MTN Data Plan 2021: Internet Bundle Subscription Codes and Prices in Nigeria

Hey! Have you been speculating when the MTN data plan would be better with cheaper browsing plans? If yes, then that makes two of us.

Just when we were about losing hope in them, MTN updated its online browsing data plans by adding more data allowance and introducing a few new data plans that offer added value for money.

MTN Data Plans : Subscription codes and Prices
MTN Data Plans : Subscription codes and Prices

It’s among “the best MTN data plan 2021 in Nigeria”.

These updated data plans from MTN 2021 are almost as if they have been reading our minds all this time and finally decided to show us that they are still very much in charge and still in the game of satisfying their customers.

MTN Data Plan 2021: About MTN Network

MTN is the biggest network in Nigeria. Their early expansion push had an impact as they now cover extensive areas in Nigeria gaining more subscribers in the process.

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As a result, the MTN data system is one of the most sought after data bundles in Nigeria.

Subscribers who have already used MTN to receive calls will normally choose MTN data online subscriptions with their codes.

Currently, the MTN data bundles are not just for the big boys only since the data plan packages are designed to fit different pocket sizes and give you a higher value for your money.

Besides! You also get the MTN Data Rollover & Auto-renewal feature.

Even if you want to browse a few pages, stream movies, download large files, or connect with your friends, there is a program here for everyone.

In this article, we described the various MTN data systems presently available for subscription and we are self-assured that you will find the right one for you whether you are looking for the cheapest or largest data.

Lastly, as a competitor in this game with the likes of Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, etc., MTN has advanced more to provide the data plans bundles for all devices including Android, iPhone, iPads, blackberry, and modem or Mifi and what have you ;

All MTN Data Plan Subscription Codes 2021

MTN Data Plan 2021 with bundle Codes are seen below;

  • MTN daily data plan 2020 for Android, iPhone, and other devices. Subscription code: Dial *104# or text “104” to 131

You can also get 100Mb for 24 hours at 200 naira. Subscription code: Dial *113# or text “113” to 141

  • MTN Data Plan Summary: For MTN daily plan

Dial *104* to get 30Mb for 100 Naira

Dial *113# to get 100Mb for 200 Naira, all valid for 24hours

  • MTN night data plans 2021

MTN was the first to introduce a cheap night data bundle before Airtel Night plan of 25 Naira was introduced less than 2 months after. To use the MTN night plan is easy, you just have to;

  1. Firstly, migrate to MTN pulse or ipulse by dialing *406# and
  2. Then, reply with “1”
  3. After that, go to your message box and just text “Night” to “131“, to get 500MB just ensure you have not less than 25 Naira on your phone or modem, you will get a successful message from MTN in no time.

Update; as of August 2018, the MTN data plan has increased in amount to 200 Naira for 500MB for its ipulse night plan.

Validity: The plan runs from 12 am – 4 am daily.

  • MTN Weekly Data Plans 2021

You have two options here just like the day-to-day plans.
Now you either get

150MB for 300 Naira valid for 7 days. USSD code: dial *102# or text “102” to “131” to subscribe or you can as well get 750MB for 500 Naira valid for 7 days

  • MTN Weekly Subscription Code

To subscribe to any MTN data plan weekly, you can dial the USSD code below or use the text message method.

USSD code: dial *103# or text “103” to “131”

  • MTN Monthly Data Plans 2021

MTN is fully prepared for us on this one. At the present subject to your pocket size and data need, you can now choose to get an MTN data plan of either 1.5Gb, 3.5Gb, 5Gb, 10Gb up to 85Gb simply by dialing any of the subsequent MTN USSD code;

  • Subscription Codes for MTN Monthly Data Plan

To get1.5Gb at 1000 Naira, dial *106# or text “106” to “131”

3.5GB at 2000 Naira, dial *110# or text “110” to “131”

5GB at 3,500 Naira, dial USSD *107# or text “107” to “131”

10 GB at 5000, dial *116# or text “116” to “131”

22GB at 10,000 Naira, dial *117# or text “117” to “131”

Also, for the bigger pockets, MTN has something for you. You can now get;

MTN two months (60 days) and quarterly (90 days) bundle data plans with subscription codes:

50GB at 20,000 Naira, dial *118# or text “118” to 131″. This one is valid for 60 days.

For 85 GB at 50,000 naira, dial *133# or text “133” to “131”. This one is valid for three months

But that’s not all, just in case you’re free time is amid the hours of 9 pm to 6 am you can now work with the next MTN plan below;

  • MTN Day plus Night Data Plan

You can subscribe to this plan to get either; 4.5GB at N2, 500 valid for 30 days within 9 pm to 6 am,

USSD Code: dial *102#

Or you can also get

4.5GB at N2, 500 here the plan is divided into two. You get 1.5GB to use during the day and 2.5GB to use at the night from 9 pm to 6 am

USSD code: dial *120# to get this plan running.

  • 2021 MTN Unlimited Data Plan

This plan is for YouTube enthusiasts and movie lovers. Just with a token of N150, you can get unlimited data valid for one day.

Subscription Code for MTN Unlimited Data Plan

Dial *567*59# and reply with “1”. To get the MTN unlimited plan working

  • How to Check MTN Data Balance

You can check your data balance on MTN by dialing this code *559# or text “403” to “131”

MTN Data Plan Summary

In summary, MTN simplified its data systems to make subscriptions easier. Your budget and data needs will determine the quantity that is right for you. The more costly data plans give the most worth for your money if you can afford them.

Reply below to let us know which MTN data plan you’re currently using


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