Play Minesweeper Game Online For Free: Find Out How

Play Minesweeper Free
Play Minesweeper Free

Play Minesweeper is our favourite. The game is a very amusing game to play, with different levels to choose from.

Choose a difficulty level to challenge yourself, and have fun!

What is Minesweeper?

Minesweeper is a logic puzzle video game that is commonly played on computers.

The game’s grid of clickable squares is interspersed with hidden “mines” throughout the board.

The goal is to clear the board without detonating any mines, using clues about the number of neighbouring mines in each field to help. Minesweeper variants that expand on the basic concepts include Minesweeper X, Crossmines, and Minehunt.

Minesweeper has appeared as a minigame in several other games, including RuneScape and Minecraft’s April Fools Update.

Play Minesweeper Rules

Objective and basic concepts

Minesweeper’s goal is to find and mark all of the mines hidden beneath the grey squares in the shortest amount of time possible.

This is accomplished by opening the squares by clicking on them. One of the following will be present in each square:

1. A mine, and clicking on it will cause you to lose the game.

2. A number indicating how many of its adjacent squares contain mines.

3. Nothing. In this case, you know that none of the adjacent squares have mines, and they will all be opened automatically.

You can begin by clicking any square because it is guaranteed that the first square you open will not contain a mine.

Often, on the first try, you’ll hit an empty square and then open up a few adjacent squares, making it easier to continue. Then it’s just a matter of looking at the numbers and figuring out where the mines are.


In Minesweeper, you can essentially take five actions:

1. Make a square. Simply left-click on a square to accomplish this.

2. Designating a square as a mine. This is accomplished by right-clicking on a square. A small mine icon will appear there.

3. Using a question mark to mark a square. This is done by right clicking twice on a square or once on a square that has already been marked as a mine.

Question marks are useful for marking squares that you’re not certain are mines but want to avoid accidentally opening.

4. Remove any marks. Right-click on the square once more. When you right-click, you can cycle through the following states: Bomb, Question Mark, and Clear.

5. Connect all of the remaining adjacent squares to a number square.

If you have a square with the number 1 and have already marked one mine in one of the adjacent squares, you can left click on the 1 square and all of the remaining adjacent squares will open.

This can save a lot of time when trying to clear out squares quickly.

If you press on a number where not all adjacent mines have been marked, for example, 3 and you’ve only marked one adjacent square.

The squares will not open to prevent you from accidentally clicking on a number and blowing yourself up! To perform this action in the old Windows version of this game, you had to use both mouse buttons at the same time, but here we just use a normal left-click.

To win a round of Minesweeper, click on every square on the board that does not have a mine under it. The game will be over once you’ve done so. The game will end if you accidentally click a square with a mine beneath it.

How to win Minesweeper

You’ll be able to start a new game or replay the one you just finished.

How to Play Minesweeper

Learning Minesweeper Mechanics 

1. Understand the underlying principles of Minesweeper. Each Minesweeper game begins with an unmarked grid of squares.

Some of the squares will disappear after you click one of them, while others will remain blank or have numbers on them. It is your responsibility to use the numbers to determine which of the blank squares contain mines and which are safe to click.

  • Minesweeper is similar to Sudoku in that your success is largely dependent on your ability to eliminate possible answers until only one remains.

2. Use the left and right mouse buttons.

The mouse is the only tool required to play Minesweeper. The left mouse button is used to click non-mined squares, while the right mouse button is used to flag mined squares.

  • On harder difficulties, you’ll have to mark squares that you suspect contain mines until you can confirm that they do.

3. Don’t be concerned about your first click. The first square you click will never have a mine beneath it; clicking a square clears some of the board while numbering others.

4. Understand what the numbers mean. A number on a square denotes the number of mines that are currently in contact with that square.

For example, if two squares are touching and one of them has “1” on it, you know that the square next to it has a mine beneath it.

Downloading Minesweeper 

1. Press the Start button. In the bottom-left corner of the screen, click the Windows logo.

2. Enter store into the Start box. This will look for the Store app on your computer.

3. Navigate to the Microsoft Store. Near the top of the Start window, click the Microsoft Store search result.

4. Select the “Search” option. It can be found in the upper-right corner of the Microsoft Store window.

5. Look for Minesweeper. Enter Microsoft minesweeper into the “Search” bar and wait for a drop-down menu to appear below it.

6. Navigate to Microsoft Minesweeper. It should be in the drop-down menu below the search bar.

7. Select Get. It’s a blue button just below the title “Microsoft Minesweeper.” Minesweeper will be installed on your computer as a result.

How to Play Minesweeper on a Mobile Device

Minesweeper is now available on the HP version, in addition to computers or laptops, as previously stated.

How to Play Minesweeper on Your Phone

1. Open Google Play and search for the Minesweeper game.

2. If you find it, please click the Install button.

3. When the installation is complete, press the Play button.

4. Finally, select the New Game option.

5. Choose the desired difficulty level, for example, Beginner in this case.

6. You will then be directed directly to the game.

7. Done.

How to Play Minesweeper on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is without a doubt one of the best browsers available today, and its popularity is growing as Google continues to add new features to it.

One such newly added feature in Google Chrome is the ability to play minesweeper within the browser environment. There are two approaches to this:

Type Minesweeper.

Open a new tab and type Minesweeper in the address bar or the Google search box to play Minesweeper on Google Chrome. The game itself will be the first outcome.

Install Extensions.

Google Chrome browser has extensions for almost anything you can think of that can be done on a browser other than browsing the internet.

To play Minesweeper on Google Chrome, you can install a couple of free browser extensions.

This extension includes the original Minesweeper game, which was first introduced by Microsoft in Windows XP. It’s entertaining to play and includes a timer to see how quickly you can finish the game. provides Minesweeper Online Game.

Before beginning the game, users can select one of three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert. The download size is less than 100KB, and it supports 14 languages.

How to Play Minesweeper Online for Free

If you are using a computer that does not allow you to download and install programmes, such as one in your office or college, you can play Minesweeper online without installing it.

Simply type Play Minesweeper Online into a search engine such as Bing or Google and look for relevant results. It is never a good idea to visit unfamiliar websites.

However, in this case, all of the websites would be unfamiliar because you would not know which website offers free minesweeper online.

The next best trick for identifying a safe website is to look for HTTPS as a prefix before the website’s name in the address bar. HTTPS is an abbreviation for Secure.

In the preceding image, a search for minesweeper was conducted online using the Chrome browser and Google as a search engine. The first two searches are not HTTPS and have been highlighted in red. The next three, highlighted in blue, include HTTPS before the site name and are thus considered safe.

Also, if the website requires you to download a file in order to play minesweeper, do not do so; instead, exit and look for another website.

How to Play Minesweeper on Your Computer?

What is the best way to play Minesweeper on Windows 10 and Google Chrome?

Minesweeper, a classic game that has been available since Microsoft Windows XP, still provides the same fun and excitement it did 20 years ago.

Almost all of us have stepped on the minefield while using a Windows PC and tripped off a mine just as you thought you were about to win. Years later, and with newer versions of Windows, Minesweeper, which was a default installed programme, has vanished from our computers.

People have forgotten about Minesweeper, so I’ve written this blog to help you take a trip down memory lane: “How to Play Minesweeper on Windows 10?”

How to Play Minesweeper on Windows 10?

Minesweeper, a default game since Windows XP, is no longer included with your Windows 10 PC.

If you want to play Minesweeper, you must first download it from the Microsoft Store. To install Minesweeper, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Microsoft Store.

2. In the top-right corner, type Minesweeper into the search box.

3. Several versions of Minesweeper will be available for download and installation.

4. Select the minesweeper game version you want to play and click it once. You will be directed to the product page.

5. Click the Get button on the product page to download and install the game.

6. When the process is finished, Windows Store will display a notification that the product has been installed and is ready to use.

Play Minesweeper with Keyboard

For players who prefer this type of control, Microsoft Minesweeper allows them to use a keyboard instead of a mouse.

All of the options available with a keyboard are listed in the table below.

  Movement in the Game  Keyboard Control
  Select Square  Arrow Keys
  Uncover Tile  Space/Enter
  Set Flag  1
  Set Flag or Chord  Ctrl+Space/Ctrl+Enter/Shift+Space/Shift+Enter
  Open/Close Menu  Esc/Windows Key+Z
  How to Play  F1
  New Game  F2
  Game Options  F5

The classic MineSweeper game with four different levels to challenge you: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Custom minefield, where you can customise the board size and number of mines.

The game’s goal is to clear a minefield without detonating any mines. When all of the squares without mines are revealed, the game is over.

Touch a location where you believe there will be no mines to reveal it; if a number appears, it indicates how many total mines are in the 8 squares surrounding that number.

You can flag any square where you believe a mine may be, or you can mark it with a question mark if you have any doubts about the presence of a mine in that square.

How To Play Minesweeper On Iphone

Main Characteristics

  • Choose from four difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Custom.
  • Fully customizable in terms of board size and mine count.
  • Simple to use; drag to scroll and pinch to zoom the minefield.
  • Clear a spot with a single tap and mark a flag with a long tap.
  • A mine will never be discovered on the first tap.
  • Mine counter and timer
  • Highscores and statistical information
  • Activate or deactivate sound effects
  • Game Center compatibility. Global leaderboards displaying the fastest games and the most wins
  • Universal App, full native iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch support
Playing Minesweeper Tips

You should play slower until you notice a decrease in the number of errors you make. Breathe out slowly while moving to improve your mouse control.

Only move to the square’s edge, not its centre, to click. By arranging three or four clicks in a line, you can avoid back-and-forth movements.

How To Play Minesweeper Bitlife

If there is a number 1, there is ONE mine that touches that number. So, if you see a 1 like the one above on a tile’s corner and it’s not touching any other tiles, you know it’s a mine.

Tap and hold on that tile to place a flag on it, which will help you remember which tiles are mines and which aren’t!

Playing Minesweeper Benefits

The previous successful use of Minesweeper to help teach logical proofs, as well as the importance of logic in hypothetical thinking and computer usage, suggests that learning Minesweeper may inherently help people improve their hypothetical thinking and computer usage.


Play Minesweeper XYZZY Google – Does Xyzzy work on Google Minesweeper?

Type “XYZZY” with your cursor inside the minesweeper window, then press Shift-Enter and Enter. In the upper-left corner of the screen, a white dot should appear. If it goes black, your cursor is over a mine. Please keep in mind that this trick works best if your Windows background is black.

What is the pattern in Minesweeper?

A pattern is a common number arrangement with only one solution. Thinking wastes time, so learning patterns are important.

The most well-known patterns are 1-2-1 and 1-2-2-1. You should memorise these right away.

How do I play Minesweeper on Google Play?

Google Minesweeper game

Use the left and right mouse buttons.

The mouse is the only tool required to play Minesweeper. The left mouse button is used to click non-mined squares, while the right mouse button is used to flag mined squares.

How do you Play the Minesweeper game?

Each Minesweeper game begins with an unmarked grid of squares.

Some of the squares will disappear after you click one of them, while others will remain blank or have numbers on them. It is your responsibility to use the numbers to determine which of the blank squares contain mines and which are safe to click.

How to Play Minesweeper on Ducky One 2 Mini – Is the Ducky One 2 mini still good?

The Ducky One 2 Mini is the best 60% keyboard on the market, combining a plethora of customization options, high quality, and nice touches in a stylish package.

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a premium keyboard at its price point, but it is completely worth it.

What is the trick to play Minesweeper?

To depress (but not open) the squares it touches, press both buttons (“chord”) on a number.

This shows how many squares are in contact with the number. The pink 2 is in the middle of three squares and cannot be solved.

The yellow 2 comes into contact with two squares and can be solved.

What is the goal of Minesweeper?

Minesweeper’s goal is to find all of the squares on a grid that do not have mines without being “blown up” by clicking on a square with a mine underneath.

The location of most mines is determined logically, but some require guessing, with a 50-50 chance of being correct.


That’s how you play Minesweeper. Whether it’s on Windows, HP, or online via the official website.

If you have any questions about a particular discussion, please ask them in the comments section.

I hope you find it useful.


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