IYKYK Meaning? Definition + How to Use It

IYKYK Meaning? Definition + How to Use It

Things can rapidly become perplexing in a sea of internet jargon. We’re going to look at the IYKYK today to see what it signifies and how to utilize it properly.

You may not have heard of “IYKYK” if you aren’t up on the latest online acronyms. Continue reading to learn more about this enigmatic term and how to apply it.

IYKYK Meaning? What does IYKYK stand for? What Does the Abbreviation IYKYK Mean?

“If you know, you know,” or IYKYK is an acronym for “if you know, you know.” This acronym denotes that a message or post will make sense to some people but not to others. Frequently, the message will contain a reference to a specific incident that will immediately stand out to people who are “in the know.”

Both the uppercase IYKYK and the lowercase “iykyk” can be used.

IYKYK Meaning? Uses

IYKYK is frequently used as a hashtag in the caption of a photo or video, particularly on social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram. “Last night was insane! #iykyk,” for example, someone might caption a video of themselves at a party. This indicates that something specific occurred at that gathering that only those present will be aware of.

This is akin to a “inside joke,” which is a funny story that only a few pals know about. They both indicate that something is hilarious because of some inside knowledge.

The Origins of IYKYK – Where IYKYK Comes From – IYKYK Meaning

Unlike many of the internet slang terms covered on this site, “IYKYK” is a relatively new term. The acronym and phrase originally surfaced in December of 2016, well before the advent of social media. It first appeared in social media posts earlier that year, before going on to become a well-known acronym a few years later.

A 2018 song by American rapper Pusha T called “If You Know You Know” was one of the things that helped bring the term into the public.

IYKYK got even more famous in 2020 as a result of the quickly increasing TikTok hashtag, which allowed users to create videos for targeted audiences. On Google Trends, the term peaked in early 2020.

There are references to… Something

So, what precisely does it take to be “in the know”? It depends on who makes the post. If the content is on a huge, public platform like TikTok or Twitter, it’s probably aimed at a specific but large audience.

If the post is about a certain action or hobby, you would understand if you participated in that activity or hobby. If you also compose music, for example, a video with the title “Music production woes #iykyk” may make sense to you. It can also refer to a fanbase for a particular piece of media, such as a television show or video game.

IYKYK Meaning

A shared experience among an age group or upbringing is another common IYKYK situation.

“When I’m in virtual class and my camera is turned off #iykyk,” for example, someone might write. While the material of this article may make perfect sense to a teen who attended school during virtual classes, it may not make sense to someone who has never done so.

This is not meant for everyone.

When someone uses IYKYK on a more private feed, such as their Instagram stories, they’re most likely referring to a small number of friends and acquaintances. These entries are usually linked to a particular shared experience with others. Simply put, if you were there, you would understand. You wouldn’t if you didn’t have to.

For instance, if you’ve been having Zoom movie evenings with your pals for the previous several days, something amusing may have occurred during one of those calls. As a result, you might share an Instagram story about the encounter with the hashtag “IYKYK” as a covert wink at your pals. If one of your other buddies didn’t answer the phone, they’d probably have no idea what you were talking about.

If you want to use IYKYK, make a social post with a subtle hint to an event, experience, or shared interest that not everyone shares.

Don’t give too much information away, or the post will stop being a fun, inside joke between you and others.

Here are some examples of how you can use IYKYK in your captions:

• “This trip to Vegas was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. #IYKYK”

• When the season finale is even more insane than you expected #iykyk”

• “Well, I’m not using dating apps anymore.” IYKYK.”

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