Phoneky – Free downloads from Phoneky | Download Games, Apps, Ringtones, HD Wallpapers

Phoneky is a website where you can download free apps, ringtones, games, HD Wallpapers, and more on your iPhone, Android, or Java Mobile.

Free downloads from Phoneky
Free downloads from Phoneky

If you are accustomed to browsing online you may have encountered this site, or have the mobile application.

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However, if this is the first time you have heard of Phoneky and you may be wondering what it is all about.

Don’t worry; I’ll introduce you to the site as well as other important details.

What is Phoneky All About?

Phoneky is a mobile app and website where you can download apps, games, ringtones, photos, themes, and much more.

Phoneky does not charge a fee apart from the normal cost of data for downloading apps, games, ringtones, and more from the website or mobile app.

You can easily download from this website without any pressure.

Phoneky: Free Download Website for Android

A few sites, however, tend to share some form of content.

But, a site like Phoneky contains different content for your mobile devices. These files are designed specifically for Android, Symbian, and Java phones.

These days, Java or Symbian phones are not recommended especially now that you can get Android devices at cheap prices.

Downloadable Categories in Phoneky

As mentioned earlier, brings a variety of file types to your phone. Including:

  • Apps
  • Games/Sports
  • Ringtones
  • Pictures/Images
  • Themes
  • Videos
  • Live wallpapers for iPhones

There are a few of the older services on the website that still offer more ringtones, Nokia themes, Sony Ericsson themes.

How to Download From Phoneky

Follow the steps below to download files from this site:

• Go to the official website –

• Choose the file genre you want to download. In this tutorial, we will be using videos. So, click on the video tab.

• Tap on the file to download

• On the file page, click the action button. For games and applications, select Download Game / Application. And for videos, choose Download or Play Video

• Moving over to the next page, pick out the download action again.

At this juncture, the download should begin. When using a computer, the video should start playing.

That’s all. That’s the way to download from phoneky.

How to Download Phoneky Ringtones

To download Phoneky Ringtones, follow these steps:

• On the page that appears, click your favorite ringtone

• After that, click to download the ringtone

• Click the different “download” ringtone link.

When the song starts playing click on the menu and click download, soon the ringtone will be downloaded to your device.

How to Download Phoneky Apps

Phoneky Apps shows you the best android apps were you can download new and popular apps.

• On the page that appears click on your favorite app.

• On the page that appears click on the download app

• Click on a different download link.

The app will be downloaded instantly to your device.

How to Download Games on Phoneky

Click on a particular category to see comparable Android games grouped by genre to find the next game to play on your mobile.

• On the genre page, click the type you prefer

• Click your favorite game.

• When the app page appears, click on the download game.

• Click on a different download link.

The game will be downloaded immediately to your device.

How to Download Photos/Images on Phoneky

Download amazing photos from Phoneky to enjoy. Further down the pictures, you have the wallpapers, gif animation, live android wallpapers, iPhone live wallpaper.

• On the genre page click the type you prefer

• Tick your favorite image

• Next, click the “download” image.

• Click the download link for another download link.

The image will be downloaded immediately to your device.

How to Download Themes from Phoneky

You can download incredible themes from Phoneky. Further down themes, there are certain subsections you can download such as android themes, live wallpapers, and wallpapers.

• Click on the themes that appear at the top of the page.

• Click on the theme you like.

• Next, click on the “download” theme.

• Click on a separate download link for the link.

Phoneky Videos

Video Time shows anime videos, movie videos, music and likes. There, you can also find videos that highlight football and others.

Also, you can make simpler your video search using the genre selection. In the genre folder, you should find genres such as entertainment, anime, Bollywood, technology, trailers, and likes.

You can also find connected Korean videos.


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