Mobile Banking – UBA Nigeria | Download the UBA Mobile Banking App for iOS and Android

Mobile Banking

UBA proposes a completely improved mobile banking knowledge to its customers with this new app. Download the UBA Mobile Banking App.

Mobile Banking - UBA Nigeria
Mobile Banking – UBA Nigeria

Founded in 1949, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc is a financial services company with offices in 20 African countries and more. This Pan-African Bank is also located in New York, Paris, and London.

Headquartered in Lagos, Lagos-State, Nigeria, the bank became operational in 1949, under the name – British and French Bank Limited (BFB).

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Today, the bank has more than 4,000 employees and offers a wide range of products and services as well.

Some of its products include but are not limited to major banking, investment banking, trading, mobile banking, savings accounts, consumer banking, current accounts, treasury, and much more.

Learn the liberty of Mobile Banking with UBA

UBA internet banking gives you unobstructed and safe access to your account. Bank anywhere, anytime, on your tablet, computer, smartphones, or any Internet-permitted device

UBA’s new online banking platform is now not only secure but also helps you to better manage your expenses by automatically systematizing the many services you perform on a monthly basis.

The best part of all of this is that you can now register using your bank card!

Mobile and Internet Banking / U-Mobile

The UBA Mobile Banking service known as U-Mobile offers customers the opportunity to enjoy secure and unrestricted access to their accounts.

This beautiful and exciting experience is enhanced on the go, using a computer and other Internet-enabled devices.

The feature of Mobile Banking includes instant registration, credit card payments, airtime top-up (your third party), transfers, flight bookings, cyber receipt, security, and more.

To enjoy or enhance online banking, you need to have the app on your phone, computer, and other Internet-enabled devices. You can achieve this by downloading the UBA bank app launcher from the app stores.

UBA mobile banking, formerly known as U-Mobile, provides customers with features such as 24-hour customer support via live chat, instant login, return profile to set your desired transaction limit, quick navigation, switch day and night routes, airtime up top, and much more

Features of UBA Mobile Banking App

The app has a lot of amazing features that make it easy to use stuff. Features of the UBA Mobile Banking App include:

  • Users can use the biometric fingerprint to sign in to their account. This can only be done with fingerprint sensor devices.
  • There is an OTP automatic control that is obtained as text messages when transactions are made.
  • Users can use the Mobile application to find the UBA bank branch nearest to the ATM closest to them.
  • Users can use Support Help whenever they need it. Customer service is available for use on users in the Mobile application.
  • The app is very simple to use and circumnavigate.
  • The app reminds users of the bills and transactions they make.
UBA Mobile Banking App: How to Download UBA Internet Banking app for iOS and Android APK

So that UBA bank users can enjoy the features of the app. They have to download the app. Here are the steps for downloading the app.

• Go to your mobile app store.

• Look for UBA mobile banking in the quest field.

• Click on the result of the banking app search.

• Click the download/install button.

• The app will download and install it on your device.

• After downloading the app, sign in and enjoy UBA mobile banking.


Umobile UBA bank app APK Download Android

UMobile UBA bank app iOS Download for IPad, iPhone,

UBA Mobile Banking Activate | How to Register UBA Mobile Banking

To register your U-mobile application and enjoy online banking features such as UBA transfer, GOTV, and DSTV registration and start paying your bills, just follow these steps:

• To register on UBA mobile, you must choose amid registering with your account, or with the bank card

• You will need to text MOBILE to 20220

• You will now need to read the terms and conditions, accept and choose how you want your mobile app to be registered, you can choose between Register with a prepaid card and register with an account number.

• You will receive an automated pin sent to the number you registered with your UBA bank account.

Once you have completed the registration of the Mobile Banking app. You will be able to make transactions with the app.

UBA Mobile Transfer Code to Other Banks

UBA’s mobile banking transfer code is * 919 * 4 * recipient’s account number * value #. This UBA mobile transfer code to other banks should be called from the number you registered for your UBA account.

How to Check UBA Account Balance

UBA USSD bank code to check the balance of your UBA account is * 919 * 00 #. This shortcode should be entered from the number you registered for your UBA account, as it will need to verify that you are the owner of the account and the account balance will be sent to your phone when requested.

How to Check UBA Account Number

UBA Mobile banking code to check your UBA account number is * 919 #, and follow the instructions you receive.

Note, that this UBA USSD code will need to be entered from the number you registered for your account.

How to Get a UBA Secure Pass

The UBA secure pass is a type of mobile token; it is part of the application, so it is similar to a software token.

Click here to get UBA Secure Password for android APK and click here to download the Secure iOS Pass.

After the download, install the UBA secure pass, open the app, and follow these instructions below:

• Enter your user ID. You must have a UBA mobile banking or UBA online banking ID for how.

• Select a country and then tap OK

• You will receive a verification code, just enter the OTP code and tap OK

  • You should now be logged in. Choose: I’d like to Request a Secure Pass.
  • Answer a few security questions if you are offered with any
  • Provide your token identity a name and tap OK
  • After that, you will now click Activate UBA Secure Pass when you are urged to activate your secure pass identity.
  • If the submission was successful, simply click Next


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