Nigerian Movies on Netflix 2020 – How Much Does Netflix Pay for a Nigerian Movie

Nigerian Movies on Netflix 2020

Nigerian Movies on Netflix – Netflix is the de facto post-cinema destination for the biggest African movies in the box office. Nigerian film culture has changed since its commencement. Unlike years ago when the Nigerian movie theater was full of foreign video… Continue Reading

Top Online Mobile Payment Services in Nigeria for E-Commerce 2020

Online Mobile Payment Services in Nigeria

In Nigeria, cash still controls retail payments, but digital transactions, particularly mobile payment services are growing steadily. A large proportion of the Nigerian population remains either unbanked or underbanked. Nigerian citizens often ignore banking and choose to keep cash or… Continue Reading

OFood Food Delivery Service in Nigeria – The Beginning of the End

OFood OPay Food Delivery Service in Nigeria

OFood is one of the distinctive features of the Opay super app that allows users to order food online and send it to the consumer’s doorstep. OFood was launched in Nigeria in August 2019 and operates mainly in Lagos. Food… Continue Reading

Black Friday Deals 2020 in Nigeria | the Secret of Best Deals | Tips

Black Friday Deals 2020 in Nigeria

Black Friday 2020 is one day in the year when e-commerce records some of the highest sales. Black Friday deals offer great discounts on phones, gadgets, and more. This year’s Black Friday falls on Friday, November 27, however, various retailers… Continue Reading

When is Black Friday 2020 in Nigeria?

Black Friday 2020 in Nigeria Predictions

Black Friday 2020 in Nigeria occurs on Friday, November 27th; meanwhile Black Friday usually occurs on the day after Thanksgiving. Even though that’s the official Black Friday date of the year, the occasion is kicking off early at some retailers.  What… Continue Reading

Growth Hacking For Startups | Hotmail “PS: I Love You | Get Your Free Email at Hotmail

Growth Hacking for Startups for Hotmail “PS: I Love You

Growth Hacking For Startups – when the Hotmail e-mail service was launched on July 4, 1996, no one knew the term “Growth Hacking “. However, the clever marketing strategy of Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith goes down in history as… Continue Reading

Facebook Dating Europe Free for Singles | Facebook Dating Service

Facebook Dating Europe Free for Singles

Facebook Dating Europe is a committed, opt-in space within the Facebook app, where you can create an online Facebook Dating profile within minutes. Facebook Dating Europe makes it easier to share your real self and gives you a reliable look at… Continue Reading

Noise-Cancelling Headphones For Work/Sleeping: How Do Noise-Cancelling Headphones Cancel Sounds?

Noise-Cancelling Headphones For Work

Noise-cancelling headphones were initially designed for pilots to enhance their well-being on long flights, while the first types for consumers were created for commuters. What are Noise-Cancelling Headphones? Noise-cancelling headphones are headphones that moderate unwanted ambient sounds using an active noise controller.… Continue Reading