Nigerian Movies on Netflix 2020 – How Much Does Netflix Pay for a Nigerian Movie

Nigerian Movies on Netflix – Netflix is the de facto post-cinema destination for the biggest African movies in the box office.

Nigerian film culture has changed since its commencement. Unlike years ago when the Nigerian movie theater was full of foreign video cassettes or CDs, today many filmmakers are making stellar content and Netflix is ​​here for it.

Nigerian Movies on Netflix 2020
Nigerian Movies on Netflix 2020

The massive streaming platform is heavily investing in the global film industry and Africa is not left out.

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Unlike earlier projects such as its Strong Black Lead initiative that was launched in 2018 to bring to light Black issues, the Made by Africa, Watched by the World initiative takes a completely new approach.

Currently, there are more Nigerian Movies on Netflix,

Genevieve Nnaji’s Lionheart made headlines in 2018 for its landmark as the first original Nigerian Movie on Netflix

Queen Sono, the first Netflix original in a drama series created by an entirely South African cast and crew altogether, had a great first season and was renewed for a second.

According to Dorothy Ghettuba, the Head of African Originals of the company, this is a way to showcase African talent around the world. There is so much that can be seen and cherished around the world. Speaking at the newest premiere of Queen Sono, she said,

“Netflix believes that great stories come from anywhere and will be loved everywhere. We want to tell amazing stories tailored to different languages, different tastes, and different moods. The intention is to showcase African talent not only to African audiences but to the rest of the world.”

Nigerian Movies on Netflix: Shooting For Quality

Nigerian Movies on Netflix – Netflix will not issue a license for any Nigerian film or TV show.

As a subscription-based service, this US Company wants to showcase a quality library.

Netflix contests with quantity and also quality, hence, Nigerian movies need to meet the technical specifications in image and sound in addition to writing and acting.

Stipulations differ for original and licensed content. Probably, the bar is higher for original content but there is a 50-page document dedicated to how the already released films must have to be Netflix-worthy.

Netflix will not simply take your movie because it is cleverly written, zealously acted, and/or perfectly produced. 

Netflix wants to display a wide range of catalogs and monetize existing and new subscriptions.

Nigerian Movies on Netflix – How Much Does Netflix Pay for a Nigerian Movie

According to – Netflix reportedly pays from $5,000 to as much as $70,000 per licensed African film, and they expect a return on investment.

Hence, movie producers still have to make a tough proposal to include distributors with a genre to give the film a reputation.

Nigerian Movies on Netflix: Why not Aim for Originals?

Not everyone ends up making Nigerian Netflix Original. It most likely makes sense to shoot a modest movie that uses Netflix as the glory of cinema launch.

Netflix – and other platforms that will eventually expand their presence in Africa – have a high global reach. It only makes sense that a prominent manufacturer should have access to those extra eyeballs.

Every filmmaker has a reason to make a movie. Sometimes people make movies to get recognition. Some just want their movies to make money. In any case, obtaining a Nigerian Movie on Netflix license is usually an individual preference, and doing so comes with a lot of challenges

When you make people add your top film to the Netflix line, you increase your odds of making a lot of money when your film lastly gets on the platform.

Thus you have to start thinking about what you want to do with your movie now.

The streaming giant has purchased the content already produced and filmed with Netflix’s original TV shows and movies.

Here are some Nigerian best movies to watch on Netflix. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh, in the mood for a romantic night or you don’t mind getting a little interesting thriller or horror chills, there is something for everyone.

  • October 1

Country: Nigeria | Director: Kunle Afolayan | Year: 2014 | Language: English, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa

Watch this African movie on Netflix

  • The Figurine

Country: Nigeria | Director: Kunle Afolayan Year: 2009 | Language: English, Yoruba

Watch this African movie on Netflix

  • King of Boys

Country: Nigeria | Director: Kemi Adetiba Year: 2018 | Language: English, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa

Watch this African movie on Netflix


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