JAMB CBT Download – JAMB CBT Practice for Pc

JAMB CBT Download – JAMB CBT Practice for Pc

JAMB CBT Download
JAMB CBT Download

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board frequently referred to as JAMB is a Nigerian examination board for universities.

For prospective undergraduates in Nigerian universities, the board administers the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination known as UTME.

The board is also in charge of administering equivalent exams for students applying to Nigerian public and private universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

All of these individuals must have passed the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) or the National Examination Council (NECO)

Is JAMB the Same as UTME? JAMB CBT

UTME stands for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, which is held every year by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) with the sole reason of selecting and applying qualified applicants to Nigerian universities.

What is JAMB CBT Exam?

Jamb CBT stands for Computer Based Test, and it is utilized to take the UTME exam.

The numerous locations and centers in Nigeria recognized by JAMB for the registration of the UTME examination are known as Jamb CBT centers.

The 36 states of Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria (FCT), have distinct JAMB CBT venues and centers.

When Did JAMB Start Using CBT?

In 2015, JAMB launched a full-scale computer-based test (CBT).

It was implemented to prevent exam malpractice during the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

It also makes it easier to register for exams and receive results quickly.

How Many Questions are Attempted in the JAMB CBT?

You have only 2 hours to answer 180 questions.

The total JAMB questions = 180

English = 60 Questions, Time = 40 mins

2nd Subject= 40 Questions, Time = 27 mins

3rd Subject= 40 Questions, Time = 27 mins

4th Subject= 40 Questions, Time = 26 mins

Does JAMB Repeat Past Question?

During exams, JAMB repeats 60% of previous questions.

All they do is ask recycling questions every year, but they may choose to present them in various means.

How to Answer JAMB CBT Online Questions

1. Pay close attention to the instructions.

2. Begin with the subject you know best.

3. It is usually a good idea to start with the Use of English questions.

4. Don’t devote too much attention to one question.

5. Determine how much time you will spend on each subject.

6. Before selecting an answer, be sure you fully understand the question.

7. Attempt all questions.

8. Use the 50:50 option to make a logical guess.


If you intend to train yourself for JAMB CBT, here are some free JAMB CBT apps you can use.

1. Passing CBT app

2. Flashlearners JAMB app

3. Msgist CBT app

4. Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app

5. Nigerian scholars UTME CBT practice application

6. JAMB (Swiftspeed edu)

7. Myschool JAMB mobile app

8. JAMBITE free JAMB, WAEC, and Post UTME past questions app

9. FaceYourBook JAMB mobile app

10. Jamb CBT Software by awajis.com


Free Jamb Practice Websites





JAMB CBT Practice 2021- How to Train Yourself for JAMB CBT

What you need to train yourself for UTME CBT to access the apps and websites listed above.

1. A laptop or a desktop computer

2. Mouse (for computer)

3. A touchpad (for a laptop)

3. Access to the Internet

JAMB CBT Practice for Pc- JAMB CBT Practice Software Free Download

A Computer or a laptop is used to conduct a CBT exam.

I recommend using a laptop for self-CBT training because you may be given a laptop instead of a computer in the exam.

Because computers do not have a touchpad, you may not be able to use a laptop if you solely study using a computer.

Using a computer or a desktop

You will need your Keyboard for CBT to enter your candidate’s identification number.

Hence, the few keys you should master here are 1 to 0 keys (these are called numeric keys)

Once you’ve entered your UTME registration number, press the enter key on your keyboard or select “Login or Enter” to begin your exams.

If you type your registration number incorrectly, use the backspace key to erase the incorrect entries and input the correct ones.

The Mouse

If you were given a computer, you will also need your mouse for CBT.

There are two buttons and a scroll wheel on it.

For your UTME, you won’t require the right button.

The scroll wheel can move your page up or down.

Your main weapon is the left button. That’s the button you use to select the correct options.

Position your index finger on the left button and your middle finger on the right button. Allow your thumb and other fingers to rest on the mouse’s sides, holding it in place.

When you’re ready to choose your answer, move your mouse around your workspace until your cursor hovers to the one you want.

Now, with your left button, click on your answer.

Your answer has been confirmed when a bullet appears inside the spot you selected.

Using a laptop touchpad

If you were given a laptop, instead of the mouse described above, you will use a touchpad in this situation.

The touch-pad has two buttons too with a track space.

The scroll wheel is represented by the track space.

To move the pointer around the screen, place your index finger on the track space.

As previously stated, selecting the correct answer simply requires the use of the left button pad.

JAMB CBT Practice Questions and Answers- JAMB CBT Past Questions

·     For English

Choose the option that best completes the gap(s).

1. The principal said that he was pleased …………. my effort.





2. For taking part in the unsuccessful ———, the mutineers were court-martialled





Choose the option that has the opposite meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics.

3. Some aspects of their culture are out of date.





Choose the option that best fits the expression in the sentence. The word in capital letters has emphatic stress.

4. The king RAN to the palace

Where did the king run to?

 Did the king walk to the palace?

 Did the queen run to the palace?

 Did the queen run to the palace?

 Who ran to the palace?

Fill each gap with the most appropriate option from the list provided.

5. Ilesha witnessed the largest …… of writers at any convention in recent times.





Choose the options opposite in meaning to the worse(s) or phrase in italics.

6. Updating the Board’s brochure is an arduous task.

 a regular

 an annual

 a difficult

 an easy

Choose the options opposite in meaning to the word or phrase in italics.

7. The young girl was taken aback by her father’s gift of a car.





Choose the most appropriate stress pattern from the options. The stressed syllables are written in capital letters.

8. Conspiracy





Choose the option that best completes the gap(s).

9. His wife was badly injured in the fracas, but I think she will pull ………….





Choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

10. Market





For more of these go to https://jambcbt.awajis.com/ to see UTME CBT past questions in different subjects.


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