View your Facebook Timeline as someone else

How to View Your Facebook Timeline as Someone Else (Or As the Public … Take a look at what People See on Your Facebook Profile)

View your Facebook Timeline as someone else 2021
View your Facebook Timeline as someone else 2021

Though you can’t tell who has recently viewed your Facebook profile (unlike LinkedIn),

You will quickly see what another Facebook user would see if they were to visit your profile.


Have you ever wondered what your Facebook timeline looks like to your friends and family? Well, this issue arises as we consider the privacy of our Facebook profiles.

View your Facebook Timeline (also known as your Timeline) as someone else

When using social media platforms like Facebook, privacy is a big concern. Seeing your profile from the eyes of someone else will help you figure out what others can see on your timeline.

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You might ask a friend for support, but Facebook has a feature called View as it allows you to see your timeline from the eyes of someone else on your friend list.

Here’s how to see how your Facebook profile (also known as your Timeline) appears to others. This is a simple way to check if your Facebook privacy settings are working properly.

View your Facebook Timeline as someone else | How do I use Facebook’s “View as” feature?

There is a “lock” icon on the top-right of the standard navy-blue Facebook navigation bar, which gives you easy access to the Privacy Settings dropdown list.

To bring up the list, click this icon, then click the section Who can see my things, which will slide a list a little further down, then click the View as in there, as shown in the screenshot:

When you click the View as connect, you’ll be taken to the following page:

Now, select the View as specific individual connection that has been highlighted in white.

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It will display a textbox in which you must enter the name of the friend you want to see your timeline and then pick that friend from the dropdown list that appears.

As you can see, you’re looking at your profile as someone else! However, since it’s still your profile and you can’t do these stuff as your peers, you won’t be able to see the comment, like, or share options on your timeline when viewing it as someone else.

Now take note of what’s obvious and what you also need to keep hidden from your mates.

View your Facebook Timeline as someone else | What Items to Check When Viewing Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else

1. Run a self-check on your timeline. Examine the individual postings.

2. Look at various things on the left sidebar of your timeline, such as “likes,” “places,” “tv shows,” and so on.

3. Go to the About tab and look at your “town,” “home town,” “places,” “images,” “email address,” “phone number,” and other details.

4. You can also look at the “Friends” and “more” tabs, but most of these things are currently accounted for in the timeline’s left sidebar.

Why Preview Your Facebook Profile Or Timeline?

With all of the updates Facebook makes, it’s a safe idea to refresh your privacy settings on a regular basis. Any of the changes could make information that you thought was private publicly available.

You have complete control of who has access to the information you want to share. For example, you can create a Friends List, add friends to it, and then use that list to block certain content from those friends. Preview your Facebook timeline as someone else from time to time to make sure the privacy settings are working.

Why should anyone else look at your profile? | View your Facebook Timeline as someone else

Safety – Make sure your friends are only seeing what you want them to see, that your friends’ friends are only seeing what you want them to see, and that the general public isn’t seeing too much. This is also a way to make sure that someone you’ve hidden or “suppressed” with the granular privacy settings isn’t seeing something they shouldn’t.

Marketing – Since we work in marketing, we are “in the public sphere,” which means we must be mindful of how the “public at large” (other Facebook users who are not even our friends) perceives us. A little “sculpting” or “manicuring” is frequently needed.


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