What Is Amazon Prime, and How Does It Work? What You Need To Know

Amazon Prime is for more than just two-day delivery.

If you aren’t a Prime member, you might be wondering what Amazon Prime is and whether it is worth your money.

Amazon Prime is about more than just quick delivery. It’s a membership program that grants members access to many Amazon perks.

Amazon Prime 2021
Amazon Prime 2021

Expedited 2-day delivery, access to exclusive Amazon sales, and a slew of other Amazon-centric perks are only a few of the perks.

We’ll break down what Amazon Prime is to help you make an educated decision.

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If you’ve ever wondered what Amazon Prime is, here’s everything you need to know about it, from quick delivery to free streaming services.

What is Amazon Prime, and how does it work?

Amazon Prime is a premium subscription program that offers a range of benefits to Amazon customers for $119 per year or $12.99 a month. The best perk, though, is free one-on-one coaching.

However, the best perk is a free one- or two-day delivery on most Amazon products.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the company has over 150 million paying Prime members worldwide. So, if you’ve ever been curious about Amazon Prime, this should clear things up.

Prime membership and Prime Day are also available to Prime members.

Amazon Prime Day is a 48-hour online shopping experience for Amazon Prime members only. Even though, the Prime Day is usually celebrated in July, it was celebrated on October 13 last year.

Amazon had to postpone the shopping holiday due to the pandemic and an unexpected increase in orders.

This year, however, Prime Day will most likely be held during the summer.

Amazon Prime Gaming | Amazon Prime Video Games

Attention, gamers! Amazon has just revealed a new incentive for its 150 million Prime subscribers. Amazon Prime Gaming is the newest addition to Amazon Prime’s digital benefits.

Prime members only need to log into their account and visit the latest Prime Gaming landing page to claim all of their gaming freebies and benefits.

Amazon Video (Amazon Prime Video)

One of the most valuable benefits of becoming an Amazon Prime member is access to Amazon Prime Video. For paying or free trial members in the United States and Puerto Rico, Prime Video provides unrestricted streaming of movies and TV episodes.

Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime

Amazon’s largest rival has launched its subscription service. Walmart Plus is the retailer’s answer to Amazon Prime.

The $98-a-year service includes quick delivery of goods bought on Walmart, as well as early access to Walmart gas station sales and discounts.

Best Buy Beta vs. Amazon Prime

Best Buy Beta is a new subscription service from Best Buy that aims to compete with Amazon Prime. Best Buy’s service, which costs $199.99 a year, includes unlimited free delivery, 24/7 tech support, free in-home installation of select products, and 2-year warranty insurance on most Best Buy purchases.

Advantages with Amazon Prime | Amazon Prime Benefits

While the price of entry isn’t cheap, an Amazon Prime membership comes with a slew of benefits. Prime owners, for example, get a 10% discount on anything.

Prime holders, for example, receive a 10% discount on most Whole Foods purchases. Amazon has stepped up its Whole Foods discounts, announcing new weekly price cuts that save customers an average of 20% on in-season vegetables, meat, seafood, and other products.

Amazon Prime is also beneficial to students. If you’re a two- or four-year college student with a valid.edu email address, you can sign up for a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime Student, which includes all of the advantages of Prime plus exclusive student-only offers and coupons.

These are only a handful of Amazon Prime’s many benefits. However, Prime membership encompasses more than just company.

Entertainment: Prime Video, Music, and Photos and more

Other Prime member bonuses

  • Amazon Elements
  • Membership Sharing
How can I access Amazon Prime?

1. Go to the app store or channel store on your TV. 2. Go to the shop and look for Amazon Prime. 3. Connect or download the Prime channel. 4. From your channel list, choose the Prime channel. 5. On the TV, sign in to your Amazon account. 6. Begin watching Amazon Prime videos.


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