Top 80 Cool and Funny WiFi Names 2021 + Best WiFi Name Generator

This article is about finding some of the cool and funny WiFi names 2021 in addition to helping you chose the best Wi-Fi name generators that fit your personality using the Wi-fi Name Generator tools!.

Cool and Funny WiFi Names 2021
Cool and Funny WiFi Names 2021

When we talk about WiFi names 2021, we will be counting about 80 of them. Feel free to choose from the list and use it for your Wi-Fi connection. Without delay, a little bit of an introduction.

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WiFi is a popular word we use in our day-to-day life as our eyes continuously search for free wifi everywhere. If you are able to find one wifi then you are fortunate.

I have seen a startup business owner offer a wireless internet connection to his customers in order to build a satisfactory long-term relationship, free stuff is always acceptable with everyone.

People use internet connections via a cable network or WIFI network. You may have observed that the guy living next door has a cool WIFI name that is funny and very remarkable.

Over the last few years, we have seen technology improve and that equally affects WiFi. There was a time when the LAN network was trending likewise the Modem era.

At the present, people are now on routers, MiFi devices, and mobile devices. When it comes to routers, MiFi is also known as a mobile hotspot, and mobile devices, in terms of internet connection, Wi-Fi is popular.

The reason for this is that, in order to share internet connections from these devices to other devices, you will need to turn on a Wi-Fi service known as a hotspot on mobile phones.

By default, all of these devices have a preset Wi-Fi name. Though that is cool, it makes sense to do it the way you want by customizing it.

I personally like to change my Wi-Fi name. Especially if I don’t want anyone to guess the ISP or the device I use.

Unsure of how to change the wifi name in router settings? Don’t fright, I’m here to help you with that process.

Please note that it’s the standard procedure for most of the wifi routers and if it does not work on your router, we suggest that you refer to your wifi router manual as well.

Let’s see how you can change the name of a Wi-Fi on any router.

How to Change WiFi Names 2021 On Any Router

Follow these steps to easily change your wifi name 2021 on any router you use:

  1. Firstly, ensure you know the IP address of your router. Normally, this will be displayed on the back of the wireless router. If you cannot find it, contact your ISP to request an IP address. In general, it’s similar to
  2. Ensure the device you are browsing on, is linked to a Wi-Fi network you want to change its WiFi name to.
  3. Using your default browser, enter or the router IP address found on the back of your wireless router or provided by your ISP
  4. When the router admin page loads, enter your username and password.
  5. Next, click on login or sign in.
  6. Visit the wireless tab on the admin page and enter your chosen funny WiFi name in the Name (SSID) field. If you do not find the wireless tab, check the settings.
  7. When through, click apply.

That’s all. You have effectively changed the WiFi name of your router to somewhat funny and fascinating.

Now, let’s look at some of the best, creative, crazy, and funny WiFi names 2021 you can use.

Best and Funny WiFi Names 2021 for Your Wireless Router

After some research, we have compiled a list of top and funny WiFi names 2021 that you can use as the SSID name for your wifi.

That will give you some level of uniqueness and maybe freak out neighbors.

  • Virus Found
  • Sorry, Wifi is in another castle
  • I have a boyfriend
  • Your village people
  • No Signal
  • Selling my friend’s kidney for iPhone X
  • Don’t touch me
  • BSNL too slow
  • No Network
  • Hey, Hey!
  • Get the hell out of my WiFi
  • Ransomware Found
  • Buy PayPal soon
  • Don’t connect, save bandwidth
  • Must love dogs
  • Cats vs Dogs
  • You are WiFizoned
  • FBI Vehicle #836
  • Android vs iOS
  • Only for poor people
  • Free WiFi. Just Kidding
  • Call me for the password
  • Connect your Nokia 3310
  • Click here for Internet Mom
  • Empire Fans Only
  • Iron man vs Captain America
  • I’m Hulk
  • Y u no get Wi-Fi
  • FRIENDS Fans connect here
  • Installing virus, Please wait
  • Enter your ATM PIN for the internet
  • Recharge Rs. 100 to 9876543210 for password
  • Don’t connect to this WiFi
  • This is a trap
  • You are under CCTV surveillance
  • I got you
  • This is not the WiFi you are looking for
  • You will die if you tap me
  • localhost
  • No WiFi for you
  • 404 WiFi not found
  • Wanna connect? 😉
  • I have WiFi but you don’t
  • Look your face in the mirror before connecting to WiFi
  • Check your credit card bill. lol
  • Don’t enter into my world
  • Our internet is faster than your’s
  • Your music is annoying
  • Neighbors, please stop using my Wi-Fi
  • Praise the Lord for password
  • YouTube videos are buffering. Don’t connect
  • You can’t connect me
  • Connect for free Justin Bieber songs
  • Finding WiFi
  • Go get your own WiFi!
  • Connecting…
  • WiFi Connected
  • Click to install Noad Variance Virus
  • Free bitcoins
  • Shake your phone for connecting to this WiFi
  • Praise the Lord for password
  • Happy birthday, stranger
  • _(-_-)_/
  • This is hotspot, not WiFi
  • It hurts when you use my Wi-Fi
  • Poor signal
  • Wi-Fi from Mars
  • Ask StackOverflow for password
  • Connect to Geek Dashboard
  • Free WiFi for Nokia 3310
  • Dad, I failed in maths exam
  • Please contact your ISP for free internet
  • Please Wait, Loading…
  • Connection lost
  • No internet access
  • D:virus.exe
  • Downloading virus
  • WiFi not working
  • Reboot to connect WiFi

Having talked about some of the best and funny WiFi names to be used as your SSID, let’s discuss some WiFi name generators.

Funny and Cool WiFi Names 2021 Generator (Online Tool)

If you are searching for a tool that can generate a funny wifi name arbitrarily then, here is the link to the tool.

However, we are not much enthralled with the tool as the names are not that much great, and the same names looping after few ticks. But, you can try this tool too.

Funny Wifi Name Generator- Click  On This Link

General Steps to Change Your Wifi Names 2021 – How to Change Mobile WiFi Name

While we have discussed already how to change the WiFi name on a router, it’s time to talk about how to change the WiFi name on your mobile Android, or iOS device.

Change WiFi Names 2021 on Android
  • Firstly, go to settings
  • Then, select Portable Hotspot
  • Thirdly, choose set up portable hotspot.
  • Then, in the SSID field, insert any of the names from the list above.
  • When done, tap the done option.

That’s it. You’ve successfully changed the Wi-Fi name on Android phones.

Change WiFi Name 2021 on iPhone
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on General
  • Click on About
  • Choose Name
  • After that, input the favored name you want.

This will serve as the name used in labeling the iPhone on other devices along with the Wi-Fi name. This means the same name will be used as the Wi-Fi name.

That’s it. That’s how to change WiFi name 2021 on iPhone.

Bottom Line

There you have it, folks. These are some of the best and funny WiFi names plus WiFi name generators. If you’ve got questions, please do not hesitate to ask, I love hearing from you.


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