iPhone 11 Colors: Which Color Is Best Buy For You In 2020

iPhone 11 Colors are 6 in numbers including purple for the first time.

Apple made public its iPhone 11 Pro together with a larger screen iPhone 11 Pro Max, as well as a budget flagship iPhone 11 Pro in September 2019.

iPhone 11 Colors 2020
iPhone 11 Colors 2020

Whichever one you choose, there are many fun colors to choose from, from classic black or white to pastels.

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Here are some tips and consideration to help you make a choice that fits your style

The iPhone 11 comes in six colors: purple, yellow, green, white, black, and the noble Red.

Below are some information and tricks to support you in making choices that will fit your style

iPhone 11 Colors

The less expensive iPhone 11, starting at $ 699 / £ 729 / AU $ 1,199, comes in six colors. They don’t have nice names, but they have a warm look.

The lower-cost iPhone 11, which starts at $699 / £729 / AU$1,199, comes in six colors. They don’t have the fanciest names, but they do have a warmer look.  

All colors begin at the same price, as well as the Product Red. 

Apple iPhone 11 Colors

• White

• The beast

• Green

• Yellow

• Purple

• (Product) Red

Well, the last one is a little different; which we’ll discuss a little bit. Now, let’s analyze your selections.

Unique iPhone 11 Colors

Every iPhone comes with at least one color or different color contrast to that model. And the iPhone 11 is no different. In its case, there are two colors: Blue and Purple.

The two are soft and creamy to the point where staring at your iPhone seems as if your eyes are being softly cuddled. We have to give it to Apple, its colors remain on point.

Choosing one of these colors will give your phone more ownership and make it feel different, as hard as it is when it comes to iPhones.

These two colors are also more anti-natural than the others, so if you are the type of person who feels a close connection with Mother Earth, they will probably talk to you a lot.

The two colors possibly look more natural than the other ones, so if you feel a close connection with mother Earth, then those will most likely speak to you the strongest.

Traditional iPhone colors

Almost every iPhone comes in two likely colors namely Black and White which makes them very common and no doubt uninteresting.

Nevertheless, one big advantage of black and white is that you can easily match it with any other color, so you don’t have to worry if your iPhone collides with your shirt, dress, or bag.

Yellow “Cheap iPhone”

It’s bright, cheerful, and transcends beautiful vibes.

But, up to now, it has only appeared on iPhones which were well-thought-out as “cheap”.

Firstly, on the iPhone 5C, and iPhone XR, which were considered a cheaper version than their mates.

But if you don’t mind any of that, then go yellow, if that’s your favorite color among the six.
Great Red (Product)

Last, but not least, the color Apple marked (Product) is red. In contrast to green, purple, and yellow, this color is stunning.

What makes it special is that part of the money you spend on your iPhone 11 goes directly to the Global Fund to fight COVID-19.

Before COVID-19 became well-known, (Product) RED donated to cancer research and will do so again in the future

Despite everything, the price of (Product) RED iPhone 11 is not the highest, therefore it is Apple that makes the offer on your behalf.

Now that we have finished with the many options for your color selection, how do you now choose between the 6 best options?

Choosing your iPhone 11 Colors?
  • Go with the black option, if you want to play it safe,
  • If you are tired of the color black, then choose white.
  • If you want to stand out and try the awesome new color of this iPhone, you can’t go wrong with the new purple color.
  • If you want something lovely and beautiful, go with the green option.
  • Something easily Breathtaking: iPhone 11 Yellow.
What color is the most popular iPhone?

The most popular colors for the iPhone 11 are green and purple.

Where to Buy the iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is available from any of the following vendors and carriers below:

• Apple Store

• Sprint

• AT&T

• Verizon

• Buy More


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