Opay POS Request | Opay Application Form & Registration | How to Apply for an Opay POS Machine

Opay POS Request | Opay Application Form & Registration | How to Apply for an Opay POS Machine

Opay POS Request, Application Form & Registration
Opay POS Request, Application Form & Registration

Opay POS Request – this page offers important information on how to apply for an Opay POS machine and become an Opay agent. You will discover what it takes to effectively complete Opay registration.

To begin with, I’m sure you’re aware that Opay is a Nigerian online mobile transaction service owned by Opera Software, the company behind the Opera mini and web browser. In Kenya and South Africa, the app is already in use.

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Certain guidelines must be followed in order to become an OPay representative. First and foremost, you will have a mode of transportation; additionally, you will download the opay app for Android and complete the registration process.

However, the steps for applying are straightforward and are outlined below:

Opay POS Request | Registration Guide for Opay Agents: What Does it Take to Become an Opay Agent?

Do you wish to work as an OPay representative? This page contains all of the information you’ll need to get started with Opay agent registration. Is a BVN required to register for OPay? Find out more here, as well as a wealth of other resources.

Opay POS Request | What Does it Take to Become an Opay Agent? How to Be an Opay Agent

As previously said, you can apply to be an agent for any of these fractions; you can apply to be an agent for ORide, OPay, and OWealth. Each of these involves a distinct application process, so we will be teaching you this basic OPay agent registration guide so that you can apply now.

Opay POS Request | Registration Form for Opay Agents

If you want to be an OWealth or Opay agent, your application form should include the following information:

  • Download the Opay app for free from the Google Play Store or from operapay.com.
  • Your BVN will be required.
  • Any utility bill receipts will also be required.
  • Obtain any form of identification, such as an international passport or a driver’s license.
  • OPay offers a free account registration.
  • You’ll need one passport-sized photos.

These are the essential requirements for applying for an OPay service; if you have any of these, I am confident that you will be able to work with OPay as an agent.

Opay POS Request | Who is eligible to register as an Opay Agent?

  • Anyone who is intellectually fit can work with OPay, whether he or she is a male or a woman.
  • Anyone who can communicate in plain English or his native tongue.
  • Applicants for ORide must own a Keke or a motorcycle.
  • Owealth agent applicants must have a valid bank account number.
  • Applicants must be in possession of a valid form of identification.
  • Candidates must have a basic understanding of customer relations.
  • You must have a fully functional Android phone with excellent internet service.
  • You must have a fully functional Android phone with excellent internet service.

I’m sure you’d like to know how much money you’ll make as an agent:

  • You can make a lot of money if you meet your target.
  • You are entitled to a complimentary point-of-sale machine (POS)
  • Work with OPay to keep your business running smoothly.
  • You don’t have to go out looking for customers.
  • Download the OPay app and sign up for a free account.
  • OPay agents can add money to their wallet or take money out of it.

Opay POS Request | How do I get an Opay POS Machine?

Please keep in mind that you can only apply for an Opay POS Machine after you’ve completed the online opay agent application.

Please follow the steps below to successfully apply for an opay point of sale machine (POS).

  • Purchase a smartphone and go to the Google Play Store.
    • Depending on your phone, look for the Opay app for Android or iPhone.
  • After that, open the app and agree to the terms of service.
  • More importantly, complete the opay agent registration form as directed
  • Follow the prompts and complete your transaction
  • Once your application is confirmed, you will be notified to pick up your POS at the local opay facility.

You have now obtained your point-of-sale machine from opay in a simple and straightforward manner.

Opay POS Request | Reviews
  • Is it free to sign up with Opay?

Yes! The Opay app is free, as is the Opay application, but in order to have full access to your Oride or Otrike mobile phone, you must pay a total of #54, 000 in cash or by installments.

  • Is BVN required to apply for Opay POS?

No, a bank verification number is not required to apply for an Opa point of sale machine.

  • What is the location where I can pick up my POS machine?

Your pick-up location will be emailed to you after you complete the registration and application for Opay pos.

Opay POS Request | Opay Agent Contact Number | Opay Phone Numbers and Emails

·     Customer service:

+2 341 888 8329

Opay emails:

Customer service


Privacy inquiries



Opay POS Request | Opay Offices Address in Abuja

The Abuja office is open for a variety of services and is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You can visit the office to file complaints or address financial issues

Most individuals are looking for different ways to contact Opay POS Agents through the Opay Abuja offices and for other reasons if they need to contact Opay through their Nigerian offices.

Because we don’t know where Opay is in Abuja, it’s best to phone him and make your report. Please dial 08123911396 to obtain the Opay Abuja address and have your issues resolved.

The quickest way to contact the Opay Abuja office is to dial their customer service number.

If you are looking for Opay Offices in Abuja, Nigeria, to apply for POS, you can still do so by calling the Opay Lagos Office at 08068598975.

Please phone OPay or write to them at No 4 Opay Office Beside Kawo Bus Stop, Gwagwarwa, Kano to get in touch with them.

Please note that there are no separate POS offices in Abuja because the central office provides both POS and other main services.

Opay POS Request | Other Opay Offices in Nigeria
  • Opay Offices in Lagos

The correct contact office address for Opay in Lagos is plot 8 Dr. Nurudeen Olowopopo way, Ikeja

  • Opay office in Delta State, Warri

Warri Sapele Road after Enerhen Junction before Wema Bank

  • Opay Office in Benin, Edo State

Benin Sapele Road in Benin City, before the Nigerian Prison Service

Contact Phone number: 08060925805

  • Opay Office in Kano

No 4 Opay Office Beside Kawo Bus Stop, Gwagwarwa, Kano

  • Opay Office Imo State

Madonna Road, before little rock school, Owerri

155 Iwuanyanwu street, workslayout

  • Opay Office in Akwa Ibom

133 Atiku Abubakar Ave, Uyo Before Jamb Office

  • Opay Office in Port Harcourt

36D Bimko Crescent, Rumueme 500272, Port Harcourt

Phone number: 08068598975

  • Opay Office in Nigeria for Kaduna

OPAY NO 25 Gongola Road, Challawa Barnawa Gra, Cresent, Makera 800242, Kaduna

Phone Number: +2349023753754

  • Opay Office in Illorin,

No 4 Opay Office Beside Kawo Bus Stop, Gwagwarwa, Kano


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