Snapchat Dark Mode: How to Enable Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone and Android

Snapchat Dark Mode

You can get the Snapchat dark mode on iPhone and Android in 2020. Dark modes/night modes on smartphones and other various apps can help you scroll through night messages.

How to Enable Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone and Android
How to Enable Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone and Android 2020

It is common for people to experience eye problems when using their phones at night. Not only that, but the blue light from the screens can make it harder to fall asleep, cause headaches, and more.

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To solve this problem, many applications, websites, and smart devices propose free dark mode as an option.

What Is the Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is a unique display style that alters the color scheme of the app interface to a dark-colored (black, dark blue, grey, etc.) landscape. 

It is also referred to as Night Mode or Bedtime Mode. This dark theme makes the screen less vivid and more comforting. It helps you to reduce the adverse effects of using your smartphone under low lights.

The blue light of the smartphone screen may result in lack of sleep, headache, and even migraine but then, dark Mode can help you to reduce these risks. 

Android and iOS devices have launched dark themes for their users, but none have made Snapchat dark. You still need a built-in dark mode in Snapchat to turn it black.

Does Snapchat Have a Night Mode?

Snapchat does not offer a Night Mode option.  This widespread messaging and chat app is famous for unveiling new features that appear every week.

However, the built-in dark mode, to date, has not been one of the featured updates.

How to activate Snapchat Dark mode on iPhone and iOS devices

Although there are rumors that Snapchat dark mode is being tested, we still need to get an update.

There are some possible solutions if you insist on using dark mode in Snapchat.

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Hence, let’s look at how you can do it for yourself.

How to Use Dark Mode in Snapchat (iOS)

If you are an iPhone user, Nightmare is one of the ways to use dark mode on Snapchat.

Nightmare is a user-friendly tweak interface that was launched a few years ago and is still available for use by people who want to curb Snapchat limitations.

Unfortunately, the nightmare is not available in the App Store. On the other hand, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone to access this helpful tool.

Note: Jailbreaking will result to failure of your warranty; thus, ensure that you want to jailbreak your device before you go any further.

If you have a jailbroken cell phone, here are some steps you need to follow to install Snapchat dark mode :

Open Cydia and install iFile.

  1. Firstly, Click here to download the necessary Nightmare package.
  2. After that, go to Open in… and select iFile.
  3. Then, click the installer to extract the package.
  4. Lastly, after Nightmare installation on your iPhone, you will have to restart Springboard for it to take effect. 

Nightmare is compatible with all other Snapchat tweaks and it can avoid detection built into Snapchat.

You can personalize free Snapchat’s theme by adding various color schemes, so try it if you have a jailbroken iOS device.

If you would like to avoid jailbreak for your phone you can change the colors on your iPhone.

While this may not look good; it makes the screen appear darker.

To unlock the customized color choices on iPhone, follow these steps:

·     Open “Settings”

·     Click “General”

·     Tap “Accessibility”

·     Click “Display Accommodations”

·     Lastly, tap “Invert Colors”

From this point, you can switch to ‘Smart Invert’ or ‘Classic Invert’. Your screen will appear darker than before. Unfortunately, it may seem odd, but this method is easier than jailbreaking your phone.

The “Display Accommodations” screen has the option of “Minimize White Point” which makes Snapchat easier on the eyes.

Changing the colors in your phone will not affect the effect the result of any photos, nor will it change the performance of the app.

Even though iOS 13 introduced the Dark Mode option in settings, it still does not alter the color format of certain apps, including Snapchat.

Additionally, Snapchat does not work with a web browser so you cannot use the web browser in Dark Mode to access your favorite content. There are ways to use Snapchat without an Android or iOS app, but will be another topic on its own

How to Use Dark Mode in Snapchat (Android)

Don’t despair if you are using Android phone, even though you may not be able to use Nightmare, there is another alternative to get a dark mode for Snapchat on your Android device.

Android has the Substratum app to use dark mode in any app, and it’s easy to install and use.

However, your Android device needs to be established for the app to work. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

·     Firstly, enable unknown sources by going to Settings > Security > Lock screen and security > Unknown Sources. Keeping in mind that the exact settings names might change according to your device.

·     Secondly, if you’re using Samsung Galaxy S8 or higher, download the Samsung Integration app.

·     Thirdly, visit the Play Store, and download Substratum, and install it.

·     After installation, open Substratum and choose the theme that you want to use.

·     Choose your device, and then select the application for which you want to use dark mode and click Install.

·     When the application was first launched, users had problems adding the dark mode feature to Snapchat.

Fortunately, this has been fixed in recent updates, so there are two snapchat themes currently available: Swift Black and Swift Dark.

There is also an app available on the Play Store that, while its not adding dark Mode to Snapchat, it allows you to change the bad lights emanated from your phone screen

The Blue Light Filter app is one that does not need rooting your android phone but acts as a film over the screen.

If you are searching to lessen the harsh lights of Snapchat, this is a non-invasive available.

Another substitute if you are an Android user is to wait on Android Q, the next release of the Android operating system, to arrive.

It will showcase a system-wide dark mode that will work with most 3rd party apps, plus Snapchat.


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