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Microsoft Forms
Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a powerful business tool that lets you design forms quickly and collect real-time responses from collaborators and colleagues.

When you first start using Microsoft Forms, you’ll see how simple it is to view data using the automatic charting tool.

This ingenious application can be used for a variety of purposes, including assessing satisfaction, receiving feedback, and making better judgments based on actual data.

Because we work with such a diverse range of clients, our solutions are adaptable and customised to match your current requirements as well as your future growth objectives.

What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is a software in the Microsoft Office 365 family that can be used to build unique surveys, polls, and quizzes for the UW community.

Note: If you need to limit survey respondents to specific people, you can use a UW Group that has been configured to operate with Microsoft Exchange.

This feature is not accessible for hidden Exchange-enabled groups like course lists.

What is a Microsoft Access Form?

A form is a database object in Access that may be used to provide a user interface for a database application.

A “bound” form is one that is linked to a data source, such as a database or query, and may be used to enter, update, or show data from that data source.Features of Microsoft Forms include:

  • Responses to surveys in a data-friendly format (Excel sheet)
  • Quick survey creation, sending, and sharing
  • Questionnaire options for building surveys are simple to comprehend but enable for more sophisticated forms/surveys
  • Useful data on answer details
  • Multilingual support
  • Survey previews in desktop and mobile views
Creating a Survey using Microsoft Forms via Excel for the Web

Create a new Excel for the Web Form.

1. Log in with your UW NetID to UW Microsoft Office 365.

2. Create a new Excel worksheet or open an existing one to collect and store survey data.

Important: Do not select the Forms option from the menu.

3. Select Forms from the Insert menu, then New Form.

4. A fresh start. A new browser tab or window will appear with Microsoft Form.

Enter or type a name for the survey.

5. Keep adding questions to the survey.

Sending a Survey via Microsoft Forms

Changing the parameters on your form

To ensure that the survey is only sent to the desired recipient(s), as well as other customization choices, click the three dots next to the Share button, then select Settings:

After you’ve made your selections in the Settings menu, click the Share button to return to the previous panel.

Send Options

Finally, Microsoft Forms offers numerous choices for delivering a survey.

It’s worth noting that the option to limit the form to “Specific persons in my organisation can react” necessitates entering each name, group, or email address into the field before clicking the Share button.

This option does not apply to groups that are not Exchange-enabled or that are Exchange-enabled but hidden.

For privacy concerns, course groups are concealed.


Microsoft Forms facilitates collaboration by providing many degrees of customised access.

Because of the features’ complexity and reliance on current library and/or group permissions, it is critical to understand what each level of access entails:

  • Full Access: If you grant full editing access to the Excel spreadsheet, a collaborator can also edit the form.

If the Excel spreadsheet is in a shared folder on OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, or a SharePoint Document Library, the shared folder’s existing permissions apply to the Excel spreadsheet and the form as well.

  • Read-Only Access: If you grant read-only access to the Excel spreadsheet, a collaborator will be unable to access the form (except to respond to the form as a participant). Members with read-only access can view the raw data in Excel online, but not the summary statistics offered on the form itself.
  • Share to Collaborate: On the form itself, you can pick “Share to collaborate,” which allows a collaborator to view and edit the form.
  • This also allows them to view the form’s data summaries, but it does not give them access to the actual data in Excel.

Forms shared in this manner appear in the list of Forms accessible via the Forms programme in Microsoft Office 365.

Please consult the following Microsoft instructions for further information on how to collaborate on a Microsoft Form:


Please contact UW-IT at or 206-221-5000 if you require further assistance.

What is Microsoft Forms Used For?

Typically, Microsoft Forms is used to collect survey data and user answers.

Businesses may use the platform to survey staff, collect feedback, and even seek advise on projects and other important decisions.

Many firms use it to distribute quizzes, surveys, and other related documents.

Data visualisation is another significant advantage of the technology.

Form input is automatically turned into charts and graphs, which improve the functionality and readability of your data.

Who Can Use Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is appropriate for businesses of all sizes, and many organisations already have access to it because it is bundled with many Office 365 installations, including educational, commercial, and US government licences.

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How Do I Get Microsoft Forms?

If you don’t already have it, the simplest method to get Microsoft Forms is to subscribe to Office 365. Most Office 365 licences for educational, commercial, and government use include free access to Microsoft Forms.

Contact us if you need assistance accessing Microsoft Forms.

Although the tool is sometimes included in your subscription, an IT administrator must flick a switch to get you access to Microsoft Teams.

If you already have Office 365, open a web browser and enter

Log in with your credentials and follow the on-screen instructions to access existing forms or create new ones.

Can I Create Folders in Microsoft Forms?

While there is presently no built-in way to create folders in Microsoft Forms, you can organise forms by colour as a workaround.

When you enter the form name or owner into the search box, the topic of the form is displayed in the form card to aid with organisation.

If you want to see folders integrated into Microsoft Forms, please vote for it on Microsoft’s feature suggestion page.

Can I Attach Files to Microsoft Forms?

Is it possible to attach files to Microsoft Forms?

While Microsoft Forms does not presently enable attachments, this capability is planned for the future.

Microsoft Forms does come with a variety of other useful features for sharing and collaboration via Microsoft SharePoint.

How Do I Use Microsoft Forms in a Team?

Microsoft Forms is compatible with Teams.

Microsoft provides a full help file on how to combine the two technologies.

There are numerous ways to use Microsoft Forms with Microsoft Teams as a sharing and collaboration tool, ranging from employee satisfaction surveys to amusing quizzes.

How Do I Share a Microsoft Form?

Microsoft Forms makes sharing simple.

Simply open the form you want to share, click Share, and then ‘Get a link to see and edit’.

When you see the URL for the form, simply click Copy.

Simply copy and paste this URL, distribute it with your target audience, and wait for the responses to start pouring in.

To stop sharing a form at any time, simply enter the Share window and click the trash can symbol to delete the Collaborate link.

Create a form with Microsoft Forms

Begin a new form

1. Log in to Microsoft Forms using your Microsoft 365 education, Microsoft 365 work, or Microsoft account (Hotmail, Live, or

Note: You can also go to and search for the Microsoft 365 symbols on the left before selecting Forms.

2. Click on New Form.

3. Give your form a name and, if desired, a description.

Please keep in mind that form titles can have up to 90 characters.

Descriptions are limited to 1,000 characters.

Please keep in mind that your form is automatically saved as you work on it.

Add questions

1. To add a new question to your form, click Add new.

2. Select the type of question you wish to add, such as a choice, text, rating, or date question.

Choose More question types if you want to ask a ranking, likert scale, file upload, or Net Promoter ScoreĀ® question.

Select Section to organise your questions into sections.

You can format your content as well.

Highlight a word or words in your title or questions, and then select one of the options below:

Bold (CTRL/Cmd+B), Italic (CTRL/Cmd+I), Underline (CTRL/Cmd+U), Font colour, Font size, Numbering, or Bullets are all keyboard shortcuts.

Important: If you delete a question, all response data for that question will be permanently gone.

Preview your form

1. On a computer, choose Preview to see how your form will appear.

On a mobile device, tap to preview how your form will appear.

2. To test your form, answer the questions in Preview mode before clicking Submit.

3. To continue amending your form, click Back.

Create a poll with Microsoft Forms

Make a quick poll

Follow these steps to create and distribute a poll with Forms:

1. Launch Microsoft Forms.

2. Log in using your Microsoft account (if applicable).

3. Select the New From option.

4. Select Untitled form and enter a poll title and description.

Title and description of the poll

5. (Optional) Use Bing, OneDrive, or a manual upload to enter a picture for the form.

6. Select the Add new option.

7. Select a question type such as Choice, Rating, or another.

8. Construct a poll question.

9. Specify which answers you want people to choose.

10. (Optional) Add other options by clicking the Add option button.

11. (Optional) Select the Add “Other” option.

12. (Optional) Turn on the toggle switch for Multiple answers.

13. (Optional) Flip the Required toggle switch on.

14. In the top-right corner, click the Theme option to choose a backdrop image and colour scheme for the survey.

Quick tip: To upload a custom background image, utilise the Upload image option at the bottom of the list.

Choose a poll theme

15. In the top-right corner, click the Preview option to review the entire survey before publishing.

16. In the top-left corner, press the back button.

17. In the top-right corner, click the More form settings (ellipsis) button and select the Settings option.

18. Select the poll parameters you want to enable.

Accept responses, set a start and end date, receive email notifications of each response, or create a personalised thank you letter.

Please keep in mind that the free version of Forms, as well as the one included with Microsoft 365 Personal or Family, do not feature the “Who can fill out this form” setting for recording participant names; you will need a business subscription to access this and other options.

19. Press the Send button.

20. Choose the link option.

21. Press the Copy button.

Once you’ve completed the instructions, copy and share the link to everyone you want to vote in the poll.

You can also obtain a QR code that recipients can scan with their phones to access the poll. You can copy a code to embed on a web page or choose the email option, which simply copies the form’s link to the clipboard and opens the default email client.

To delete the poll or any other form, while on the Microsoft Forms home page, choose the “All my forms” option in the bottom-right corner, then click the ellipsis menu button in the form and select the Delete option.

Check Quick Poll Results with Microsoft Forms

After you’ve published the poll, you can view the results from within the form.

Follow these steps to view poll results:

1. Launch Microsoft Forms.

2. Log in using your Microsoft account (if applicable).

3. Navigate to the poll you created.

4. Navigate to the Responses tab.

Recent Microsoft Forms items

5. Confirm the number of persons who responded to the quick poll and the average time it took to answer the question.

6. Select the View Results option.

Once you’ve completed the stages, you’ll have a greater understanding of the participants, which you may utilise to improve the products or services you offer.

How do I install Microsoft Forms Pro?

If I don’t already have Forms Pro, how can I install and connect it?

1. Sign up for Microsoft Forms Pro by clicking here.

2. Type in your Dynamics 365 user ID.

3. You are now enrolled in the Forms Pro Trail and are ready to create a new survey.

You can also link Forms pro to your Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement environment by doing the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center.

2. Choose a CE instance and click on Solutions to install Forms Pro.

3. Select Forms Pro and install it.

4. After the installation is complete, you will be able to access the survey in Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Teams Forms

Add a poll to a Teams channel or chat

1. Navigate to the channel or chat where you want to include a poll. Select Forms at the bottom of your Teams window.

If you don’t see the Forms icon, go to Messaging extensions and then Forms.

2. Fill in the blanks with your question and response alternatives.

3. To allow multiple responses, click or press the option next to Multiple answers. Select whether you want to automatically share results after voting and/or keep responses confidential.

4. Click Save.

5. Preview your poll, then select Edit if you want to make changes or Send if you’re ready to publish it.

You’ll see real-time results in your group conversation as people in your group take the poll.

Your Account is not Enabled for Microsoft Forms

In the user account form, go to the Licenses and Apps tab and then to the Apps section.

To enable Microsoft Forms for the specified user, check the box next to it.

If it’s already checked, uncheck the box and then recheck it.

How do I enable a Microsoft Forms account?

Navigate to Settings > Settings.

Click User owned apps and services on the Settings page’s Services tab.

Check the box,

Allow users to access the Office Store in order to insert a form into PowerPoint.

How do I access Microsoft Office Forms?

Enter your Microsoft 365 school credentials, Microsoft 365 work credentials, or Microsoft account into Microsoft Forms (Hotmail, Live, or

Note: You can also go to and search for the Microsoft 365 symbols on the left before selecting Forms.

Can Microsoft Forms Detect Cheating

Cheating cannot be detected by Microsoft Teams.

Outside of the Teams window, the app cannot detect what users are doing.

If you are a teacher and wish to prevent pupils from cheating on examinations, you must utilise anti-cheating software.


Microsoft forms Download is it possible?

Can I download Microsoft Forms?Yes.

This implies that your survey or quiz can be accessed by a large number of people without the need to download a separate app.

Which is better Google or Microsoft Forms?

The form builder is free to use, but you must have a Google account to do so.

Google Forms, unlike Microsoft Forms, supports a variety of question styles, including linear scale, dropdown, and multiple choice. “Google Forms is clearly better than Microsoft Forms for Q&A,” adds Harper.

Is Microsoft Forms app available?

In a nutshell, NO, Microsoft Forms does not offer a standalone mobile app for Android (Google Play Store) or iOS (App Store). However, you can download the Microsoft Office App for Android or iOS, which allows you to administer Microsoft Forms from your mobile device.

Are there Microsoft Forms templates?

You can select from Microsoft Office Forms Templates for quick completion.

You can change the parameters to suit your needs or desires.

Once completed, you can distribute the form to your target audience to collect answers.

Can anyone answer a Microsoft Forms survey?

Anyone can answer – Your form or quiz can be filled out by anyone inside or outside of your organisation.

Only members of my organisation will be able to react – Only members of your organisation will be allowed to respond to your form or quiz.

Are Microsoft Forms good for surveys?

Users can construct surveys, polls, and quizzes, but only with minimal customisation.

Microsoft Forms is a simple survey application with few survey options.

Simple text-based polls, party invitations, internal surveys for offices, schools, and universities, and more can be created.

What happened to Microsoft Forms Pro?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice has replaced Microsoft Forms Pro.

With advanced branding, AI-analysis, and data integration, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice enables you to record and analyse feedback, allowing you to create meaningful customer interactions and make intelligent decisions across your business.

Microsoft Forms anonymous is it possible?

You may also use Microsoft Teams to build anonymous polls in Forms.

One advantage of utilising Teams to handle Forms surveys, whether anonymous or not, is that collected data is instantly visible to the entire team.

Is anyone can respond Microsoft Forms anonymous?

If you select “Anyone can respond” in the options, the responses will always remain anonymous, and there will be no way to determine who contributed each remark later.

Is Microsoft Forms branching allowed?

Choose More settings for question, then Add branching.

You can add branching to a section if you add sections to your form.

Select the drop-down list next to the question you wish to branch from on the Branching choices page.

Choose the question to which you want to branch.

How to Access Microsoft Forms

Enter your Microsoft 365 school credentials, Microsoft 365 work credentials, or Microsoft account into Microsoft Forms (Hotmail, Live, or

Note: You can also go to and search for the Microsoft 365 symbols on the left before selecting Forms.


Microsoft Forms may lack advanced capabilities, yet it is extremely user-friendly. Despite the fact that it does not employ drag-and-drop, it is simple enough for a toddler to use, and if you’ve never made a form before, you really can’t go wrong with this builder.


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