The best budget iPhone you can buy in 2020

The retail price of iPhones is increasing almost every year. While that may sound like bad news to those on a budget, it is still possible to get the best budget iPhone you can buy in 2020 without breaking the bank.

The best budget iPhone you can buy in 2020
The best budget iPhone you can buy in 2020

The best cheap iPhone to buy in 2020 is the Apple iPhone SE if you want to save a little money, without giving up on speed or performance.

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With so many features of Apple’s new flagship onboard, it has a lot to offer to people who want to upgrade an old iPhone and people who want their first iPhone.

best budget iPhone 2020: What is the best cheap iPhone to buy?

Best cheap iPhones for less than $ 400:

  • Cheap best iPhone: iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus ($ 150 +)
  • Best value iPhone: iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus ($ 205 +)
  • Best big iPhone: iPhone XR ($ 359 +)
  • Best small iPhone: iPhone SE 2nd Generation ($ 375 +)
  • Best iPhone screen: iPhone X ($ 375 +)

Why is the iPhone SE Apple’s cheapest phone by 2020

The best of all: iPhone SE

The iPhone SE 2020 is finally the best budget iPhone we need. The 2020 iPhone SE looks almost identical to the old iPhone 8 as it has the same casing and the same cameras, which is part of why the price is so low.

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The primary R&D charges of the chassis were funded long ago, so Apple can keep costs low while adding a more innovative processor.

All correct; The iPhone SE has the same A 13 Bionic chip you will get on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which means you not only get the same power and speed, but also expect the same support for new year-to-year app updates to come.


• New A13 Bionic chip

• The camera takes good pictures

• $ 300 is cheaper than the iPhone 11

• Touch ID

• Wireless charging


• Great old design

• Setting up one camera

Why is the iPhone SE the best budget iPhone right now

Undoubtedly, the iPhone SE is fundamentally the iPhone 8’s with the most powerful engine.

The device is sold for $ 399 recently – but the additional horsepower is even more important for one reason: upgrades.

Thanks to the A13 Bionic chipset, this model will be supported for at least three years, and may be much longer.

(iPhone 8 is not on sale right now – and the old iPhone 8 page on Apple’s website forwards to notice about the iPhone SE 2020.)

These updates will carry on in bringing new features, the latest forms of iOS, and – more importantly – security as well.

Best budget iPhone: The Bottom line

The most popular iPhone in 2018 is the iPhone XR, which was also the best-selling phone of 2019.

At the moment the iPhone SE is Apple’s cheapest phone by 2020 and the best budget iPhone you can buy.

Customers vote with their wallets because it’s so obvious that cheap iPhones are popular.

The iPhone SE will serve the needs of most people without having to worry about their wallets,

It’s still fast enough to do all the browsing, photography, and social media you’d like to do every day, and iOS 13 and many upcoming updates go well on the iPhone SE.

By going with the old design, you will lose a few things that come with the design of the new iPhones, but you will still have wireless charging, and get the extra benefit of not having to lose the Touch ID!

Where are the cheapest iPhones?

The economical country to buy an iPhone is in Japan, followed by Australia, South Korea, and then the United States.


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