NativeDropboxAgent | what is it & What Does It Do on Your System?

If you are a Windows user and do not have Windows 10, you should then know about the NativeDropboxAgent as it helps you to run your app faster and smoother.

Besides, it is useful and easy to use. Download Windows ISO and keep your operating system advanced.

What is NativeDropBoxAgent?

NativeDropBoxAgent is a pre-installed app for your smartphone especially on Motorola smartphones running on Android.

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There is a connection between the app and the cloud storage. However, in the case of NativeDropBoxAgent, there is no connection with the cloud storage app dropbox.

When users do not use their dropbox regularly or if the user does not have a dropbox it may cause errors.

Dropbox is a built-in Android app. With this app, users can easily access their files from anywhere at any time. It also assists them to automatically back up their photos, videos, and other media files.

To start using DropBox you must first log in to your account and create an account when you register as a new user.

• Secondly, existing users can easily enter the username and password and choose login.

• After logging in the user can view all Dropbox folders and files.

Click to open any folder and open your folders, files, photos, videos, and more. 

NativeDropboxAgent | Basic Features of Dropbox 

As dropbox is a well-known application to keep data secured on the cloud, it has some limited space. However, the user may end up exceeding the limit by registering with the advanced plan.

Dropbox has a lot of features for the users and offers security in keeping data safe and secure.

Sharing files

In Dropbox, a user can easily share any Dropbox texts via Twitter, Facebook, email, or IM using the in built apps on the phone.

If the user wants to share a file, press and hold on file. When options appear, click Share.

Create and Save Document

User can create a new document, video, and take a photo. This Dropbox lets the user to do things without leaving the app itself. To continue, press the menu button on your device and select New.

Search Option

Having trouble searching for a specific file? Use the search option and type the file name accordingly. Dropbox will show your desired file displayed immediately.

As it is attached to the software (the main version) users cannot uninstall it directly or disable also.

In fact, problems with NativeDropBoxAgent arises even if users do not have Dropbox installed and do not use it regularly.

Generally reported problems with the NativeDropBoxAgent are short battery life, normal downtime, and reduced memory space. Also, if you have antivirus installed, it often finds NativeDropBoxAgent as harmful, marking it as an unwanted program.

Can I delete NativeDropboxAgent?

This app is built into Motorola mobile devices, so it can’t be uninstalled. Also, it comes with main software, it cannot be uninstalled or not deactivated. 

How can I stop NativeDropBoxAgent from running?

You can just stop the functionality of this app by using following way.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the Applications
  3. Select All which display you all the applications
  4. Click on Nativedropboxagent.
  5. Clear Cache and Clear Data
  6. If problem still persist then press disable/freeze app.
  7. This will show you pop up and then app will disable and never drain your battery.

That’s it! NativeDropBoxAgent will not run any more

Moreover, after performing this step, users reported significant improvements to their device’s operating system and in addition to a constructive adjustment in the device memory space.

How to Fix Battery Drain Problems Persist Due to Nativedropboxagent?

Nativedropboxagent can be fixed in many ways. But first, you need to check if your mobile phone is working properly or not

To test it you should start you Motorola mobile phone in safe mode. To start the mobile phone in safe mode you have to do following steps.

  • With the phone on, press the Power key.
  • Touch and hold Power off.
  • Tap Ok when Reboot to safe mode appears on the screen.
  • Safe mode will appear in the bottom left corner.
  • Simply go to Safe mode and start working with your mobile phone. If the battery drain or issues discuss above still persists then you have to disable the Nativedropboxagent app.

Since in safe mode all the third party apps will be disable.

Bottom Line

It appears like there are no serious concerns for using this app actually.


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