Standing Desk – A Game Changer For a Nice work flow

Standing Desk Adjustable
Standing Desk Adjustable

Standing Desk – The best standing workstations on the market today can assist in counterbalancing and prevent sedentary behavior.

The health benefits they provide to those of us who spend our days sitting in front of computers cannot be overstated.

We are not designed to sit all day.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, sitting for more than 8 hours per day can increase the risk of chronic diseases by 10% to 20%, as well as premature death.

According to the NHS in the United Kingdom, it may also decrease your metabolism, affecting “the body’s ability to control blood sugar, blood pressure, and break down body fat.”

Unfortunately, most of us spend a significant portion of our working lives huddled at an office desk, which is why a standing desk is an excellent investment.

Even students returning to school should think about getting one for a healthier method to accomplish schoolwork.

To assist you in making the transition to healthier work life, we’ve compiled a list of the best standing desks available, several of which we’ve used and tested ourselves.

Our advice below should help you pick the finest standing desk for your needs and budget, whether you want a workstation for gaming, an economical option, or something with a more refined design and feel.

While you’re on the path to healthy living, consider the best office chairs and best under-desk treadmill, as well as our guide to everything else you need to set up your home office.

What is a Standing Desk Mat?

The flat version of a standing desk mat is not a new invention. These are usually known as anti-fatigue mats.

They’ve been employed in a variety of businesses over the years, and several have recently found their way into household kitchens. Flat anti-fatigue mats are constructed from a variety of materials such as PVC foam and polyurethane.

They are intended to provide a soft but supportive standing surface for prolonged durations of standing. The proliferation of standing desks necessitated the development of a more comfortable standing option.

Standing desk mats have softened the harsh surface prevalent in most businesses, allowing users to stand in far more comfortable postures.

As the standing desk market has expanded in recent years, so have the items utilized with standing desks. The most recent advancement in this category is topo standing desk mats, also known as non-flat standing desk mats.

Topo standing desk mats have made standing more enjoyable by encouraging movement via the use of varied forms and elevation adjustments.

The best Standing Desks 2022
  • Uplift V2. Best overall standing desk.
  • Vari Electric Standing Desk. An electric standing desk you can set up in minutes.
  • Flexispot E7. A robust standing desk that offers great value for money.
  • ApexDesk Elite.
  • Branch Standing Desk.
  • Fully Jarvis Bamboo.
  • Flomotion Standing Desk.
  • Ergotron WorkFit-D.
  • Allcam ED20
  • Steelcase Solo
  • EZ Air Standing Desk
  • FlexiSpot EF
  • Evodesk Gaming Desk
  • Brödan Electric Standing L Desk
Best overall standing-desk converter

VariDesk Essential 36  – $320

Max height: 17.5” | Max weight: 25 pounds | Manual lift | 36” wide | $$

Lefkowitz suggests the Varidesk because its spring-lift mechanism effortlessly adjusts between sitting and standing heights.

According to Joe Tatta, an integrative pain expert, “substituting extended standing for prolonged sitting leads to a greater feeling of discomfort,” therefore he appreciates that this desk “accommodates a variety of body types and positions.”

There are 11 height settings available, with a maximum height of 17.5 inches.

The Varidesk has a weighted base for further stability and can comfortably accommodate a monitor and a laptop, with a weight capacity of up to 25 pounds.

It also has a two-tier design with an integrated keyboard and mouse tray to make it more ergonomic and comfortable to use — when lowered to the desktop while sitting, it still functions as a monitor riser, and when raised while standing, it can keep your screen at eye level and your keyboard at your elbows.

It comes fully constructed and is also available in a 36-inch Pro model with a higher weight restriction that can comfortably support a dual-monitor configuration, as well as a 48-inch width if you prefer a larger workspace.

Best less expensive standing-desk converter

VIVO Adjustable 32-Inch Desk Riser  – $125

Max height: 20” | Max weight: 33 pounds | Manual | 32” wide by 15.7” deep or 26” wide by 11.8” deep | $

With thousands of five-star reviews, the Vivo stand is one of the best-rated standing-desk converters on Amazon.

According to reviewers, it is simple to set up, simple to use, and appropriate for a wide range of work environments.

One user described it as a “game changer for at-home workflow,” saying the “quality is fantastic, [it’s] incredibly easy to adjust to my height, and goes up and down super smooth.”

Another claims that using it has completely resolved their “back, neck, and shoulder difficulties.”

The Vivo has a maximum height of 20 inches and a weight capacity of 33 pounds.

One reviewer notes that because it “has [a] piston controlled lift (so no lifting) and goes up and down quite gently — even with two monitors,” “you can raise and lower the shelf with one hand.” It also includes a keyboard and mouse rack, as well as space for other peripherals.

It is available in four colors and two widths to accommodate those with smaller or larger desks.

Best standing-desk converter with a removable keyboard tray

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters  – $193

Max height: 19.7 inches | Max weight: 33 pounds | Manual lift | 28” wide by 16.3” deep | $$

Angie Tebbe, the co-founder of Rae Wellness, told us that she enjoys this standing-desk converter because it allows her to “remain active and stretch my legs in between meetings.”

Alexa Buckley, the co-founder of Margaux, is also a fan of standing-desk converters in general: “I’m able to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing both at home and at the workplace,” she adds. “Standing improves my posture and energy levels significantly.” (She recommends using a converter in conjunction with an adjustable-height stool like this one.)

The AlcoveRiser also has a unique removable keyboard stand with a cutout on the upper level of the converter, allowing you to utilize the tray as a stand-alone keyboard or a laptop.

It may be adjusted with one hand using a grip on one side. It has a maximum height of a little under 20 inches and a weight capacity of 33 pounds.

Best low-height standing-desk converter

Ergotron WorkFit-T Desk Converter  – From $539

Max height: 15 inches | Max weight: 35 pounds | Manual lift | 35” wide by 23.3” deep | $$$

“I’m very fussy about the aesthetics of my workstation and have had to adjust the layout and dimensions of my desk several times over the years to meet moving locations,” says WordPress lead developer Helen Hou-Sand.

She first tried the Varidesk standing-desk converter, but it “moves forward when you go into lift mode, so in my workspace, it backed me up against a wall, which I didn’t enjoy,” Hou-Sand explains.

She likes how the Ergotron adjusts straight up and down and has an “ideally sized keyboard/mouse space for my needs.”

According to Hou-Sand, it is available in black or a “sleeker” white.

It has a maximum height of 15 inches (the shortest of the converters on this list) and a maximum weight capacity of 35 pounds.

Best minimal standing-desk converter

Fully Cora Standing Desk Converter  – $179

Max height: 15.7 inches | Max weight: 22 pounds | 31.3” wide by 22” deep | Manual lift | $

Fully is the creator of our favorite standing desk, which has been recommended to us by three Verge editors for its clean design and customizable levels. The Cora shares Fully’s design language; it’s sleek and easy to store after a long day at work.

When not fully stretched, it resembles a slightly elevated desk mat. It can grow to a maximum height of 15.7 inches and weigh up to 22 pounds. It includes a manual two-hand lift that is simple to use and glides up and down easily. The Cora was designed in the same spirit as Fully’s highly renowned Jarvis standing desk; it’s only less expensive and more versatile and portable if you like to work in different areas of your home.

Electric Standing Desk

The Vari Electric Standing Desk quickly stood out for its stunning work surface, which not only looked nicer than the others but was also thicker. We appreciated its chamfered corners and the fact that Vari includes two hooks for hanging your purse or headphones, as well as a coaster to protect its surface. Furthermore, the company provides a variety of accessories, such as power strips, cable-management trays, and monitor arms, to properly outfit your desk.

If you don’t like the reclaimed wood in our review model, the company also has white, butcher block, black, and dark wood options. While not as diverse as the other standing desks on this website, each option was appealing.

Our model also included a programmable control panel with four preset heights for the desk, as well as a small LCD screen that stated its height. It’s a feature that most standing desks have, and it’s worth getting.

The quickness with which we were able to assemble the Vari desk particularly pleased us.

It took around 15 minutes to put everything together, which was roughly half the time it took for the other standing desks we tried.

This is the standing desk for you if you’re not especially handy.

Standing Desk Adjustable

What is an adjustable standing desk?

Manually adjusted standing desks are exactly that.

To adjust the height, you may need to spin a crank or loosen several knobs while lifting the desktop.

Manually adjustable workstations are less expensive than motorized desks and do not require a power supply.

Standing Desk IKEA

Is the IKEA standing desk any good? It’s durable.

The weight of the desk is likewise evenly divided.

It will be difficult to move once it has been set wherever it will live in your home.

If you’re having a bad day, you can lean on it, rest your feet against the table legs and base, or even lay your head on it.

Are Fully Standing Desks Worth it?

Standing desks are undeniably overhyped, and the majority of the claimed benefits are just not true.

While science is still catching up, existing evidence strongly suggests that standing workstations are just not worth the expenditure.

FlexiSpot Standing Desk

FlexiSpot has always been the go-to source for the best height adjustable standing desks, providing ergonomic solutions that assist customers in upgrading their home office.

Standing Desk Benefits

Whether you work from home or in a crowded shared space, a standing desk is a great way to improve your health during the workday. Here are seven advantages of standing at work.

  • Calorie Burning
  • Provides an energy boost
  • Enhances Posture
  • Relieves Back Pain
  • Aids in Wrist Position
  • Maintains Circulation
  • Improves your mood and concentration
Best Flat Standing Mats for 2022
  • GelPro Eco Pro Anti-Fatigue Mat – 83/100 Rating.
  • Imprint CumulusPRO™ Anti-Fatigue Mat – 81/100 Rating.
  • Sky Anti-Fatigue Mat by Sky Solutions – 70/100 Rating.
  • The Original ¾” KANGAROO Anti-Fatigue Mat – 68/100 Rating.
  • GelPro Designer Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat – 65/100 Rating.
8 tips to find the right home office standing desk

But, as we all know, there are a plethora of standing workstations available. It can be difficult to navigate the market’s sea of working desks. But don’t be concerned! We provide a cheat sheet for selecting the best working desk. Continue reading to learn about some of the characteristics to look for when purchasing a desk:

  1. Know if you want a desk with a single motor or dual motors

The main distinctions between these types of desks are their strength and speed capabilities.

A standing desk with two motors can currently lift bigger loads and move faster than a single-motorized workstation. While a single motor desk is less expensive, it does not necessarily mean that it is of worse quality.

Some desks have only one motor but can outperform dual-motor models.

It is advisable to review the specifications before selecting a standing desk.

  1. Get a stable standing desk

Remember that a standing desk should be able to accommodate all of your paperwork and gadgets at any height.

A desk that wobbles wildly indicates a shaky frame that could cause problems in the future.

If you have to worry about your belongings slipping off the desk, you may be discouraged from changing positions.

  1. Opt for a durable standing desk

A well-constructed standing desk can be used for many years.

Even if you have to pay a bit more, a long-lasting standing desk will pay for itself.

Inquire with the manufacturer if the desk item you’re considering has been tested for stability and durability.

If this is the case, the standing desk is most likely heavy-duty.

It is critical to understand this, especially if you intend to utilize the standing desk every day for extended periods.

Check to see if the standing desk is built of high-quality materials.

You will save more money if you get a strong desk rather than a weak unit that will be quickly broken.

  1. Buy a standing desk that appeals to your sense of aesthetics

Your personality can still be shown in your standing workstation!

Choose a brand that allows you to customize everything from the frame to the desktop finish.

If you already have a desktop, you can purchase a desk frame that will meet your demands.

  1. Purchase a noiseless standing desk

If you are easily distracted by noises, search for a desk that moves gently. The noise level should ideally be less than 50 dB. This type of movement is considered mild, so imagine the noises produced in a quiet library.

  1. Go for a brand that offers extended warranty coverage

Before you check out, inquire about the product guarantee.

A company that offers an extended warranty is confident in its products and values client pleasure.

  1. Select a desk that is easy to put together

It may be difficult for you to put together a standing desk.

However, some brands include the handbook and all necessary parts in the package. If you prefer to watch videos, some brands post instructions on how to set up a standing desk.

  1. Pick a brand that has certifications

If a standing desk brand has credentials, complete your project. What is the significance of this? A firm that has gone to significant pains to obtain certification offers high-quality and safe items. For example, a brand that has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) signifies that it has market permission in the United States for a product that uses radio technologies. It is illegal to import, sell, or lease equipment in the United States without FCC clearance.

Similarly, if a desk bears the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) designation, it is safe to use.

The UL mark is required because it assures that consumers are protected in the event of an electrical fire or another connected calamity.

These are some of the aspects to consider while looking for a standing desk. However, the budget is the most powerful influencer of all. A high-quality standing desk does not have to be expensive. Some brands provide affordable standing workstations that can compete with more expensive standing desks. Do your homework to ensure that you get the standing desk that you deserve.


Are standing desks worth it?

While science is still catching up, existing evidence strongly suggests that standing workstations are just not worth the expenditure.

Sit-stand desks, on the other hand, show some promise, which ultimately betrays the fundamental point: the real issue is structural, not desk-related.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

Although research is ongoing, many ergonomic experts recommend standing for 5-15 minutes every hour when using a standing desk.

According to one study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, it is best to walk, stand, and take breaks from sitting for at least 2 hours during an 8-hour work day.

Why should you not have a standing desk?

People with disabilities, particularly those with spinal or leg impairments, are unable to use standing workstations.

Even if they can stand, they may lack the endurance to hold this posture for several hours at a time.

Is standing desk better than sitting posture?

Standing does little to reduce your risk of heart disease, and standing for too long might be harmful to your health.

However, if you can strike the correct mix between standing and sitting during the day, having an adjustable standing desk at work is preferable to simply sitting.

Is standing up all day bad for you?

Standing for extended periods can result in vein inflammation. This inflammation can lead to chronic and painful varicose veins over time. Excessive standing also causes temporary immobilization or locking of the joints in the spine, hips, knees, and foot.

Is standing for 7 hours bad?

If it sounds excessive, consider this: most experts agree that most people should be able to stand for at least two hours throughout an eight-hour workday.

Is standing desk Jarvis good?

For more than four years, the Jarvis was our top selection, and it’s still a fantastic desk—one that Fully has improved in the last year with frame upgrades that eliminate shaking at all heights.

Is Vari’s standing desk good?

Vari’s Electric Standing Desk has justifiably earned its place among the best standing desks thanks to its exceptional construction quality, simple setup, and superior wire management features. There are also a variety of desktop sizes and finishes to pick from, allowing you to find the ideal workstation for your office.


A standing desk, often known as a stand-up desk, is essentially a desk that allows you to work while standing up comfortably. Many current models are adjustable, allowing you to modify the desk’s height and alternate between sitting and standing.


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