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Speed Test Site
Speed Test Site

Speed Test – A good speed-test will show you your current download and upload rates, as well as latency (or ping) on whichever device you’re testing on – but with so many alternatives promising to do just that, which one should you trust?

I’m glad you inquired. Here are the ones we start with and why.

Ookla Speed Test

An all-around fantastic speed test

The Ookla speed test, which has a solid reputation for dependability and was one of the earliest speed tests on the web, is one of our favourites.

Aside from its popularity, we like Ookla because it has everything a basic user needs from a speed test: accuracy, the ability to view your speed-test history (when you create an account), a large selection of servers to connect to, and even a handy app for speed testing from your Android or iOS device.

In addition, while we’re testing Wi-Fi routers, we employ Ookla’s speed test.

Ookla has done an excellent job of staying current by adding new features and capabilities over the years.

The firm just released a video-specific speed-test that assesses your network’s ability to handle 4K video streaming.

In addition to the internet and smartphone apps, Ookla now has apps for Windows and Mac.

The Ookla speed test can also be done on an Apple TV.

Having said that, Ookla does show banner adverts when you do basic speed testing.

That’s not unusual, but depending on the strength of your connection at the time of the test, it could have a minor impact on your results.


Fast Speed Test

Great for streamers

Fast.com is another excellent broadband test, with a UI that is as clear and straightforward as they get.

One of its most significant advantages is that it is owned by Netflix.

That may seem strange at first, but it’s exactly what makes it a good choice for online streamers, because the test is designed to determine whether your connection is strong enough to stream Netflix in full resolution without buffering.

While Fast.com is an excellent tool for some, it is not the most useful test for all people. Yes, the basic UI is simple to use, but it misses some of the advanced settings and metrics found in other speed-tests. Most significantly, you cannot choose which server to connect to for the exam.

M-Lab Internet Speed Test

As easy as speed-tests get

None of these speed-tests are difficult to use, but the M-Lab Internet Speed-Test is the most straightforward.

The open-source M-Lab test, which stands for Measurement Lab, was created by a group of computer scientists and university researchers with the support of Google – and it’s the test that appears when you input “internet speed test” into the Google search box.

Simply click the blue “RUN SPEED TEST” button to view your download, upload, and latency speeds in a matter of seconds.

That’s about as straightforward as it gets, because you won’t have to bookmark it or remember what it’s called.

There are no advertisements while you run the test, and the only information shared with M-Lab is your IP address.

Just keep in mind that the M-Lab test does not allow you to choose which server to use, and it is only built for internet speeds of up to 700 Mbps.

If you’re looking to speed-test a gigabit connection, look elsewhere.


A solid test for consistency

Speedof.me is the way to go if you’re searching for a test that looks at more than just speeds.

The test interface, like Ookla, does an excellent job of displaying oscillations in your upload and download rates.

That can make it simpler to identify when something is wrong with your connection over time, especially since Speedof.me allows you to compare your findings to past testing.

Its mobile-friendly website is also ideal for running tests on your phone, allowing you to perform a quick speed test on the move without the need to download an app.

However, Speedof.me is not a great solution.

For starters, there is no opportunity to choose which server to connect to.

If you’re not familiar with home networking, the displayed statistics may appear more complicated or overpowering than something like Fast.com, which simply provides a number.


A good pick for testing your browser

Testmy.net is a web speed-test that is totally powered by HTML5 and PHP.

That is, it does not require third-party software such as Java or Flash to execute your test, which can result in more accurate findings.

This also makes it a handy tool for comparing the performance of various browsers. You may also register to track your internet speed for future reference or comparison.

However, it is not the most user-friendly tool. You’ll have a lot of information to sort through with a lot of detailed data, much of which may or may not be relevant to you.

The design is also a touch unappealing by speed test standards, and it takes a few clicks before you can start a test, which is obviously not as streamlined as other speed-tests, which have large “Go” buttons as soon as you load the page.

What is an Internet Speed Test?

An internet speed test analyses the speed and quality of the internet connection on your connected device.

This is accomplished by conducting a series of tests that analyse various aspects of your internet connection, such as ping (latency), download speed, and upload speed. Each of these values reflects a feature of the connection, which you can read about in the paragraph that follows this one.

These should help you understand the final results of the speed-test. But, before we get there, let’s go over how to perform each test.

What is Web Speed Test?

The web speed test determines how quickly your website loads for visitors.

This is based on an average of numerous page speeds – page speed, also known as page load time, refers to how long it takes for items on a page, such as text and graphics, to fully load.

Even the smallest delay can turn off website visitors these days; in fact, research has shown that someone is likely to click away from your site if it takes more than 400 milliseconds — a literal blink of an eye — to load.

Why does website speed matter?

As previously said, site speed can swiftly determine whether or not a user stays on your website.

But it’s even more significant than that.

Search engines, particularly Google, prioritise site performance when deciding which websites to display at the top of search engine results pages (SERP).

Sorry, but you can’t be number one if your website is too slow! Website speed optimization improves search engine optimization (SEO), so it should not be overlooked.

How to Improve Website Speed

After you’ve evaluated your website speed for both desktop and mobile, you’re probably wondering how you can make your site faster and more efficient.

This is the process of optimising your website, which can help you improve your SERP ranks, retain viewers for longer periods of time, secure more leads, and even increase sales.

If you’re ready to begin improving your website speed, check out HubSpot’s free website optimization course to learn about website optimization from the ground up and how to make your website the best it can be.

What does ping mean?

Most internet speed tests will display you the current upload and download rates for whichever device you’re testing on, as well as a statistic called ping, which is a latency measurement measured in milliseconds.

Simply put, the ping value is the amount of time it took your device to send a signal to whatever faraway server you were connected to during the speed test and then receive a response.

Consider it the equivalent of a round-trip flight time for your internet connection.

What is jitter?

Jitter, like ping, is measured in milliseconds, but instead of measuring the time it takes your device to send data to a remote server and receive a response, it describes latency variances in the flow of data to different client devices on your network.

When jitter becomes too high, it means that data isn’t getting to your device as effectively as it should, which can lead to issues like buffering during streaming and video chats.

Computer Speed Test

Using Performance Monitor

This useful diagnostics tool is included with every Windows distribution.

Performance Monitor can be used to view performance in real time or from a log file.

You can also customise how the findings are displayed so that you can analyse them.

1. On your keyboard, press Windows Key + R and type “perfmon /report.”

Start Perfmon

2. For the next 60 seconds, a popup will appear with the message “gathering data.”

Resource and Performance Monitor Status Report

The following subsections can be found under the Diagnostic Results tab:

Warning: This section appears if there are any warnings about problems with the computer.

It includes links to additional information about the situation and how to resolve it.

Informational: Provides further information on the processor, network cards, and so on.

Basic System Checks: This displays information on the operating system, discs, Security Center, System Services, Hardware, and Drivers.

Overview of Resources: This section will provide you an overview of your system’s major components, such as the CPU, disc, memory, and network.

It employs red, amber, or green lights to signify the severity of the faults and offers information about the system’s current state.

There are a number of other reports available from the Performance Monitor that provide more detailed information.

You can read them if you have time, but if you don’t, the diagnostic findings will supply you with all the information you require.

Typing Speed Test

What exactly is the WPM typing test? There are various sorts of typing tests. This is a typing test that measures your speed in words per minute.

The more you practise typing and put your typing speed to the test, the higher your WPM score will be.

Some online typing exams and typing games are solely concerned with WPM typing.

The problem of the WPM typing test is that it only teaches you how to type quickly. WPM typing exams do not reveal your level of accuracy.

How to Use the Verizon Speed Test

Verizon use a hosted OOKLA platform, which you may have seen on a number of previous speed tests, so the following procedure may look familiar:

1. Go to verizon.com/speedtest.

You do not need to sign in or even have a Verizon account to use this test.

It is compatible with both mobile devices and desktop computers.

2. Click Get started. Don’t be concerned if nothing happens for a few seconds; it takes some time to load.

3. Wait for the download and upload tests to complete.

The entire procedure should take less than a minute.

Verizon transmits and receives random data to and from your device to complete this test, after which some basic math determines your internet speed in Mbps.

When the exams are finished, you will be brought to a summary page.

You may see the final download and upload results, as well as your public IP address, the server location used for the test, and the latency, on that page.

Record them if you intend to routinely test your internet connection, which is a good idea if you intend to contact Verizon for assistance or a refund due to sluggish speeds.

Can speed tests help improve my internet speeds?

Speed tests will not improve the speed of your house’s Wi-Fi network, but they are an excellent diagnostic tool, providing a brief snapshot of how your network is operating in various locations throughout your home.

Running speed tests on your phone or laptop in different rooms across your house is the best way to put them to use.

If you discover a dead zone where speeds plummet, consider placing a range extender in the nearest room to the dead zone where speeds are high; from there, it will rebroadcast your Wi-Fi signal and maybe speed things up.

If you notice many dead zones in areas where you want to connect, it’s time to upgrade your router. Consider using a mesh router that employs numerous devices to provide the finest whole-home Wi-Fi coverage.

Preparing for Click Speed Test

Before playing the game, a user must evaluate a number of factors. One of the most fundamental is an internet connection. Because the click speed test game is played online, a reliable internet connection with no fluctuations is required.

The hardware component is another important consideration.

Before you start playing, ensure sure the mouse is properly attached and the switches work properly.

However, some players take the game seriously and invest in a mouse that allows for more precise clicking.

As an additional tip, players should make as little or no movement as possible in order to score more points.

Why Choose Our Website – Recap of Our Features
  • The same user-friendly interface is available on web and mobile
  • Social sharing is available
  • Multiple temporal modifications, such as click every 10 seconds or click every 60 seconds
  • More secure than third-party programmes
ISP Hosted Internet Speed Tests

If you’re going to argue with your ISP about your poor internet connection, testing your internet speed between you and your ISP is the best way to proceed.

While some of the more generic speed tests further down our list may be more accurate, it will be difficult to convince your ISP that your service isn’t as fast as it should be unless you can demonstrate the same with the bandwidth testing they give.

Here’s more information on the official internet speed test websites for several big internet service providers:

  • AT&T High-Speed Internet Speed Test
  • CableOne (Sparklight)
  • Cablevision (Optimum)
  • CCI (SureWest)
  • CenturyLink Broadband Speed Test (Quest)
  • Charter Speed Test (Spectrum)
  • Comcast Speed Test (Xfinity)
  • Consolidated Communications
  • Cox Internet Speed Test
  • Fios Speed Test (Verizon)
  • Frontier Speed Test
  • GCI Speed Test
  • Google Fiber
  • Grande Communications
  • Midcontinent Speed Test
  • Optimum (Cablevision, Suddenlink)
  • Quest Broadband Speed Test (CenturyLink)
  • RCN Speed Test
  • Shaw Speed Test
  • SKYBEAM Speed Test (Rise Broadband)
  • Spectrum Speed Test (Charter)
  • SureWest Internet Speed Test (CCI)
  • TDS Telecommunications Speed Test
  • Telus Internet Speed Test
  • Time Warner Cable Speed Test (Charter)
  • USI Wireless Speed Test
  • Verizon FiOS Speedtest (Fios)
  • WOW! (WideOpenWest)
  • Xfinity Speed Test (Comcast)

Is the Xfinity Speed Test accurate?

The Xfinity Speed Test is accurate, but because there are so many variables that can affect your Internet speed at any given time, we recommend doing many tests at different times of day to obtain a more accurate picture of your typical speeds.

Is the Spectrum Speed Test accurate?

The Spectrum Speed Test is accurate, but we recommend conducting many tests at different times of day to get the most realistic picture of your average internet speeds.

Because there are numerous variables that might affect your internet speed, such as how many people in your neighbourhood are online at any given time, examining data from multiple tests can provide a more complete picture of Internet speed at your location.

What is a good WiFi speed Test?

Wi-Fi requires an internet connection with a minimum speed of 25 Mbps.

This ensures that several people on your Wi-Fi network have enough bandwidth while using various devices at the same time.

A speed of 100 Mbps is much better for larger households.

What is Myspeed test?

TestMySpeed runs an internet speed test to determine your connection speed (WiFi network, broadband, mobile).

Ping, download, and upload speeds should all be tested.

What is ATT Speed Test?

AT&T is the country’s oldest and largest telecommunications company, with over 166 million subscribers.

This figure has more than doubled since 2007.

Why is Charter Speed Test so slow?

Games, browsers or apps running in the background can slow your connection.

Reset your internet modem and/or router using your online profile or the My Spectrum app, and then rerun the speed test.

Is Verizon Fios speed test accurate?

Actually, Verizon speed tests are usually always correct because they were designed to evaluate fios. The speedtests website may generate ping issues, you may encounter numerous poor servers, and so on.

You must conduct speedtest tests on numerous servers to get an idea of what you are truly getting.


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