Rom Hustler | Best alternatives of Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler gives you admittance to a wide range of ROMs and games for various platforms including PlayStation 2, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Sega, Atari 5200, and many more.

Rom Hustler 2021 Best alternatives of Rom Hustler
Rom Hustler 2021 Best alternatives of Rom Hustler

This website also provides emulators and various choices that make it one of the best places to find anything related to ROM online. When it comes to games, you can find great titles like Pokemon Emerald version, Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2, Final Fantasy VIII, and much more.

About Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler is a retro gaming site comparable to Emuparadise, Loveroms with a huge collection of Roms and emulators that you can download to play all your console games on your PC.

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Rom Hustler is a console game repository where you can find all the retro games that have been your addiction in the past.

The website interface is attractive and permits you to get what you want without any problem. Search options are easy and various options are set to suit any needs.

Rom Hustler also features gaming-related news and is a preferred source for thousands of users. There are other Rom Hustler Best Alternatives websites existing that will suit your need for Roms. Here are some other options.


For more than a decade, RomUlation has been devoted to helping users play classic games on their computers. They have a good selection of available video game ROMs and have tested them to make sure you can play them on your emulator without any problem.

The website design is amazing and you can find alternatives for several platforms including Nintendo 64, Wii, GameCube, DS, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, PS2, PSP, and many more.


While FreeROM comes with a simple website design, it gives you admittance to a fantastic choice of ROMs and emulators that will let you enjoy a variety of gaming experiences. You can find all the things you need to enjoy classic games on your computer, in addition to details about the games and information. There are options available for Atari, Genesis, GBA, MAME, NeoGeo, Nes, and many more.

My Boy! – GBA Emulator

Game Boy was treasured by millions of users and if you were one of them and are feeling sentimental, you can try this emulator on your Android device.

My boy! emerges for its fantastic speed and provides all the features needed to enjoy Game Boy Advance games on your smartphone or tablet. You will feel like you were playing on a real Game Boy device.

ROM World

ROM World provides SNES ROMs, along with options for other popular programs like Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance, MAME, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 64.

You can download ROMs for free and regularly add new ROMs from their collection. ROM World also features SNES emulators for Windows, Linux, and DOS besides an emulator for MAME and one for Sega Genesis.


CoolROM is another outstanding website to discover ROMs and it will appeal to fans of retro gaming. It also provides a variety of games, useful information, emulators and updates for anything related to the game.

CoolROM includes many classic games that can be played on your computer running Mac or Windows, or mobile device. CoolROM provides a good selection of options that lets you to get the most out of your gaming experience.


If you want to discover retro video games, Emuparadise is another great preference that grants you access to the popular titles you used to play in the old consoles of gaming. There are ISOs, ROMs, and games available and you can easily download and play them on your computer with the help of an emulator. Emuparadise is also home to a community of players who exchange information, games, tips, magazines, and more.

Dolphin Emulator

The Gamecube and Wii have brought a lot of fun to the gaming industry and its design has been truly revolutionary. Although you may not be able to find one of these consoles, you can get the most with the help of Dolphin.

This emulator lets you play Gamecube and Wii games in HD quality, at 1080p and above. It takes the games to the next level and is constantly updated so you can expect new cool features to be added. It works on key platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The Old Computer

There are thousands of Roms and emulators existing on The Old Computer and you can find possibilities for various platforms including Sega, Game Boy, Game Boy Advanced, MAME, DS, Nintendo 64 and more.

This website is a great way to find different Roms and options for iOS, Android, and other apps. Old Computer is a wide-ranging solution for anyone who wants to play classic games on their modern devices.

NDS Emulator

If you are looking for specific Nintendo DS options, this is the first website you need to check out. The NDS Emulator emphasizes Nintendo DS emulators and solutions that permit you to re-form the Nintendo DS experience on other platforms. The website features step-by-step instructions for setting up emulators and how to use them. You will also find details about Nds Roms that you can use.

Pretendo NDS Emulator

Fashioned by Modcraft, Pretendo is another answer for Nintendo DS fans who want to enjoy the classic gaming console form on their Android device. It offers features such as a dual-touch screen interface simulation, custom layouts, automatic frame skipping, and flicker reduction, in addition to the opportunity to save and download games at any time. It also supports wireless controllers and you can download it from Google Play.


At DopeROMS, you’ll find a good selection of retro video games and you’ll be able to play backups of classic video games on your mobile device or computer. The website provides a comprehensive archive of old titles from retro consoles such as Atari. You can bring classic games to your smartphone, tablet or computer and take a trip to memory lane.

GameBoy Advance ROMs

This is another great solution for getting GBA ROMs, along with DS ROMs. You can download and play the game.

You can download and play games for free and the website provides assets and information that will assist players to find great deals on other gadgets.


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