Quickvoice pro file transfer: How to Transfer Quick voice Files from iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer

Quickvoice pro file transfer: How to Transfer Quick voice Files from iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer 

Quickvoice pro file transfer 2022
Quickvoice pro file transfer 2022

Are you trying to figure out how to get your fast voice app recordings from your phone to your computer? 

Please continue reading if you answered yes. 

In this post, you’ll discover how to quickly and easily import audio recordings from your iOS smartphone to your computer. 

What Does Quick Voice Mean? Quickvoice pro file transfer to PC

QuickVoice is the most popular, full-featured voice recorder for iPhone/iPad/iPod, allowing you to record thoughts, voice memos, voice mails, dictation, lists, meetings, lessons, or even entire lectures!   

It is appropriate for usage in professional, educational, and personal settings. It’s a tool for recording and sharing audio. 

Even if a quickvoice pro version is available for a reasonable price, it is entirely free. 

Why Do I Need QuickvoiceQuickvoice pro file transfer 

QuickVoice is the hottest voice recorder in the App Store

It is the most popular iPhone recorder. This is a fantastic writing tool. 

It’s also a fantastic tool for learning how to record voice on an iPhone. 

Quickvoice is compatible with both iPhone and PC. It has the ability to sync. 

When learning how to transfer recordings from your iPhone, this is fundamental. 

When it comes to finding a useful and effective rapid voice app, there aren’t many possibilities. 

You can purchase it via the Apple Play Store, however, most customers complain about their inability to sync Quickvoice app recordings with their computers. 

The main issue is that when you connect your iPad to iTunes and go to the Application page, neither the Quickvoice app nor the Quickvoice files for syncing appear. 

How to Transfer Quickvoice Files to IPAD – Quickvoice pro file transfer 

A QuickVoice sync program is required to effectively transfer your quick voice recordings to a computer. This app is completely free to use. 

You may be asking how to download this program without going to the app store. Don’t worry; I’ve got this covered for you. 

Simply write an email to SendMeSync@nfinityinc.com to request the standalone rapid voice sync software. 

You can also grab the QuickVoice Sync utility by clicking on one of the download links below. 

For Mac Users > www.nFinityInc.com/QuickVoiceSyncMac.zip 

For Windows > http://www.quick-voice.com/quickvoiceinstaller.exe 


It is critical that you convert the file from.caf to mp3 after it has been sent. 

You might also want to learn how to convert your synced QuickVoice files to mp3 so that you can listen to them on your favorite media player. 

Quickvoice Sync App Instructions – How To Use Quickvoice Sync App  

You need to learn how to use the quickvoice sync utility program now that you have it. 

Well, it’s not a difficult chore, so sit back and relax as I walk you through it. 

The first step will be to connect your iPad to your computer. This means you need to use a USB cable to connect your iOS device to your PC. 

Launch rapid voice pc once your computer and iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Then, IMPORT using the QuickVoice Sync software. 

When you go to File and select Import iPhone Recording, a pop-up window will appear with the warning “You must back up your iPhone with iTunes before importing quickvoice iPhone recordings.” 

Your QuickVoice recordings will be synced to the Documents folder “QuickVoice iPhone Recordings.” 

It’s easy to use, but you must first connect your iPad to your computer. 

Then, IMPORT using the QuickVoice Sync software. 

Your QuickVoice recordings will be synced to the Documents folder “QuickVoice iPhone Recordings.” 

Congratulations! You can now enjoy your iPad after successfully transferring your voice recording from your iPhone to your computer. 

It’s fantastic, terrific, and magical! 

Best of luck! and have fun with your iPad 


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