The best business laptops make it simple to complete tasks and increase productivity while traveling.

They have excellent keyboards, clear, easy-to-read screens, and are light enough to carry around all day.

They are also comfortable to look at for extended periods of time. Additionally, they have long-lasting batteries, so you won’t have to worry about lugging chargers around the office.

Before, your options for a business laptop were primarily restricted to Lenovo ThinkPads and HP EliteBooks.

There is a glut of inexpensive ultraportables that are durable, powerful, and slim enough to fit into a briefcase, however, these are nonetheless perfect for office workers and business experts on the move.

We’ve compiled all of these laptops into one simple list because several of them are among the best you can buy.

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano

The best business laptop overall

The ThinkPad X1 Nano from Lenovo is a fantastic business laptop since it is strong, durable, and portable.

The Nano is the lightest laptop on this list, weighing only 2 pounds, yet with a proven battery life of 12 hours, it still has enough power to get you through a full day of work without the need for a charger.

If you need to keep connected while you’re on the go, you may also pay extra for 4G/5G access.

Lenovo did not skimp on either performance or usability.

The Nano’s Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors give you the speed you need for tons of productivity, in addition to the standard set of security features and durability ratings all ThinkPads have.

Additionally, its keyboard offers a snappy and comfortable typing experience that lives up to the ThinkPad brand.

It only has two Thunderbolt / USB-C connectors, so you might want to bring a USB hub.


Display: 13 inches; 2K

GPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics

RAM: 8GB – 16GB

Weight: 2 pounds

Storage: 256 – 1TB SSD

CPU: Intel Core i5-1130G7 | Intel Core i7-1160G7

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight
  • Great battery life
  • 2K, anti-glare display

Reasons to Avoid

  • Dull sound
  • Limited ports
  • Zenbook 13 OLED from Asus

The most advantageous business laptop price

With a stunning 1080p OLED display and a remarkable 15-hour battery life in a thin, light design for less than $1,000, the AMD-equipped Asus Zenbook 13 OLED is a fantastic deal.

There are several drawbacks, but you can get past them. The webcam and speakers aren’t great, and there isn’t a headphone port.

At this price, it’s impossible to find a more capable laptop for business than the OLED-equipped Asus Zenbook 13 with a brilliant screen that will last you all day.


CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5700U

GPU: Integrated Radeon graphics

Storage: 512 GB

Weight: 2.5 pounds


Display: 13.3-inch 1080p OLED

Reasons to Buy

  • Great performance
  • Stellar battery life
  • Beautiful 1080p OLED display

Reasons to Avoid

  • No headphone jack
  • Inconsistent webcam
  • Middling sound quality
  • 2. The 2022 Apple MacBook Air
The 2022 Apple MacBook Air

A MacBook that is ideal for business

The MacBook Air M2 is conceivably the greatest MacBook for the majority of users.

We’re not knocking the earlier MacBook Air M1 either; after all, it did contribute to introducing the world to the capabilities of Apple technology.

It just that it didn’t seem like a step forward to pack innovative performance into the same old chassis.

The most recent Air lives up to its name by 20% volume design reduction and 0.44-inch thickness reduction.

As for weight, it just weighs 2.7 pounds. However, this machine’s M2 chip produces power that is superior to that of the majority of Windows laptops.

It excels at multitasking, and you can upgrade to a 10-core GPU for greater graphical power.

The new MacBook Air M2, which is larger at 13.6 inches and has lower bezels than the MacBook Pro M2, also has a brilliant display that rivals the latter.

A clear 1080p webcam, MagSafe charging, and four color variations are additional advantages.

The MacBook Air M2 should keep you going for the majority of the day on a charge after lasting over 14 hours during our web browsing battery test.

The primary drawbacks of this system are its single external monitor support and obtrusive notch.


Storage: 256GB-2TB SSD

Weight: 2.7 pounds

CPU: Apple M2


GPU: 8-core or 10-core GPU

Display: 13.6 inches; 2560×1664

Reasons to Buy

  • 1080p webcam
  • Very long battery life 
  • Fast M2 performance
  • Brighter and bigger display

Reasons to Avoid

  • Notch distracting
  • Supports only one monitor
  • HP Spectre x360
HP Spectre x360

The greatest 2-in-1 laptop for business

With a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 engine and a stunning 13.5-inch screen, HP’s newest Spectre x360 is capable of handling a wide range of creative and productive software.

The updated design is also appealing. Although the small, transformable design has some limitations, such as a high asking price, it is still a desirable option and one of the best laptops you can purchase.

The HP Spectre x360 is an excellent 2-in-1 alternative for people with a high budget if you believe you’ll consistently use the tablet form factor and stylus.

Despite the fact that there are other excellent options at this price range, including the improved Lenovo Yoga 9i with 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processors, we particularly enjoyed the model from a year ago that had the previous Core i7 CPU on board.

All things considered, you’re paying HP a premium for the convertible form factor here, so if that’s not a concern for you, you can get a device with better power and battery life for less money, especially the superb Acer Swift 5.

Even still, HP’s alternative is really alluring if you need a convertible notebook.



CPU: Intel Core i7-1255U

Weight: 3.01 pounds

Storage: 1TB SSD

Size: 11.73 x 8.68 x 0.67 inches

Display: 13.5-inch 3K2K (3,000 x 2,000) OLED Touch

Reasons to Buy

  • Attractive build
  • Plenty of power
  • Stunning touch display
  • Versatile form factor

Reasons to Avoid

  • A bit pricey
  • Modest battery life
  • Runs hot at the hinge
  • The 2022 Dell XPS 15 OLED
The 2022 Dell XPS 15 OLED

The top OLED for commercial use

It’s hardly a ground-breaking or novel notebook, the Dell XPS 15 OLED (2022). It is essentially the same as its predecessor, with the exception of its updated internals. Even while this device isn’t upending the status quo, it is still among the greatest laptops available.

The updated Dell XPS 15 comes with Windows 11 preinstalled and all models are equipped with the newest Intel Core CPUs.

Similar to the model from the previous year, Dell provides a model with a 3.5K OLED touchscreen in higher-end configurations.

When equipped with top-notch internals, this laptop is not only excellent for general computing but also a capable gaming machine, albeit that option is unfortunately pricy.

The Dell XPS 15 OLED (2022) continues the tradition of great praise for the Dell XPS line of laptops at Tom’s Guide.

Even if it doesn’t have any ground-breaking features, it is nevertheless a reliable machine with both adaptability and style. If only Dell would get rid of their blurry 720p webcam!


CPU: 12th gen Intel Core i7-12700H

GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

Weight: 4.2 pounds

RAM: 16 GB

Storage: 512 GB SSD

Display: 15.6-inch OLED touchscreen (3,456 x 2,160 pixels)

Reasons to Buy

  • Sleek chassis
  • Impressive performance
  • Roomy and comfy keyboard
  • Gorgeous 3.5K OLED display

Reasons to Avoid

  • Sub-par 720p webcam
  • HP Pavilion Aero 13 6.
HP Pavilion Aero 13 6.

The greatest portable business computer

I believe the HP Pavilion Aero 13 ($839 as reviewed) is what you need if you’re seeking a fantastic all-around ultraportable laptop for around $1,000.

This is due to the HP Pavilion Aero 13’s affordable pricing, strong AMD Ryzen 7 CPU, brilliant, vivid 13.3-inch display, clicky keyboard, and ultralight frame.

The small keyboard deck and absence of a microSD card slot, however, might not be to everyone’s taste.

But when you consider that it offers amazing performance in a portable laptop that is easy to carry and enjoyable to type on, you can easily overlook those drawbacks. It’s undoubtedly among the best laptops you can get.


RAM: 8 – 16 GB

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 – 7

Display: 13.3-inch 1920 x 1200

Storage: 512GB – 1TB

Weight: 2.2 pounds

GPU: Integrated Radeon graphics

Reasons to Buy

  • Bright, colorful display
  • Good performance
  • Well-priced
  • Lightweight
  • The clicky keyboard feels satisfying

Reasons to Avoid

  • Small deck
  • No microSD card slot
  • Dell XPS 13 Plus
Dell XPS 13 Plus

The greatest 13-inch laptop for business

You would assume that the Dell XPS 13 Plus is a larger version of Dell’s recognizable laptop based just on its name.

However, the truth is quite the reverse. As simple a design from Dell as we’ve ever seen.

Only two ports are present. There is no jack for headphones. Dell even removed the traditional function keys and replaced them with a row of capacitive buttons.

The entire region beneath the keyboard is one smooth piece of glass; there aren’t even any lines to indicate where the touchpad is.

The XPS 13 Plus is more than simply a fashion statement, though. Dell crammed a 28W 12th generation Core i7 processor into this stylish, 2.7-pound computer.

The end result is a system that, in some tests, can surpass even the powerful MacBook Pro M2.

The limited battery life and capacitive function row, however, cause considerable concern.

In addition, we discovered that driving at full throttle causes the bottom to become a little hot.


Display: 13.4 inches (3456 x 2160) OLED touch (as reviewed)

Storage: 512GB SSD


CPU: 12th gen Core i7-1280P

GPU: Intel Iris Xe

Weight: 2.77 pounds

Reasons to Buy

  • Strong performance
  • Gorgeous design
  • Powerful audio
  • Bright and vibrant OLED display
  • Very comfortable keyboard

Reasons to Avoid

  • Bottom runs warm
  • Relatively short battery life
  • Touchpad can be oversensitive
  • The capacitive function row lacks feedback
  • Acer Swift 5 (2022)
Acer Swift 5 (2022)

The greatest 14-inch laptop for business

The Acer Swift 5 (2022) features an opulent new design with gold accents, a potent 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, a stunning 14-inch display, and an incredibly quick 1TB SSD within.

When similarly outfitted, it is also less expensive than competitors like the Dell XPS 13. Given its $1,499 price tag, the most recent Acer Swift 5 is a very strong overall selection despite a few considerations.

It’s a fantastic Windows laptop with enough power for everyone but intense gaming.

The striking 16:10 1600p display and the strength of Intel’s Core i7 engine make this an excellent (and beautiful-looking) Windows laptop for getting things done on the go, even though the speakers and pre-installed junk should be improved.


Display: 14-inch WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600) touchscreen

GPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics


Storage: 1TB SSD

CPU: Intel Core i7-1260P

Weight: 2.65 pounds

Reasons to Buy

  • Gorgeous display
  • Plenty of power
  • Dazzling design
  • Super speedy SSD

Reasons to Avoid

  • Speakers just OK
  • Lots of bloatware
  • Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 from Samsung
Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 from Samsung

The greatest 15-inch laptop for business

An ultra-thin 2-in-1 laptop designed for folks who are constantly on the move is the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360.

This version, like its brothers the Book Pro 360 and Book 3 Pro 360, has a stunning AMOLED screen that’s ideal for watching the video. Due to its quick performance, it is also excellent for work.

Although primarily a Windows laptop, the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 has a ton of Samsung software.

Depending on how involved you are in the Samsung ecosystem, this could be advantageous or disadvantageous. If so, you’ll discover that your Samsung tablets and phones work well with this 2-in-1.

If not, all of these programs are essentially bloatware.

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 has a lot going for it despite the subpar webcam and Samsung bloatware and is a 2-in-1 that we heartily recommend to anyone looking for a strong, portable laptop that works well with Samsung gadgets.

Samsung has subsequently produced a replacement, the Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 (further down this list), however despite having an improved CPU, it still has a shorter battery life than its predecessor.

Although both are excellent, we still choose to suggest the Book2 Pro 360 because it performs so admirably and is sometimes offered at a significant discount.


Display: 13.3- or 15.6-inch 1080p Super AMOLED

CPU: Intel Core i7

RAM: 8-16 GB

Storage: 256 GB – 1 TB

Weight: 3.11 pounds

Size: 13.97 x 8.98 x 0.47 inches

Reasons to Buy

  • Gorgeous 15.6-inch AMOLED display
  • Fetching ultra-thin design
  • Extremely portable
  • Speedy performance
  • Roomy keyboard and responsive touchpad

Reasons to Avoid

  • Samsung apps can feel like bloatware
  • 1080p max resolution disappoints

How to pick your personal finest business laptop


You’ll be OK with a mid-range CPU (think: Core i5 or an AMD A10) and 4-8 GB of RAM if all you need is something simple for handling emails and browsing the web.

Spend more money on a Core i7 and 16 GB of RAM if you want a device that can handle whatever you throw at it (apart from intensive gaming and video editing).

Gaming and graphics

However, if you just want to relax with classic or low-demand games like Civilization, you should be good as long as your business laptop has at least a Core i5 CPU and 8 GB of RAM.

Business laptops are rarely designed to handle much serious gaming.

Instead, choose one of the finest gaming laptops for more demanding games; some of them have subtle enough designs to fit in a boardroom.


 Take into account how portable you need your business laptop to be. Devices with smaller screens (like the Dell XPS 15) are a bit heavier and more uncomfortable to carry around all day, whereas devices with larger screens (like the Dell ThinkPad X1 Nano and HP Elite Dragonfly) are sleek and light.

Whichever system you choose, you might also want to invest in the best mouse for your specific working environment.


What is the best laptop memory for a business?

The 5 Best Business Laptops of 2023, according to an image

What type of RAM is deemed suitable for business laptops? Most users only need 8GB of RAM because most businesses just need basic office tasks like emailing, web browsing, and document writing.

You may want 16GB or more if you frequently run multiple programs and carry out a number of tasks simultaneously.

Which laptop brand is best for everything?

Without a question, Apple is the most upscale and well-regarded laptop brand in the world. The elegance and refinement that the brand gives are incompatible with any other electronics, including laptops.

The built-in, user-friendly interfaces, the display, and power, as well as the excellent customer service, are Apple laptops’ finest qualities.

Which is best Dell or HP?

When it comes to parts like the CPU and memory capacity, Dell laptops are superior.

When compared to HP computers with comparable characteristics, Dell machines’ CPUs are faster and better built.

However, HP still makes robust gadgets, so it stands to reason that the batteries will be even better.


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