Sokoloan – Fast Instant Loan, Quick Online Cash, and Reviews

Sokoloan also known as Soko Lending Company Limited is a  is a Chinese Internet Marketing/Lending Microfinance Institution that gives short term loans to Nigerians through a mobile app without collateral.

Sokoloan App and Reviews
Sokoloan App and Reviews

Soko Lending Company Limited is an online lending platform that provides short-term loans in Nigeria to help cover unforeseen expenses or pressing cash needs.

Are you looking to get online fast loans, without collateral, No paperwork, No mortgage or office access required, then download and apply for Sokoloan through their website: This site offers Nigerians quick loans.

Plus, they provide financial services to low-income entrepreneurs, Grassroots employees of SMEs, small businesses, women entrepreneurs and students, traders, and small scale farmers.

You can apply for online loans in Nigeria with a quick Sokoloan loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a process that lets you know your status within minutes.

Things Needed Before Seeking For a Loan with Sokoloan

If palm credit isn’t working for you, sokoloan is a good alternative. Simply download sokoloan app by visiting the www.sokoloan .com

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Below are the basic requirements to get a loan:

  • Valid bank details
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • A working phone number
  • An android phone
  • Internet connection
  • A means of identification
  • You must be an adult with a job or self-employed

How Sokoloan Personal Loan Works

Here is a brief overview of how sokoloan personal loan works

  • Download and install the sokoloan app from Google play store
  • Sign up-register by creating an account
  • Apply for loan
  • Upload your documents
  • Receive your loan within 24 hours
  • Increase your loan limit each time you repay your loan.
Download Sokoloan – Sokoloan Apk Download
  1. Firstly, open up your web browser and proceed to
  2. Secondly, scroll down to where it says “GET IT ON Google Play” and click the button.
  3. After that, you would be directed to the app page on the Google play store.
  4. Lastly, scroll down to find the “Install” button and click on it and wait for the downloading process to be completed.

The app would automatically begin installing on your device after downloading it. Once installed, you can launch the app and start using it.

Simple Steps to Get Sokoloan Instant Loan within Minutes

  1. Firstly, after launching the app, you would be required to give permit the app.
  2. Secondly, read carefully what the app would have access to and click “Accept” if you agree.
  3. Thirdly, simply fill out the form that would be displayed to you. This would also sign you up on their platform. Now, complete the application for loan form.
  4. Fourthly, once you get approved for your loan, your funds would be received within minutes.
  5. But, if your application is declined, you would get a message with a reason why it was declined.

It is advised that you pay back your loan to avoid embarrassment before or on the due date; also it would increase your credit limit.
Sokoloan Nigeria Interest Rate

Sokoloan Nigeria interest rate ranges from 4.5% – 34% with an equivalent monthly interest of 3% – 29% and APR of 29% – 365%.

Loan Limits

N5, 000 – N100, 000 with terms from 3 – 6 months
Sokoloan Review
Sokoloan is one of the fastest lending companies in Nigeria that provides quick and instant loans within minutes to Nigerians through the sokoloan app.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Loan Term

The loan term ranges from 7 days to 190 days

Repayment of Sokoloan

The loan term differs from 7 days to 190 days, this should be clear to you before submitting your application.

You can pay back your loan using your ATM card. When you sign up for a loan, you will be asked to add your ATM card to your profile.

With this information, your loan will be deducted when it is due.

Sokoloan Head Office

The head office is located at 9, Acme Road, Agidingbi-Ikeja, Lagos

Sokoloan Customer Care and Email

The customer support phone number is 01-4536792 or 08148799371

The Customer Support Email Is:


Sokoloan App

The app is accessible and you can download it from the Google play store.

Please note – only android phone users can access the app. There is no app for iOS (iPhone) users yet.


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