Oura Ring Awesome Way to Track Your Sleep and More

Oura rings are the future of health on your finger, tracking your sleep, heart rate, activity, and temperature and providing individualized insights.

Sleep is the foundation of good health. Enhance it with the most precise smart ring.

Oura Ring
Oura Ring

You can now buy jewelry that provides essential information about your health, such as your sleep habits and exercise levels, thanks to technological advancements.

The Oura Ring, which appears to be a trendy ring, is actually a sophisticated data-collection device.

The ring, while not cheap, is one of the most compact sleep and activity monitors on the market.

This article analyzes the Oura Ring’s benefits, cons, and pricing to help you determine if it’s worth the investment and more.

What is an Oura Ring?

The Oura health tracker ring is a wearable device with upgraded sensors that claims to precisely track and optimize your health.

The simple ring is meant to be worn at all times and provides users with three daily scores to help them with sleep, activity, and preparation.

The “sleep” data allegedly analyzes your deep, light, and REM sleep, as well as your nightly heart rate, bedtime schedule, and other factors.

The “activity” score measures how much activity, inactivity, and rest a person gets, whereas the “readiness” feature answers the question “how much can you and your body take on?” by analyzing your sleep, activity, and bodily stress signals such as temperature and heart rate.

Oura introduced their third generation ring in late 2021, which includes capabilities including period prediction and blood oxygen monitoring, as well as workout tracking and daytime heart rate tracking.

The Oura Ring, marketed as “a sleep lab wrapped around your finger,” claims to have a 99.6 percent heart rate accuracy rate.

How Does Oura Ring Work?

Oura, a health technology business founded in Finland in 2013, is best known for the Oura Ring.

The device is a smart ring with sensors that measure a number of health parameters, which can be viewed on the company’s Oura app.

Unlike other fitness trackers, Oura calculates daily scores for sleep, exercise, and readiness to provide a rapid snapshot of your health habits.

The activity score, for example, analyzes how active you’ve been in the previous week and incorporates elements such as:

  • Workouts Logged
  • Steps
  • Calories Burnt
  • Inactivity
  • Naps

It also considers how many times you’ve met your daily exercise goals.

Oura Ring differs from other trackers on the market in that it measures the quality of your sleep using the following data:

  • Amount of time spent in light, deep, and REM sleep
  • Heart rate at rest
  • Variability in heart rate
  • The number of breaths taken per minute (respiratory rate)
  • The body’s temperature
  • Moving at night

The Oura Ring is currently one of the few sleep monitors that analyzes both body temperature and heart rate variability.

While additional research on heart rate variability — the variation measured in milliseconds between each heartbeat — is needed, it is an excellent predictor of sleep quality.

Interested in learning more about the preparedness score? Using indicators such as your recent resting heart rate, body temperature, and physical activity level, this figure reflects how prepared you are to face the day’s challenges.

You may also view daily, weekly, and monthly graphs showing how your scores have changed over time by clicking on each measure.

Remember that the Oura Ring is not a medical gadget intended to cure, treat, monitor, or prevent disease. Instead, it seeks to discover areas for improvement and highlight patterns in your health that may signal the need for medical attention.

Who is the Oura Ring Best For?

Oura Ring is a terrific solution if you want to improve your sleep and overall well-being. It differs from other fitness trackers in that its major goal is to make you more aware of your recovery and sleep habits in order to improve the quality of your sleep. Anyone (active or not) looking for better, more quality rest should think about the Oura Ring.

The New versus the old

The appearance of the Oura Ring has remained consistent from generation to generation.

The pricing and battery life have also remained stable.

However, the Oura’s skills have evolved significantly.

Previous incarnations of the Oura Ring had just 0.5 megabytes (MB), while the Oura Ring 3 contains 16 MB.

The amount of sensors in the Oura Ring 3 is one of the most noticeable differences.

Earlier Oura Rings featured three temperature sensors, but the Oura Ring 3 has seven, allowing it to anticipate menstrual cycles and identify more attempted illnesses.

Because of the additional sensors, the Oura Ring 3 can measure both daytime and workout heart rates, which was not possible in previous iterations.

The third version of the Oura Ring also includes a wellness content library.

While this means that users may now access a variety of health-related audio tracks, it also means that Oura will begin charging a $5.99 monthly membership subscription fee for content on their previously fully free app.

While previous iterations of the Oura Ring and the Oura Ring 3 all provide sleep, readiness, and activity scores to help users make health decisions, the Oura Ring 3’s additional sensors imply more accurate data may be utilized to determine these scores.

While no Oura Ring generation can tell you the exact optimal time to wake up or eat, the new Moment feature included with the Oura Ring 3 allows users to evaluate how specific activities, songs, and audio tracks positively benefit their health.

Why does Oura take measurements from your fingers rather than your wrist?

Heart Rate

Measuring heart rate is difficult. It is for this reason that doctors and researchers attempt to reach as close to your arteries as possible in order to obtain the most precise and unfiltered data.

While other “wristables” measure from the top of your wrist (far away from arteries), Oura measures from your fingertips (exactly adjacent to your arteries) for the most accurate read.

Body Temperature

According to the most recent medical study, your skin temperature (which Oura measures) can provide information about how stress and sickness influence your body.

That’s why UCSF researchers employed Oura and its temperature sensors in a study regarding detecting COVID-19 before symptoms appeared.

It’s also why we enlarged and enhanced the temperature system on the New Oura Ring.

Specifications and Features

The Oura Ring 3 is composed of strong titanium and comes in four different colors: silver, black, stealth, and gold.

The ring weighs 0.1-0.2 ounces (4-6 grams) and measures 0.31 inch in diameter, depending on size (7.9 mm).

It is also hypoallergenic and nonmetallic, with a seamless interior molding.

Furthermore, the Oura Ring is waterproof up to 330 feet (100 meters), so you may bathe, wash dishes, and even swim while wearing it.

The Oura Ring uses innovative sensor technology that relies on a tight fit for accuracy.

As a result, it is critical that your ring fits properly.

Because Oura Ring sizes differ from typical US sizes, you should use Oura’s free ring sizing kit, which includes 8 plastic sample rings ranging in size from 6 to 13.

However, there is no right or incorrect finger to wear the Oura ring on as long as it fits snugly.

The ring has a battery life of 4-7 days, according to Oura, with a full charge taking anything from 20-80 minutes.

While the app will notify you when the battery is running low, the business recommends charging the ring in short bursts throughout the day, such as when brushing your teeth or showering.

Another approach to improve battery life is to occasionally put the ring in airplane mode, which allows the ring to collect data for several weeks. However, in order to sync your data with the app, you must exit airplane mode.

How much does an Oura Ring 3 cost?

The Oura Ring costs between $299 and $399, depending from the color and style.

While the basic silver or black ring starts at $299, the stealth and gold variants cost $399.

There is also a $15 shipping surcharge.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to return or exchange it as long as it is completely working and undamaged.

Shipping and handling, however, are not refundable.

Keep in mind that the return policy has some restrictions.

You may only return your ring for a refund or exchange it for a different size, style, or color once.

You should get your size kit within 14 days after placing your order.

After submitting your ring size, your ring will be shipped in roughly 2-3 weeks.

Oura Rings have a one-year limited guarantee from the date of original dispatch.

If your ring needs to be replaced for any reason, the replacement ring will be covered for the balance of the original 1-year guarantee, or for 90 days, whichever is longer.

How the sensors work

The Oura Ring 3 is equipped with 15 sophisticated sensors.


In addition to infrared (IR) LEDs, the Oura Ring 3 incorporates green and red LEDs.

These are used to assess heart rate during the day and during exercise.

Temperature Sensors.

Extra negative temperature coefficient (NTC) sensors and an upgraded calibrated sensor are included in the Oura Ring 3 to assess differences in skin temperature.

The ring’s seven temperature sensors may also anticipate your monthly period and visualize your menstrual cycle.

They may even assist you in detecting illness before symptoms arise.

Finger Detection Sensor.

The Oura Ring 3 has an additional IR sensor that detects when the ring is not properly oriented and compensates for more accurate findings.

A blood oxygen measurement feature (SpO2) will be available in 2022, allowing users to view nightly blood oxygen levels.

Guided Sessions

You can check in with your body using Oura’s Moment feature. Simply touch the add (+) icon on the Oura app’s home tab and select whether you want a guided or unguided relaxation, meditation, or mindful breathing session. Then, set your session timer (1-60 minutes or open-ended) and sit quietly.

The Oura Ring will monitor vital health data such as your resting heart rate (RHR) and heart rate variability during the session (HRV). This information can then be compared over time to see which approaches are most effective and beneficial for improving your health.

Because rates vary based on the time of day, it’s often better to compare data from similar times and situations.

The Oura app comes with a library of more than 50 audio sessions. Meditation, sleep, attention, and energy boosts are all covered.

You can track how your body responds to specific sessions by using the quick feedback provided by the Oura Ring’s Moment feature. If a specific session helps you relax or fall asleep faster, it can be added to your daily routine.


While it is far from the only sleep and activity tracker on the market, the Oura Ring is one of the few ring-shaped gadgets.

It is waterproof, composed of high-quality materials, and has a long battery life. Furthermore, as long as the ring fits snugly, it can be worn on any finger on either hand with minimal data disturbance.

There are also numerous ring colors to select from, making the ring both stylish and utilitarian.

Other Benefits

  • Unisex
  • Can be worn on any finger on either hand
  • Available in a variety of colors and designs
  • Watertight up to 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Extended battery life
Potential downsides

Before purchasing an Oura Ring, there are a few things to consider.

For starters, because the company does not provide half sizes, it can be difficult to locate the correct fit. Furthermore, the delivery time is extended because you must utilize the ring sizing kit before placing your order.

Another potential disadvantage is the device’s price, which isn’t the most affordable tracker on the market, especially when you consider the delivery fee. Furthermore, the firm will begin charging a $5.99/month subscription fee for full access to the Oura app.

Some features found in other trackers are absent from the ring.

Other Cons

  • Not available in half sizes or typical US sizes
  • More expensive than several competitors
  • No return shipping and handling
  • No smart alarm features such as lights and sounds

Most notably, the ring lacks a smart alarm feature, which is featured on other sleep monitors.

Comparison with Competitors

While the Oura Ring is the most popular ring-shaped sleep and activity tracker on the market, it isn’t the first.

The Motive Ring was Oura’s main rival at the time. However, the corporation is no longer offering the product to new clients because the brand’s focus shifted once it was acquired.

Similarly, Amazon’s Echo Loop is no longer being manufactured.

The Circular Ring is one ring that has recently gained popularity. While it has raised a substantial amount of money through crowdsourcing, it is not yet available for purchase. If bought now, it will be delivered in the summer of 2022.

The Go2Sleep Ring, which offers sleep tracking and Bluetooth capabilities, is the closest competitor.

However, Go2Sleep does not provide activity tracking.

However, at less than $130, the Go2Sleep Ring is less expensive and worth considering if all you want to do is discover more about your sleeping habits.

If you’re willing to consider other fitness jewelry, the Apple Watch has functionality that the Oura Ring does not have.

The Apple Watch, for example, can play music, track your whereabouts, and send and receive texts and phone calls.

However, when it comes to sleeping habits, the Oura Ring outperforms the Apple Watch because it monitors body temperature trends.

Fitbit is another popular wrist tracker that offers devices with built-in display panels.

Fitbit devices that contain GPS are also less expensive than the Oura Ring.

Fitbit, unlike the Oura Ring, is not Google Fit compatible.

Furthermore, it simply displays your data, whereas the Oura Ring calculates scores to assist you in identifying trends in your health over time.

How do I choose the right size and design?

In the following, we would like to discuss this with you.

Order your free size kit today!

The Oura ring is not inexpensive.

Of course, you want to ensure that your ring fits properly.

As a result, you can get the free sizing kit from Oura.

This package includes plastic rings ranging in size from 6 to 13.

Examine the various models and select one that fits nicely on your finger.

But how exactly do you find the right ring size?

With the three tips below, you’ll have no trouble finding the proper size for your fingers.

1. When should you measure your ring size?

Your finger circumference changes during the day and is affected by temperature.

In the winter, if you measure your fingers on a hot summer day, your ring may be too big.

This is due to the fact that in high temperatures, the fingers swell slightly.

As a result, measure your fingers at room temperature, when it is neither too hot nor too cold.

2. When are your fingers thickest?

Whether you were physically active during the day or not, your fingers tend to swell slightly in the evening.

They are a little slimmer in the morning.

As a result, it is preferable to wear the Oura size kit’s plastic ring for 24 hours.

This allows you to determine whether the ring fits comfortably on your finger at all times of the day.

We advocate wearing the ring for several days at a time and engaging in a variety of activities (sports, showering, etc.).

After this time, you will be certain of which ring size is best for you.

3. How tight should a ring fit?

Naturally, your Oura ring should be neither too tight nor too loose.

But how can you know if the size you’ve chosen is perfect?

If you can slide the ring over your knuckles without experiencing any resistance, it’s too loose.

If you have to apply force to slide the ring over your knuckle, it’s a little too tight.

If your Oura ring does not fit despite careful size selection, you can, of course, return it under the terms of your legal right to withdraw.

How To Apply Your Oura Ring Discount Code

Here’s how to use an Oura Ring coupon code:

1. On this page, find the Oura Ring coupon code that you wish to use and click the Copy code button.

The code will be copied to the clipboard on your phone or computer, ready to be pasted at the checkout.

2. On the Oura Ring website, when you’re ready to check out, click Checkout or View cart to begin the checkout procedure. Look for the Promo code box and paste the code when you come to the payment step.

3. To apply the discount to your order, click Apply.


Is a Oura Ring worth it?

In comparison to other gadgets, the ring is rather easy to wear, especially at night.

Because most individuals do not want to sleep with a watch on, the Oura Ring is an excellent choice for sleep tracking. Overall, when all of its characteristics are considered and compared to other items, the Oura Ring represents good value for money.

Is Oura Ring real gold?

The third-generation Oura ring is composed of titanium and is available in four different finishes: black, gold, silver, and stealth (matte black). The silver and black models are $299, while the stealth and gold models are $399.

Can Oura Ring detect sleep apnea?

While the Oura Ring cannot be used to diagnose sleep apnea, it can provide useful information about your sleep quality. Individuals suffering from sleep apnea may have less deep and REM sleep, which may be indicated as excessive awake time on the Oura App.

Does Oura Ring track calories?

Because I’ve linked the Oura app to the Health app, Oura automatically imports all recorded exercises and applies them to my active calorie burn objectives and daily activity score.

What colors does the Oura Ring come in?

Specifications and features The Oura Ring 3 is composed of strong titanium and comes in four different colors: silver, black, stealth, and gold. The ring weighs 0.1-0.2 ounces (4-6 grams) and measures 0.31 inch in diameter, depending on size (7.9 mm).

Which is superior, Whoop or Oura Ring?

Whoop lacks a GPS, thus it does not track kilometers run or biked unless you bring your phone with you. Overall, Whoop is a good fitness tracker because it uses your heart rate to calculate calories burned and strain score, whereas Oura does not yet.


If you’re searching for a sleep and activity tracker that’s both simple to use and fashionable, the Oura Ring is a great option.

Learning more about your overall health has never been easier, thanks to raw data as well as daily sleep, activity, and preparedness assessments.

Nonetheless, because the device isn’t inexpensive, it’s worth looking around for a tracker that meets both your health demands and your budget.


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