What is an Instastalker? how to Find Your Stalkers, and Avoid Instagram Stalking

Whether you’re an Instastalker or someone is stalking you, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Instagram stalking. It will go over how to stalk someone on Instagram and how to tell if someone is stalking you.


We’ll also go through how you may find out who is stalking you. No need to be concerned; we’ll even propose techniques to keep oneself from being stalked, making Instagram safe to use once more.

What is Instastalker?

Instastalking is the practice of following someone’s Instagram account without their knowledge.

This word is used by a lot of websites to promote their services.

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It’s the simplest way to keep an eye on someone else’s profile while remaining anonymous. It would give an indication of a user’s account impressions, but they may not be aware of who has snuck into their profile without their consent.

If you want to follow someone’s narrative or see their postings but don’t want to tell them, Instastalker is a great option to do it.

You may not stalk that account if the privacy setting on that profile is set to ‘Private.’

How to Find an Instastalker?

Alternatively, you could be on the receiving end of Instastalking. It’s possible that you have an Instastalker on your account. This could include those who follow your social media posts because they have a secret crush on you. Not only are there hidden lovers, but there’s also the possibility that someone has stumbled onto your Instagram page and wants to watch your stories or posts. It’s also possible that you suspect your competitor of spying on you by creating an unknown account, which you agreed to.

Signs that you have an Instastalker

  • Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are one of the telltale signs that you have an Instastalker.

Keep an eye on how your tales are being received. Instagram provides you with a comprehensive list of viewers, ensuring that no one is left out. 

To see the entire list, simply swipe up on your stories. Every user who has seen your tale will have their profile displayed there. There’s a popular belief that the user who watches your story the most is at the top of the list, and so on.

If your ex consistently appears at the top of the list, this could indicate something else. To be clear, Instagram administrators have rejected this tactic, but the majority of Instagram users have endorsed it. You can also watch recent viewers by staying online for a while. Some users may have turned on post notifications for your account at some point.

  • Likes and Comments

Each of your postings receives a like and perhaps a comment from them. It’s a good sign if you’ve piqued someone’s interest in you. It’s obvious that they’re following you.

  • Instastalker Apps

You have the option of installing third-party programs to help you overcome your curiosity. There are a total of eleven applications available for you to choose from.

When using an Instagram stalker app, you must exercise caution. You must enable two-factor authentication for your account to prevent it from being hacked or being used by someone who does not have access to your phone.

  • Private Account

Go Private!

When you set your account privacy to Private, you may receive a follow request from other users who may or may not stalk you in the future. You may also see who has stopped following your stories or enjoying your posts. A clear indication that folks who have made you a follow request after you went private intend to stalk your profile.

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of an Instastalker?

There is a solution for each and every difficulty. We’ll provide you a few pointers on how to get rid of your stalkers.

  • Switch to Private Account

Turning your Instagram account private is the first and most important precaution to take. You gain control over your follower list by doing so. If your ex still wants to stalk your social media account, they must give you a follow request, as previously stated.

Accepting requests from someone you don’t know is not recommended. As a result, you should minimize your Instastalkers. Making your account private is a simple process.

Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Open your Instagram account.
  • Go to Settings and select the Privacy option.
  • Turn your Account Privacy to Private.

Unfortunately, if you have formed a business account, you will not be able to go private, which is understandable.

Unwanted Followers should be blocked.

After turning private, it’s a good idea to block your Instastalker. After you’ve blocked them, you may be comfortable that you have followers you know and can trust.

If you have set your account privacy to Public, you may be blocking a large number of individuals (perhaps thousands) for years.

Instastalkers can appear from anywhere, especially if you have a large following.

It’s also not difficult to block someone. All you have to do now is:

1. Go to their personal page.

2. In the top right corner, select the vertical three dots option.

3. Choose Block and click on it.

You can also unblock them at any time by returning to their profile and selecting the unblock option. Simply go to the ‘banned account’ option in your Privacy section of Settings to see a list of users you’ve blocked for whatever reason.

Warn Your Instastalker

If you’re feeling courageous, simply open your phone’s contact list and dial your stalker’s number. Send a text message or a message on messenger as an alternative. You can also do this by leaving a comment on any of their posts demanding that they stop stalking you. It will also alert other users to their creepy behavior.

Without a doubt, things will deteriorate as a result. As soon as you’ve completed your mission, block them.

Reporting to Authorities

After getting threatening texts from such people, you can submit a complaint with the appropriate authorities. It is, after all, your life! You must take security precautions on your own! It is not a terrible idea to pay a visit to your local police station. Instagram is a popular social media site. It has a large amount of Cyberbullying cases submitted by users due to its size. If required, get assistance from the local police.

How Does Instagram Aid in the Prevention of Stalking?

Instagram is unable to manage all user situations. This year, Instagram has made every effort to get things into order.

The ‘following’ tab was deleted, which was the most significant modification they made. People were able to find new accounts using that tab. People attempted to stalk all users’ activity using that tab, including their likes on other users’ posts and comments on other users’ posts. This option was primarily used by couples to keep track of who they liked and followed on Instagram.

Surprisingly, this was not the reason for deleting that tab. Instagram discovered that instead of using the Explore tab, individuals were using the Explore page.

Because you no longer have information about other users’ such behaviors, Instagram stalking has decreased to some extent after this tab was removed.

Google Play Deleted Instagram Stalker App

According to Sophos, one such Instastalker app, Ghosty, was just removed from Google Play (Android app store). That program allowed stalkers to look into individuals’ private accounts.

Thankfully, Instagram representatives have stepped forward to ensure that this app is removed as quickly as possible.

They threatened to send a cease-and-desist letter to the Ghosty developers if they did not remove the software. Their warnings were heeded, and the app was swiftly removed.


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