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PNG is a common bitmap image format on the Internet. It is an abbreviation for “Portable Network Graphics.”

This format was developed as an alternative to Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).

Portable Network Graphics files are free of copyright restrictions.

This format offers some wonderful features, such as 24bit RGB colour palettes, greyscale graphics, and translucent backgrounds.

Portable Network Graphics pictures with high quality graphics employ a lossless data compression approach.

Apart from exchanging graphics on the internet, Portable Network Graphics pictures are often utilised in image editors such as CorelDRAW.

What is a PNG file?

PNG is an abbreviation for Portable Network Graphic, a form of raster picture file.

It’s a popular file format among web designers since it can handle visuals with translucent or semi-transparent backgrounds.

Because the file format is not trademarked, you may open a Portable Network Graphics with any image editing programme without licence.

Portable Network Graphics files, which have the.png extension, can accommodate 16 million colours, which distinguishes them from most other file formats.

History of the PNG file.

The Portable Network Graphics picture format was introduced in 1995.

Oliver Fromme, an IT professional, came up with the moniker PING, which was ultimately reduced to Portable Network Graphics.

Portable Network Graphics are the next generation of the GIF format, which had been around for eight years when Portable Network Graphics were introduced.

GIFs had various problems, including the need for a patent licence and a restricted colour palette of only 256, which couldn’t keep up with ever-improving computer screen resolution.

Portable Network Graphics files were made patent-free and given a substantially broader colour pallet to circumvent these difficulties.

Portable Network Graphics, unlike GIFs, are single-image formats that do not permit animation.

What are PNG files used for?

The Portable Network Graphic image file format is adaptable. Portable Network Graphics can be used in a variety of ways, including:

Transparent backgrounds for logos

Portable Network Graphics files are frequently used by designers for logos.

Because the format permits translucent backgrounds, designers may overlay logo files on diverse backgrounds in a natural way.

Graphics and charts are available online.

The Portable Network Graphics format employs lossless compression, which means that when compressed, this file type keeps all of its original contents.

Since of this, Portable Network Graphics are ideal for intricate graphics and charts on websites because no important information is lost.

How to open PNG files with CorelDRAW

1. Open CorelDRAW.

2. Select File > Open.

3. Locate the P.N.G file you want to open.

4. Choose the File (s)

5. Edit and Save Your Work!

Open P.N.G files on Windows
  • Compatible with:
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
Open P.N.G files on Mac
  • Compatible with:
  • Macos 10.14
  • Macos 10.13
  • Macos 10.12
Pros and Cons of PNG files.

Before utilising Portable Network Graphics, there are numerous advantages — but also some problems — to consider:


  • Portable Network Graphics files can hold significantly more detailed images than GIFs because they can handle millions of colour variations rather than hundreds.
  • Because Portable Network Graphics is an open format, you may read and modify these files in a wide variety of programmes without requiring a licence.
  • When a Portable Network Graphics picture is compressed, none of its data is lost, making it considerably easier to save and share.

This is a significant benefit over lossy solutions like as JPEG files, where some information is lost during the compression process.


  • Because a P.N.G file retains all of its original data when compressed, it is often much bigger in size than a GIF or JPEG. This implies it will consume more space on your computer’s hard disc.
  • Portable Network Graphics were created with the web in mind from the start. Because they do not support CMYK colour modes, translating them to print might be challenging.
  • While compressed P.N.Gs include high-quality, comprehensive picture data, their increased file size results in slower website loading and responsiveness.
When to Use a PNG

Portable Network Graphics files can be bigger than GIF files at times, therefore it’s worth examining if the file format is the best solution for the use case.

For example, if you have a large number of photographs on a single web page, you may want to consider either shrinking the image to reduce its quality or adopting an alternate image format that results in a lesser file size (for example GIF).

This conversion may remove the image’s transparency, so if you need to keep the transparency, Portable Network Graphics is the best alternative and worth choosing, even if it’s a huge file.


How to Open a PNG File.

Portable Network Graphics files can be opened by nearly all built-in image editing tools.

Simply search for the file name and double-click on it, whether you’re using a Mac or a Windows computer.

You may then select the software you want to use from the list of possibilities provided by your computer.

P.N.Gs may be opened in all major web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

Simply drag and drop a Portable Network Graphics file from your desktop into your browser to view it.

How to Create and Edit a PNG file.

To make a Portable Network Graphics in Adobe Photoshop, simply follow these three simple steps:

1. In Photoshop, open an existing picture file and select Save As.

2. In the window that displays, choose P.N.G from the Format selection.

3. Save your new Portable Network Graphics file to a convenient location.

To change the transparency of your image, do the following:

1. In Photoshop, open your Portable Network Graphics file and go to Window > Layers.

2. In the Layers panel, choose the Background layer and then click OK.

3. In the Layers panel, select the Opacity menu. You may then change the transparency of your image by selecting a percentage less than 100%.

Does the PNG format ever support animation?

Ordinary Portable Network Graphics, unlike GIFs, do not support animation. The Portable Network Graphics creators created a new animation-friendly format called the Multiple-image Network Graphic in 2001. (MNG).

However, because GIFs remain the most common animation file format, MNGs have yet to garner mainstream acceptance.

What are the differences between PNG and JPEG files?

The basic explanation is that Portable Network Graphics files provide lossless compression while JPEG ones do not.

This implies that, unlike JPEGs, Portable Network Graphics do not lose any picture data when compressed.

On the other hand, lossless compression causes P.N.Gs to be significantly larger files than JPEGs, necessitating more storage space.

Are PNGs raster or vector files?

Portable Network Graphics files are a kind of raster file.

That is, instead of the mathematical procedures employed in vector files, they are generated using a set amount of colour pixels.

Raster files, such as Portable Network Graphics, are preferable for detailed photographs and graphics, but vector files are better for logo designs and drawings.

Do PNGs support EXIF data from digital cameras?

EXIF data includes camera exposure information, the moment a photo was saved, and other information.

One disadvantage of the Portable Network Graphics file format is that it cannot incorporate EXIF data, which is used by many digital cameras nowadays.

As a result, if you want to examine extensive information about the specific photographs you’ve shot, utilising a Portable Network Graphics may be an issue.

How effectively do PNG files display written text?

Very efficiently. Because Portable Network Graphics files are lossless in compression, they can show text-heavy pictures such as screenshots and website layouts in high quality.

The same is true for printed text scans, including handwritten papers and newspaper pages.

During the compression process, none of the original image data is lost.

What is Pngtree

Millions of high-quality P.N.G’s, vectors, templates, and unique drawings are available on P.n.gtree.

For 30 million designers and consumers, they supply a variety of visual content for personal or commercial usage.

Their mission is to assist designers all around the world in saving time and increasing efficiency.

They look forward to being of assistance or inspiration to you.

It was created in December 2016 and is the world’s largest website dedicated to giving free P.N.G image content.

“Let’s design quicker, stop later” is pngtree’s vision.

Where Can I Get Free PNG Files??

Designers are increasingly turning to free P.N.G image resources.

The reason for their enormous appeal is because they are simple to use, built by creative persons with quality in mind, and, most significantly, they save a lot of time.

However, finding the proper website with the correct visuals for your project may be quite stressful at times.

As a result, we created this collection to help graphic designers locate free transparent P.N.G pictures on the internet.


Pixabay is a website that provides a large collection of free transparent P.N.G pictures, stock photographs, drawings, vector graphics, video footage, and music.

The Pixabay platform is licenced under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licence, which means that all of the platform’s material can be used in non-commercial projects as well.

Stick PNG

Stick PNG is a creative artist community that provides a broad choice of free transparent P.N.G pictures.

The portal has over 35,000 P.N.G pictures that are free to use in personal, non-commercial, and educational applications.


This website has some fantastic high-resolution P.N.G graphics and clipart images.

PNGAll provides free transparent P.N.G images that can be used in any personal or non-commercial project.


PixPNG is an excellent resource for free transparent P.N.G pictures.

The portal contains a large variety of P.N.G images for graphic and web designers.

All pictures may be used in non-commercial projects without restriction.

Pixel Squid

Pixel Squid is a great resource for discovering free transparent P.N.G pictures and 3D objects.

This P.N.G image site offers a wide range of 3D graphics and transparent backdrop clipart that can be used for any personal or non-commercial project.

Designer Candies

Designer Candies is a website for visual materials made by outstanding designers.

The website candies provides free transparent P.N.G photos as well as 3D produced items. These graphics can be used in both personal and business applications.

PNG Find

PNG Find contains a large assortment of transparent pictures.

You can simply locate free transparent P.N.G pictures using the excellent navigation and filtering options.

These P.N.G graphics can be used in a variety of educational and non-commercial applications.

Others are:

  • Png Fly
  • Free Png Img
  • Png Img
  • Pure Png
  • Png Mart
  • Free Pngs
  • Mrcutout
  • Kiss Png
How do I get a PNG Link?

Obtain an image URL

1. Navigate to on your PC.

2. Look for the picture.

3. In the Images results, select the image.

4. Select More Share from the right side.

5. Click the URL under “Click to copy link.”

How do you Convert a PNG to PDF?

P.N.G to PDF conversion instructions.

It’s simple: simply visit to the convert JPG to PDF page in Adobe Acrobat online services from any web browser.

To upload a picture, click the Select A File option or drag & drop it into the drop zone.

How do I convert PNG to PDF on my phone?

On Android, you can convert images to PDFs.

Navigate to the Convert JPG to PDF tool in your web browser.

Choose your image by tapping Select a File.

The programme turns your image to PDF automatically.

Download the newly converted PDF.

How to change a PNG to JPG.

1. Select. Select a P.N.G image that is less than 2GB in size from your photo collection.

2. Convert. Upload your photograph and it will be converted to JPG format in an instant.

3. Download. Your updated image will be downloaded as a JPG.

Save it, share it, or continue to change it to make it your own.

How can I convert PNG to ICO?

P.N.G to ICO Conversion

1. Insert a P.N.G-file (s)

Choose files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, a URL, or by dragging them into the page.

2. Select “to ICO”

As a consequence, select ico or any other format you require (more than 200 formats supported)

3. Save your ICO.

What is TinyPNG?

TinyPNG employs intelligent lossy compression algorithms to minimise the size of your WEBP, JPEG, and P.N.G files.

Fewer bytes are required to hold the data by carefully lowering the amount of colours in the image.

The impact is practically imperceptible, yet it makes a significant difference in file size!

It’s a fantastic website image compressor. Overall I utilised this for my website.

I provide dependable image optimization and speedier site loading speeds.

It essentially changes the size of the pictures on the page to provide a fast and rapid overall loading speed.

PNG Maker

How do I make a P.N.G image?

Click File > Open to open the image you wish to convert to P.N.G.

Navigate to your image and then press the “Open” button.

When the file is open, go to File > Save As.

Make sure P.N.G is chosen from the drop-down list of formats in the following box, then click “Save.”

How do I compress a PNG to 100kb?

Online P.N.G Image Compression

1. Begin with our Compress tool and submit your P.N.G.

2. Select ‘Basic Compression,’ then click ‘Choose Option.’

3. On the following screen, select ‘to JPG.’

4. Wait for the conversion to complete.

5. Save your compressed P.N.G in JPG format.

Where can I get a transparent PNG?
  • StickPNG is another website that only displays photographs with transparent backgrounds.
  • PNGTree contains a vast transparent image library.
  • FavPNG is another website that hosts a large number of transparent photos.
  • FreePNGs is a moderately-sized transparent image collection with around 170,000 images.
How do I convert HEIC to PNG?

1. Upload the heic-file (s)

Choose files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, a URL, or by dragging them into the page.

2. Select “to P.N.G”

As a consequence, select png or any other format you want (more than 200 formats supported)

3. Save your P.N.G file.


Is PNG free?

P.N.G was designed in 1995 as a free alternative to GIF for exchanging pictures over the internet.

It addressed the restrictions of the GIF format, which allowed only a limited amount of colours and came with a patent licence.

How do I find PNG images?

You may also use the advanced operator filetype instead.

For example, filetype:png will look for P.N.G pictures on Google.

When you input this and search, the filetype text will be removed, but the page will be updated to show only photographs of that type.

Is a PNG file the same as JPG?

JPEGs contain less data than P.N.Gs due to their various compression procedures, and hence are often smaller in size. P.N.Gs, unlike JPEGs, offer translucent backgrounds, making them ideal for visual creation.

What is the best PNG to SVG converter?

Vector Magic is without a doubt the greatest P.N.G to SVG converter on the market. Look no farther if you need to convert P.N.G to SVG.

How do I upload a PNG to Cricut?

To open a P.N.G, open Cricut Design Space and select “New Project” to create a blank canvas. Click “upload” on the left side. Click the “upload image” button.

The file types that can be imported into CDS are listed below.

Is PNG and ICO the same?

No. An ICO is a specific file format that holds a collection of pictures in a variety of sizes and colour levels. A P.N.G is a kind of image.

Can you convert SVG to PNG?

Navigate to an.svg file, right-click it, and select ‘Save SVG as P.N.G’ from the context menu.

Allows you to save SVG files to P.N.G by clicking on the extension icon or right-clicking on an.svg file.

How can I convert a JPG to PNG?

Open JPG in Microsoft Paint in Windows and go to File > Save as > P.N.G > Save.

Go to File > Save as > Save as type > P.N.G > Save in Photoshop (Windows or Mac). Alternatively, go to File > Export > Export As > P.N.G > Export. Select File > Export > Export As > Format > P.N.G > Save in Preview for Mac.

How much can PNG compress?

Size reductions are generally between 0 and 10%.

It’s better than nothing, but if you want to significantly compress your P.N.G photos, lossy compression or WinZip are better options.

Are PNG files better than JPEG?

The most significant benefit of PNG over JPEG is that the compression is lossless, which means that there is no loss in quality when it is opened and saved again. PNG is also good at handling intricate, high-contrast pictures.


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