SoundCloud Mobile Uploads – How to download songs from SoundCloud

SoundCloud mobile uploads are now here with the current update for iOS users and How to download songs from SoundCloud

SoundCloud nowadays, enables iPhone users to upload tracks to their accounts through the app. Android users will have to wait as the feature is still ‘coming soon.’

SoundCloud Mobile Uploads
SoundCloud Mobile Uploads

SoundCloud is taking on mobile uploads at a time when most of the world’s only online access is through the phone.

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SoundCloud mobile uploads permit sharing globally using only a smartphone.

SoundCloud Mobile Uploads : Here’s How to Use the Feature on the iOS App

  • Tap the upward-pointing arrow on the top right of the home screen.
  • Then select any assisted audio file on your phone. Loss-less HD files like FLAC, ALAC, WAV, or AIFF have the finest audio quality.
  • The minute the song is uploaded, you will be offered a screen to correct metadata.
  • Make sure everything is correct, add artwork, a title, check genres, and add a description of the track right from your smartphone.
  • You can even check whether you want the track to be public or private.
  • As soon as you click save, the track will display on your public SoundCloud profile

SoundCloud also features incorporation with Instagram Stories for rapid-sharing tracks among your followers.

SoundCloud mobile uploads are the sole feature users have desired for years. Currently, the mobile app allows spotlight, track, and profile editing as part of its mobile toolkit

That gives grassroots artists everything they need to maintain an online existence using their smartphone.

Soundcloud Upload Failed Android-Having Problem When Uploading

Please check whether you have connected any plugins on your browser and disable them, as they may be blocking your upload from completing.

Similarly, it’s best to try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) to see if the issue continues.

Download Songs From Soundcloud: Does Soundcloud Have A Desktop App?

Although Soundcloud does not have a desktop app of their make, there are many choices like Streamcloud or Soundnode or Soundcloud.

These desktop apps for Soundcloud let the user gain access into his Soundcloud account and then listen to favorites, new tracks in the feed, and existing playlists.

Download Songs From Soundcloud: Can I Upload To Soundcloud From My Phone?

Absolutely! You can upload tracks through a computer or using the SoundCloud app in iOS or Android.

Downloading SoundCloud Songs to iPhone

Undoubtedly, streaming music is the most common way to listen to music right now

Music fans can select from dozens of diverse streaming platforms, either free or with a subscription, and all is just a click away.

While most music can be accessed directly from the internet, it can be useful to have a “hard copy” of your digital songs, whether on your phone or computer, with internet or offline.

Three ways to download SoundCloud songs to your mobile device or PC to listen to later while offline include –

  • Using the download feature
  • From your web browser
  • Using an online extractor

Having music files saved locally on your device can allow you to listen to songs, albums, or playlists at your leisure and wherever you are.

download songs from SoundCloud

download songs from SoundCloud is one of the many streaming platforms, offering a variety of tracks and music streaming through both its website and mobile app (available for both iOS and Android)

Recognized as one of the top platforms for new and self-governing artists to showcase their music, downloading is easy to do on the web browser site.

If the song is available for free download, simply click the “Free Download” button underneath the track (or look under the “More” button), or “Buy” if it’s up for sale.

But if you want to save music from SoundCloud to your iPhone, there is a bit more to it. It’s not that complicated, but there are a few limitations and a couple of different ways to do it using:

  • SoundCloud Go+
  • 3rd Party Extractor-One example of these sites is 
The Conclusion- Soundcloud Mobile Uploads – How to Download Songs from Soundcloud

Having a full collection of music on your desktop (or laptop) is great. But now that you have the music in your digital possession, it’s time to take it with you. Loading your tunes onto storage devices that plug and play in your vehicle is one option. Many devices will also readily connect to your PC for file transfer.

However, transferring music to your smartphone is another handy way to bring your media wherever you go.


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