Wapin: Best Wapin Alternative sites for Music Downloads, Apps, Games, Videos

Wapin is a free online application that offers free downloads of mp3 music files, apps, games, videos, and much more.

In this guide, we will be looking at top sites like wapin, since we’ve talked about a few websites that share this same sort of content

Wapin: Free MP3 Music Downloads, Videos, Apps

As earlier mentioned, wap.in is a website that offers free downloads of mp3 music files, videos, apps, games, and related files for mobile devices.

Wapin for Music Downloads Apps Games and Videos
Wapin for Music Downloads Apps Games and Videos

As mentioned earlier, wap.in is a website that provides free downloads of mp3 music files, videos, apps, games, and related files for mobile devices.


Even though the website is more optimized for mobile devices, desktop users can download equally from the website.

Apart from all the above files, wapin also offers free downloads of movies and shows for mobile devices. Also, this is not just for mobile phones.

Having said that, we will be looking at a few sites that share wapin-related content.

Ruling on by what the wapin website brings to the table, we will be looking at related sites that provide free downloads of movie files, movies, apps, games, videos, etc.

Wapin Alternative: Best Sites like Wapin

1. Bestwap.life

Bestwap.life is one website we recently appraised. Since the website is also described as bestwap.in and available or in a different domain, they often provide the ,same content.

Bestwap.life has long existed and gained popularity in the world of free mobile downloads. The website offers free music downloads, free movie downloads and games and apps for Java and Android.

2. Tubidy.Mobi

This is a website that focuses on free music downloads. Tubidy is best known for being a video download website. At least that is how it started. However, the website has changed to being a music download platform.

The platform is equally popular and for the best part, share free downloads of mp3 music files and mp4 music video files. Being able to download from the website is very simple. The fact that you find free music files on this site, makes it a worthy alternative to wap.in.

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3. Waptrick

Waptrick is like the grandfather of them all. This website is very prevalent in that it had most related websites piled up into one.

Waptrick just like wapin offers free downloads of mp3 music files, video files, games, apps, images, and related mobile downloads. If you are looking for a website like wapin, you can’t go wrong with waptrick.

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4. Filmyhit

FilmyHit is another torrent website among all others which uploads the latest movies & web series for free. This site has Multilanguage movies like Hindi, English, Punjabi, etc.

Different from the sites mentioned above, filmyhit offers free downloads of movies and TV shows. While there are a few Hollywood movies and shows on the website, for the most part, it shares movies and shows in Bollywood and the others.

People mostly visit this site to download recently released Bollywood, Punjabi movies. Downloading the latest movies in FilmyHit website is a very easy thing to do.

Also, you can select movies with quality 720p, 1080p before downloading. Each movie is listed with additional information like Name, Cast, Story, Duration, Genre, Rating, etc. 

Resembling wapin which also shares movies, you can be sure that you will be able to download movies and shows for free from this website.

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Bottom Line

While there are too many sites like wap.in, we will be adhering to those already mentioned above.

The reason is that, for the most part, you will find all the downloads you will need from the sites mentioned above.


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