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Lululemon Store
Lululemon Store

Lululemon Athletica is most known for their technical clothing, fashionable streetwear, and high-end pricing.

Lululemon athletica inc. (NASDAQ:LULU) is a healthy living athletic wear brand for yoga, running, training, and most other sweaty pursuits, producing transformational products and experiences that enable people to live a life they love.

It collaborates with yogis and athletes in local communities for continual research and product feedback, raising the bar in technical materials and functional designs.

What is Lululemon?

It is a yoga and athleisure clothing brand that was formed in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada.

It is pronounced “loo-loo-lemon.”

They provide technical athletic clothing for yoga, running, dancing, training, and other sweating activities, as well as lounge and streetwear.

Its fans gush about the great design and quality of their clothes, which truly performs on the mat and on the go.

The company is most known for its classic Align yoga collection, which includes leggings, pants, joggers, and sports bras.

They began with women’s yoga apparel but have since expanded into menswear, swim, jackets, accessories, and even a home workout system called MIRROR.

There are nearly 500 Lululemon locations worldwide as of January 2022, many of which incorporate a yoga studio, fitness concierge, and/or social spaces.

Below, we’ll go through where to discover the top retailers as well as how to find Lululemon discounts and outlets.

Where is Lululemon made?

Its textiles are supplied from 26 different nations worldwide.

Lulu clothing and items are made at 55 active cut-and-sew facilities in Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Haiti, and other countries.

They are evaluated on a regular basis for worker safety and sustainability, so you don’t have to worry about any heinous practices like child labor or human trafficking.

It does not have its own production plants.

Instead, the company relies on in-house experts and third-party inspectors to check whether manufacturing partners satisfy their company standards using their Vendor Code of Ethics.

Their standards are really high in comparison to other brands, so you can rest assured that the individuals who make your yoga gear are treated fairly.

History of Lululemon

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson began designing premium yoga-inspired athletic gear for high-end yoga studios in Vancouver in 1998, after being dissatisfied with the uncomfortable and low-quality textiles of sportswear at the time.

He got intrigued with unique fabric, functional design, and great on and off the mat performance. The flagship store began as a design studio by day and a yoga studio by night before becoming the first standalone Lululemon store in 2000.

Health, Fitness, and Community

The goal was always to build a centre for community, mindfulness, and healthy living, rather than just clothing. The brand, affectionately known as “Lulu” by its cult following, delivers a truly community experience in stores throughout the world, bringing customers enthusiasm, support, knowledge, and a unique shopping experience.

Since its inception, the brand has been obsessed with quality and laser-focused on technical fabrics and performance-enhancing designs for yogis.

Since then, they’ve grown into producing apparel for running, training, and other sweating activities, as well as streetwear and loungewear.

But yoga will always be at the heart of Lulu.

Yoga lessons are offered to the community every week at their global stores and showrooms.

Why is it called Lululemon?

In various interviews, Chip Wilson has stated that the word “Lululemon” came to him as he was brainstorming brand names for his new athletic company.

He wanted to think of anything with “three Ls” in it to see if he could obtain “three times the money.”

As a result, the name “Lululemon” was born.

It is distinct and one-of-a-kind, and it has become synonymous with high-quality athletic wear around the world.

Where is Lululemon Headquarters?

It is still headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and employs approximately 2,000 people. Their headquarters was built to be “the healthiest workplace in the world,” with great employee health and wellness benefits, greenscaping, and significant sustainability initiatives.

They also have headquarters in Washington, DC, Shanghai, China, Collingwood, Australia, Luxembourg, and London, UK.

Lulu employs around 16,000 people worldwide across all of its stores and offices to carry out its goal.

Who owns Lululemon now?

Lululemon is a publicly traded corporation (NASDAQ:LULU), with the top two institutional shareholders being Fidelity and the Vanguard Group. Calvin McDonald is the current CEO, and founder Chip Wilson remains a substantial shareholder.

What does the Lululemon Symbol mean?

Lululemon Athletica’s A-inspired logo was inspired by one of the company’s first name concepts, “Athletically Hip.”

While the name did not catch on, the logo was chosen by a committee of 100 people who chose the stylized “A” as the yoga brand’s signature symbol.

Why is Lululemon so Expensive?

As a result, this big corporation is all the rage on the street and in the studio.

But, when you consider the high prices of most Lululemon items, you have to think, “Is Lululemon worth it?”

Items typically vary from $48 to $150 or more.

Leggings range in price from $98 to $118, while sports bras start at $48.

Why are these brightly colored yoga textiles so much more expensive than competing brands?

It all boils down to the specifics of what makes Lululemon such a unique, high-end brand.

It requires a lot more money to develop exclusive speciality fabrics and make high-quality, long-lasting clothes.

They also put a lot of effort into developing new styles and performance measures.

At their Vancouver headquarters, they even have a Whitespace Lab where they do trials on the gear using humidity-controlled chambers, high-end exercise machines, and even dunk pools.

What makes Lululemon so special?

Lululemon distinguishes itself from the competition in three important categories: distinctive textiles, functional body-complimenting fit, and brand identification.

Signature Fabrics

Lululemon offers a variety of exclusive premium fabrics meant to elevate your sweating workouts.

Their passion with fabric technology and aesthetics results in extremely functional clothing that flatters any body type.

The hallmark materials comprise nine distinct textile technologies for the finest sports experience possible.

I didn’t trust all of their “specialty fabric” marketing until I tried the brand… then I discovered they actually know what they’re doing with these textiles.

The advantages of each type are as follows:

  • Luon®: Lulu’s distinctive four-way stretch fabric that feels as smooth as cotton yet is sweat-wicking enough for sweaty yoga or workouts.

It is extremely flexible and lightweight, and it has a cooling impact on your body. Essentially the same as cotton, but much better at dealing with sweat. Luon® is available in the Define Jacket, Cool Racerback Tank Top, Men’s Discipline Pant, and more styles.

  • Luxtreme®: Luxtreme® is a smooth, low-friction yoga and training shoe.

This cloth was designed to fit like a “second skin.”

It is supportive, cool to the touch, and extremely smooth against the skin.

To squat-proof leggings and more, the interlocking construction delivers ideal coverage, sweat-wicking, and four-way stretch.

The Wunder Under Super High Rise Tight, Swift Speed High Rise Tight, and Free to Be Bra all have it.

  • EverluxTM: Ever cool, this fabric is engineered for quick cooling in the toughest, hottest studio classes.

EverluxTM, the quickest drying Lulu fabric with a buttery soft outer and a cooling inner, is ideal for spin class, hot yoga, or working out.

This fabric’s next-level sweat-wicking, super stretch, and high-opacity covering make it ideal for low-airflow, high-humidity, or high-heat environments.

The Wunder Train High-Rise Tight, Men’s Everlux Oversized Long Sleeve Crew, and Power Pivot Tank Top are all double-knit.

  • Nulu™: One of the original Lulu materials, NuluTM feels like you’re wearing nothing while yet performing and looking flattering.

It’s non-restrictive and frequently buttery, but it’s also full-coverage, sweat-wicking, and stretchy in all directions.

This fabric may be found in the timeless Groove Super-High-Rise Flared Pant, the Align Tank Top, and the famed Align High Rise Yoga Pants.

  • Nulux™: This is the “barely there” or “naked feeling” fabric that embraces your skin like a cloud.

This unique Lululemon performance tech is made exclusively for running and is incredibly smooth and weightless while being opaque and never see-through.

It keeps you dry in any weather.

Fast and Free High Rise Tight, Nulux Waist High Rise Running Short, and Men’s Surge Tight all have it.

Fit + Construction

Attention to detail is something that Lululemon excels at more than any other brand.

Because of their specific devotion to manufacturing and fit, the functionality of their gear is amazing.

They use designer patterns from fashion students, as well as body mapping of various physiques, to produce athleticwear that complements your body while flowing with it in any sort of training and providing optimal breathability in the areas that matter.

Lulu designers thought of everything, from reversible fabrics to brushed textures to concealed pockets and even hoodie zipper pulls that double as hair ties!

Each piece’s fit and functionality is what makes it worth every penny.

You will never have a Lululemon outfit ride up or cause difficulties during a workout.

The best part is that they truly listen to athletes and yogis, offering just what they require to supplement their training.

Lululemon is one of those companies that genuinely listens to their customers and makes modifications as needed to address any issues they may have with their clothing.

Lululemon Quality Promise

Lululemon believes “quality is the heart of who we are”.

And, to be honest, it shows.

Because they stand so firmly behind their handiwork, their Quality Promise ensures that your gear will give practical, long-lasting performance.

They’ll take it back if you don’t.

You can request a complete refund as long as the equipment was purchased new.

This does not apply to purchases marked “Like New.”

Brand Recognition

Lululemon, like Chanel or Nike, is a well-known brand with a lot of “brand equity” in the public eye.

When you purchase a product with their emblem, you are paying for Lulu brand awareness and the feeling of belonging to their customer community.

Top Lululemon Competitors

Lululemon, valued at more than $58 billion, is one of the most successful yoga and athleisure businesses on the market today.

They are also more expensive than standard athletic clothing.

However, there are plenty other brands vying for your attention and spending dollars.

Each business has its own distinct personality and consumer base, but I’ve never encountered a cult following quite like Lululemon’s.

Brands Like Lululemon
  • Fabletics: Fabletics, probably Lulu’s main competitor, offers very similar product lines at a more affordable price range plus a VIP membership program with discounts and bonuses to encourage monthly purchases.

Fabletics is more concerned with affordable products that are still fashionable and high-quality, whereas Lululemon is less concerned with affordability and more focused with performance.

  • Alo Yoga: It’s impossible to discuss yoga apparel without mentioning Alo!

Alo caters to the same demographics and fashion style as Lulu at a similar luxurious pricing point. They offer both men’s and women’s yoga and gym apparel that is sleek, stylish, and simple. Many of their looks may be worn as both streetwear and cozy loungewear.

  • Beyond Yoga: Recently purchased by Levi’s, Beyond Yoga focuses on buttery soft, warm comfort both on and off the mat. They are a body-positive business that specializes in earthy hippy fashions with a laid-back feel. Most leggings and sports bras are priced similarly to Lulu.
  • Athleta: Gap-owned Athleta stores are frequently located in retail malls alongside Lululemon. They only serve female customers and are all about empowering women and girls.

Their “mom and me” sets and girls collections distinguish them from Lulu, as does their stronger dedication to sustainable manufacturing and fiber sourcing. They also have the most size options and frequently have promotions and discounts.

  • Vuori: Based in California, Vuori’s sports apparel has an earthy surfer vibe that distinguishes it from Lulu’s uptown yoga chic.

This brand is committed to ethical manufacturing and sustainable textiles, as well as serving the coastal surf and running communities.

They are priced similarly to Lulu, but use far more organic cotton and recycled textiles.

  • Joah Brown: Another California-based company, Joah Brown is a newcomer to the athleisure scene.

In comparison to Lululemon, they are much more basic and attractive, with an urban hip-hop atmosphere.

While Joah Brown focuses on L.A. streetwear, their outfits are functional for yoga and workouts, but not as performance-focused as Lululemon.

  • Gymshark: Gymshark is a main Lululemon competitor for high performance technical gear when it comes to weightlifting, training, and jogging. While they do have a few yogawear options, Gymshark is primarily targeted at gym rats looking for hip practical clothing that sweats with them. They are significantly less expensive than Lululemon, but they are less fashionable and more down-to-earth fitnessy.
Online vs. In-Store Experience

Lululemon is known for providing an in-store experience unlike any other. Their boutiques are fantastic to shop in as the first yoga trend brand. Many establishments even have a built-in studio with yoga, spin sessions, and other activities.

The atmosphere is posh yet not stuffy. Customer service is always on point and friendly, with nice staff members eager to assist you in finding the right new yoga outfit.

Lululemon is all about community, but their online purchasing experience is nearly identical to the in-store one. They even have virtual personal shoppers! You can order online and pick up in store, and you can narrow down your searches to almost any information you require.

The slick, simplified website makes it simple to identify the things you desire and comprehend the consideration that has gone into each product.

To ensure that you have the best experience possible, all online sales include free shipping and returns.

Find Lululemon Near Me

To find official Lululemon stores near you, use the Store Locator.

With approximately 500 outlets worldwide, their high-quality athleisure can be found practically anyplace. However, some stores are more opulent than others.

Best Lululemon Stores

My personal favorites are the iconic original location in Vancouver, Canada, the expansive 5,800 square foot Lululemon Santa Monica (complete with community rooms, free in-store fitness classes, and one of the largest selections of Lululemon’s clothes), the newest Dublin flagship store in Ireland, and the artsy Lululemon store in Bloomington, Minnesota’s Mall of America.

Is Lululemon Hiring? How to Work in a Lulu Store

There are several online evaluations and testimonials about working at Lululemon. Interviews are informal and frequently held on pillows on the floor. For new employees, the corporation invests in extensive training and success mentoring.

They also pay for employee wellness classes such as yoga, pilates, dance, and others.

To promote team bonding among coworkers, most Lulu stores host conferences, fitness classes, and group hikes.

They also have a “group commission” strategy in place to encourage stores to collaborate rather than individual employees vying for clients.

Most of the folks who work at Lulu are athletic, but not necessarily yogis.

I’ve discovered that Lulu employees appear to be highly satisfied with their jobs.

Stores are constantly hiring, and you may locate open openings here.

Lululemon Outlet

Official Lululemon Outlet Stores can be found at Premium Outlet and mall sites across the world.

The United States has approximately 50 locations in key cities across the country.

Actual discounts and fantastic offers of up to 10-70 percent off older release items may be found here.

The store experience will be more frantic with agitated bins and jumbled racks than a typical Lululemon store.

You’ll have to do some exploring to get the ideal size and colors, but the savings are well worth it!

Where to Find Online Lululemon Deals

Lululemon sales are typically difficult to find in the specific items and sizes you require, but they do occur.

Items are occasionally discounted online or in-store.

Lululemon Community

My local studio has a saying that “once you go Lulu, you never go back.”

I don’t blame my buddies for wearing the same two or three pairs of Lululemon pants to every practice.

The feel of these clothes, as well as the brand’s community mentality, is what gets customers excited to sweat in their gear.

Some refer to Lululemon’s staff and audience as a “cult following,” but I believe the term “cult” has a negative connotation.

While there are some snobbish “mean girls” feelings in a few select Lululemon groups, I’ve discovered that the majority of Lululemon fans are really interested in health, exercise, and community.

Simply attending one of their free in-store classes will demonstrate what I mean.

Another interesting aspect of this group is that they provide discounts to sweat leaders through the Sweat Collective.

This implies that yoga teachers, personal trainers, spin instructors, and other fitness professionals can obtain bonuses and rewards for purchasing and wearing Lululemon.

Lulu Lingo

Aside from the iconic “Lulu” moniker for the company, Lululemon devotees have a full language of their own.

An “angel,” for example, is a community member who will find discounted Lulu things at their local store or outlet and mail them to you.

“WTWM” stands for “We Made Too Much” and refers to one of Lululemon’s only reduced product lines.

There’s also a drink named “Lemon-aid.”

It’s actually a green tea and lemon juice concoction that the founder was allegedly drinking when the brand was formed.

Some joke that this is the “Kool-Aid” that Lululemon devotees “drink” to become Lulu addicts.

Where can I get Lululemon’s gift cards?

When it comes to purchasing Lululemon gift cards, there are a number of options.

Although major retailers such as Amazon and Target do not accept Lululemon gift cards, the following stores do:

  • Lululemon Store
  • Giant Eagle
  • Safeway
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Online

Although you are likely to discover Lululemon gift cards in these locations, you will not be able to find them in CVS, Publix, Kroger, The Home Depot, Walgreens, Walmart, Sam’s Club, or any other store.

How to check the Lululemon gift card balance?

When you give or receive a gift card, the only inconvenience you may encounter is the inability to check the remaining balance on the gift card.

Nonetheless, we’ve got you covered!

Follow the steps below to determine the remaining balance of your Lululemon e-gift card:

  1. Go to the official Lululemon website to check the balance of your gift card.
  2. Navigate to their gift cards page.
  3. On the website, you will see a link to check the remaining balance of your gift card.
  4. Enter the code from your gift card, and the site will display the remaining balance when you press enter.

Does Lululemon ever have discount codes?

No, Lululemon normally does not employ a discount code or sale models for regular internet customers. Their clothes are in high demand and are priced accordingly. There are, however, exclusive discount codes available for Sweat Collective members and ambassadors.

Does Lululemon have sales?

Lulu never uses the word “sale” because of its high-end reputation. However, there are “markdowns” in-store and a “We Made Too Much” section on their website.

Does Lululemon have a sale every Thursday?

Every Thursday morning, Lululemon offers a discount in-store and online.

How much does the Mirror cost from lululemon?

The MIRROR normally costs $995, with a 30-day risk-free trial and credit plans as low as $42 per month. When it is delivered, it includes free wall mounting. As far as fitness goods go, its initial purchase isn’t too steep—but it doesn’t include any classes unless you subscribe to an app.

Is the Mirror by lululemon worth it?

The Mirror, in my opinion, is a wonderful addition for personal training.

While it does not provide the same level of form correction as a trainer performing the motions in front of you, it helps guide sessions.

You can also pay extra for true personal training through the Mirror.

What do you get if you work at Lululemon?

You can take care of your entire self with our extended health insurance, paid time off, savings plans, employee discounts, and fitness courses. We want you to maximize your potential. That is why we offer lululemon-exclusive opportunities to invest in your ongoing progress.

What is Lululemons return policy?

ARE THERE RETURN AND EXCHANGE POLICIES? Yes. We can accept returns if you have second thoughts about your purchase and it was made within 30 days. Product must be unworn and unwashed, with hang tags attached and proof of purchase.

Is Lululemon like new real?

The “Like New” concept is a circular ecosystem in which customers may swap lightly used clothing in stores for an e-gift card and buy previously owned clothing online.

According to the Like New web page, “we’re keeping more of our goods moving and out of landfills.”

What is so special about Lululemon leggings?

They’re manufactured from Everlux fabric, which dries quickly.

The sweat-wicking and supportive fabric has four-way stretch and is designed to keep you cool and stylish on the inside.

The leggings are available in 18 various hues and up to a size 20.

They come in a variety of lengths ranging from 25 to 31 inches.


Finally, whether Lululemon is worth it for you depends on your budget, style, and fitness routine. But there’s no disputing that this company has made a name for itself in the yoga industry and beyond. They live, think, and breathe yoga gear and do an excellent job of sharing their passion with the rest of the world.

Have you ever used Lululemon? Do you think it’s worth the hype?


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