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Smart TV App
Smart TV App

Smart TV, also known as a connected TV (CTV), is a traditional television set that includes an integrated Internet connection and interactive Web 2.0 features that allow users to stream music and videos, browse the internet, and view photos.

Smart Television is the result of the technological convergence of computers, televisions, and digital media players.

In addition to traditional television functions provided by traditional broadcasting media, these devices can provide access to over-the-top media services such as streaming television and internet radio, as well as home networking access.

What is a smart TV and what does the term mean?

They function similarly to computers, but without email and word processing, and provide additional features such as media streaming, apps, games, and web browsing, in addition to watching your favourite shows.

Smart televisions, like our trusted smartphones, provide a plethora of internet-connected services that traditional televisions do not.

What is a Smart TV Samsung

What exactly is Smart TV? Many people search the internet for the definition of Smart television.

While different websites may have different opinions, the general consensus is that a Smart television has internet connectivity, an operating system, and its own app store.

In a nutshell, Smart television is defined as TV + internet + apps.

How does a smart TV work?

Wondering how to use your smart TV? A smart TV can access the internet by connecting it directly to your WiFi network or via an ethernet cable.

Log in or create an account to begin customising your smart television.

Then, select from a variety of apps (much like you would on your smartphone), and you can download more apps by searching for them.

Smart televisions are simple to use; simply click on the app you want to access and you will be taken to that page.

What does a smart TV do? Smart TV Features

You may have guessed that smart television can do MUCH more than your average television.

The main advantage of a smart television for us is the interconnectivity it provides.

At the touch of a button, you can sync your smartphone, Skype, Facebook, Netflix, and much more. Because everything is built-in, you don’t have to faff around connecting other devices or wires – result.

There are so many wonderful things you can do with a smart television; the possibilities are limitless. Here are some of our favourite smart television features, apps, and benefits:

  • Stream on-demand content, instantly
  • Access Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video
  • Browse the web
  • Watch videos on YouTube
  • Listen to music
  • Scroll on social media
  • Play fun smart TV games
  • Use an all-in-one remote
  • Sync with other smart devices
  • Use voice-control
  • Skype friends and family
  • Cast to your device
  • Watch home videos and create photo slideshows
Find other useful Smart TV Apps

Did you know you can access a plethora of other apps without leaving your couch? Find out the weather, listen to the radio, read the news, do daily fitness workouts – whatever you want, smart TV apps have it all.

Our top choices

We understand that there are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a smart television, and as an investment, you don’t want to make the wrong choice.

So, we’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of our favourite smart TVs.

1. Samsung 55″ QN85A Neo QLED 4K QHDR 1500 NeoSlim Smart TV – This Samsung TV’s ultra-fine, super-sharp adaptive AI-powered 4K processor ensures that you are watching in the highest quality possible.

The image is so intense that it will take your breath away!

The multi-view technology allows you to split the TV screen and watch what’s on the screen as well as what’s on your smartphone at the same time. The 3D surround sound creates a dynamic, immersive viewing experience, and the TV itself is elegant, slim, and modern – the ideal addition to any modern home.

2. 55″ The Frame QLED 4K QHDR Art Mode Samsung Smart TV – With its interactive and customisable Smart Hub platform, this award-winning lifestyle TV has 4K UHD picture quality and is extremely easy to use. It was designed to fit inside a frame to look like a real picture and blend in with your home’s decor. Customize the frame and mount it to the wall with the minimal slim fit wall mount – this is a one-of-a-kind TV.

3. Samsung 55″ Q70A QLED 4K QHDR AirSlim Smart TV – With cutting-edge technology, this flawless 4k screen will adapt to your surroundings to deliver the best picture possible.

QLED is ideal for gaming because it enables super-smooth, ultra-crisp HDR gaming with no screen tearing or stuttering.

Voice assistants such as Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant are also built-in, allowing you to control your TV without moving a muscle.

The Advantages of Smart TVs

Smart televisions have a significant advantage. Aside from the internet connectivity function, you would like the following features:

Software: The Android operating system is used by the majority of smart television on the market. As a result, you may want to install a variety of mobile applications and software.

Surf the web: Some smart TV programmes include web browsers that allow you to connect to the Internet and browse websites.

Additional Features: Smart televisions have more features that set them apart from the competition. Some of them, for example, have a home screen that you can personalise.

Smart TV 32 inch

Which is the best 32 inch smart TV?

Croma 32-inch HD Ready Smart LED TV.

Crom 32-inch HD ready smart tv is one of the most affordable smart TV brands in India.

This Smart television has a 178-degree viewing angle and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

It has two HDMI ports and two USB ports.

Bluetooth 5.0 is compatible with Bluetooth speakers and TWS earphones.

The powerful 20W sound provides a Dolby experience. With an ultra-bright touch, the Vivid Picture Engine displays true colours.

AmazonBasics 32-Inch HD Ready Smart TV.

The AmazonBasics 32-inch smart tv will immerse you in picturesque visual imagery.

The captivating surround sound and HD Ready display resolution bring the stills to life. With FireTV OS, Alexa, and other play content apps, you can keep yourself entertained all day.

The AmazonBasics 32-inch Smart TV is powered by a best-in-class Quad Core processor for high, superior, and stunning performance.

Its advanced image quality provides dynamic contrast and an immersive visual experience.

OnePlus 32-inch Y Series HD Ready Smart TV.

The OnePlus 32-inch Smart television is an excellent blend of intelligence and creativity. Its captivating visuals delight your eyes with vibrant colour ranges.

The Dolby audio is a rich and crystal clear sound that you can’t help but enjoy. Its bezel-less design adds a touch of elegance to your room’s decor.

Your favourite content is just a click away with its extensive library of premium content and OxygenPlay access.

Redmi 32-inch Smart TV.

The Redmi 32-inch smart television is a versatile piece of entertainment. It has some great features such as an HD-ready display, 20W Dolby speakers, graphic picture design, and much more.

This smart tv from India is powered by a powerful 64-bit Quad-core processor and has a 60Hz refresh rate for a smooth viewing experience.

The Redmi smart 32-inch tv has two HDMI and one USB port for all-around connectivity.

32-inch Samsung Smart HD Ready TV.

The Samsung smart television allows you to relax, learn, and explore a wealth of content options .

Innovative features such as PC mode, Screen mirroring, and HD picture quality allow you to enjoy every detail. The Content Guide feature recommends popular shows and content that has been specially curated for you.

PurColor and UltraClean View make videos and images come to life and have more depth.

Mi 32-inch 4A Horizon Edition Smart LED TV.

The Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition has a bezel-less design that reveals elegance. Its Vivid Picture design is deceptively simple, perfectly tuned, and pleasing to the eye.

There is something for everyone in the Mi 32-inch Smart television, including 5000+ apps, Parental Control, Kids Mode, Universal Search, and many more.

The tranquil sound of the 20W stereo speakers allows you to experience a wide range of emotions through sound.

LG 32-inch Smart LED TV.

The LG Smart 32-inch TV has stunning image quality and more vibrant colours. With LG WebOS, you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows whenever you want. DTS Virtual, a unique feature, allows you to enjoy rich, flawless, and multi-dimensional audio from any angle.

The design is simple yet sophisticated, with a thin bezel and stylish finish work that adds a classy touch to your interior.

How to Choose the Best Sony Bravia Smart TV?

Sony LED Smart Televisions are reasonably priced, whereas OLED TVs are more expensive but provide an incredible slim design, deepest blacks, and an excellent viewing experience.

Sony Smart Televisions run the Android TV and Google TV operating systems and are compatible with all major streaming applications. Sony Smart TVs have the best surround sound system experience in the industry.

Below is the list of Sony Bravia smart TV we recommend:

  • Sony Bravia 32-inch HD Ready Smart Android LED TV
  • Sony Bravia 32-inch HD Ready Smart LED Google TV
  • Sony Bravia 43-inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV
  • Sony Bravia 43-inch Full HD Smart LED TV
  • Sony Bravia 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Television
  • Sony Bravia 65-inch 4K UHD Smart TV
Smart TV Prices in Nigeria

List of the best Smart Television in Nigeria with Price for 2022

  • Infinix 32” Inch Smart Android TV — ₦86,000.00
  • Hisense 40” Smart Frameless TV — ₦136,600.00
  • Infinix 43 Inch Android Smart TV — ₦185,000.00
  • Hisense 50”Smart UHD 4K TV — ₦206,950.00
  • Hisense 58”Smart UHD 4K TV — ₦265,700.00
  • TCL 55 Inch QLED Android Smart TV — ₦301,600.00
  • Sony 65′ 4k Android Tv — 494,900.00
  • Samsung 65 Inch UHD Premium Curved Slim HDR+ Smart TV — ₦750,000.00
  • Hisense 100”4k Ultra Hd Smart Laser Tv 2018 Model — 4,200,500.00
  • Sony 85 Inch X-series Bravia 4k Led 3d Smart Tv 85x9500b — 7,000,000.00
  • LG 105”ultra Hd 3d Smart 4k TV — 24,000,000.00
  • Hisense 40” Smart Frameless TV —
  • TCL 40 Inch Android Smart FHD TV —
Cheap Smart TV in Nigeria

The prices of some of the cheapest smart TVs in Nigeria are listed below. In addition, we have listed them with their primary specifications. With this guide, you can be confident that you will make the best television purchase possible without breaking the bank.

Here are the best cheap smart TVs in Nigeria, along with their prices and specifications.

  • Hisense 50-Inch Smart UHD 4K TV 50. This TV comes with a DSTV now APP
  • Polystar 32-inch Smart Android Television
  • TCL 40-Inch Android Smart FHD TV with One Year Warranty
  • Polystar 32′ Inches Smart LED HD Curved TV
  • Hisense 40″ LED FULL High Definition SMART TV
  • Polystar 43 Inch PV-JP39CV2100BD Curved Smart TV with Ultra High Definition
Which is the best smart TV on Jumia Kenya?

The Best Smart TVs in Kenya (2022)

  • Samsung 40 Inch FULL HD SMART TV. Samsung Smart Tv in Kenya. …
  • Sony KDL-32W600D – 32″ Smart HD LED TV. …
  • Skyworth 43TB7000 – 43″ Frameless Smart Android LED TV. …
  • Syinix 43″ Inches Full HD Smart Android TV A20 Series. …
  • Vision Plus VP8850K 50″ Frameless 4K Bluetooth Android TV.
Smart TV vs Android TV

There are several types of televisions available on the market. Android TV and smart TV are two of the most popular types. But what is the distinction between these two types of television?

Android TV is a television that is powered by the Android operating system.

This means it has access to all of the same apps and games that a smartphone or tablet does. Furthermore, Android TV has access to all Google Play Store apps.

This provides you with a diverse range of content to choose from when looking for something to watch.

Smart TV, on the other hand, is a type of television that includes internet access.

This means you can connect your Smart Television to the internet and stream content from multiple sources. Most smart TVs also have access to various app stores, providing you with even more content options.

So, which is superior? That really depends on what you want in a television. If you want to be able to access a wide variety of apps and games, Android TV is probably the better option.


What is so special about Sony Bravia Smart TVs?

The advanced technology – X Pro Reality – distinguishes Sony Bravia Smart Televisions from others. The X-Reality Pro engine converts any standard image to a UHD image, adding detail and vibrancy to each image.

Can I install apps on Sony Bravia Smart Television?

Yes. On Android TV and Google TV, you can download apps from the Google Play Store.

Can I get the Amazon Prime app on my Sony Bravia TV?

Ans. Sony Smart TVs typically come with the Prime Video app preinstalled. You can, however, download the app from the Google Play Store, which is available on Android and Google TV.

What can a LG smart TV do?

LG Smart TV webOS apps open up a whole new world of entertainment. Content from Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, YouTube, and other services. Excellent content from Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, VUDU, Google Play movies & TV, and Channel Plus is now available at your fingertips.

Is Hisense smart TV good ?

In general, you can’t go wrong with a Hisense TV.

They are the most affordable TV brand and perform well in both dark and bright environments. For gamers, there are extra features, and the Android TV smart platform is fantastic.

What is the price of Samsung Smart TV?

The price of a Samsung Smart LED TV in India ranges from Rs 14,999 to Rs 26,60,000.

What is the best TV brand in Uganda?

Best 4K Televisions

  • Hisense 50′′ 4K Ultra HD Smart Television, VIDAA | 50A6HS. UGX 2,300,000 UGX 1,650,000 1 customer rated it 5.00 out of 5 stars. BUY RIGHT NOW.
  • UGX 3,499,000 for the CHiQ 65′′ 4K UHD HDR Android Smart LED TV. BUY RIGHT NOW.
  • UGX 1,999,000 for the CHiQ 55′′ 4K UHD HDR Android Smart LED TV. BUY RIGHT NOW.

What is the price of LG 43 inch LED TV?

LG 43UP7550PTZ 43-inch Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV price in India starts from ₹36,100.

Which is best 43 inches LG smart TV on Jumia?

The best 43-inch smart TVs in 2022

  • Samsung UN43NU6900 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. …
  • LG 43UM7300PUA Alexa Built-In 43″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2019) …
  • Sony XBR43X800E 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model) …
  • Hisense 43H8F 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV.

What is the lowest price of smart TV?

In contrast, the cheapest model is the Vibgyor VIBGYOR-32XXS 32 inch LED HD-Ready TV, which costs $7,274.

Is Smart TV Samsung a good TV?

Samsung’s premium models are among the best we’ve tested. They don’t excel in just one area, but they’re very well-rounded and provide excellent performance for a wide range of applications.

Perform well in both bright and dark environments.


Are Smart Televisions Worth It? Smart TVs have numerous benefits, so we’re not trying to discourage you from purchasing one.

However, it’s critical that you understand why smart TVs aren’t always everything they’re cracked up to be.

Some of the most serious drawbacks are security and privacy concerns, but clumsy interfaces and glitches are also issues.

You could argue that the price of smart TVs has dropped because they are a prime platform for data collection, so you pay in other ways.

If you still want to buy a smart television after reading all of this, go ahead. It’s difficult to find a good TV that isn’t smart, so you can avoid connecting your smart TV to the internet to keep it “dumb.”

If you decide to go online later, you can always supplement the TV with a streaming box.


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