask your customers to leave reviews on Google.

d. Have appropriate images and offers: Indian customers are more likely to patronize a company that has photos on its Google listing. When shopping online, two out of every three people check for exclusive offers or discounts.

Take advantage of the moments when consumers are searching for relevant images, deals, and special events by posting relevant photos, offers, and special events.


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