Infinity Symbol – Type the Infinity Symbol on Keyboard

The Infinity Symbol, also known as the everlasting symbol or the forever symbol, is a well-known graphic, but where did it originate and why was this specific image chosen to represent infinity? Here’s a closer look at the symbol’s history and significance.

Infinity Symbol on Keyboard
Infinity Symbol on Keyboard
Infinity Symbol Meaning

Infinity is derived from the Latin term infinitas, which means limitless or everlasting. It is used to describe timeless, infinite, and endless events or sentiments.

In a finite world where everything has an end, this eternal is timeless and magnificent.

In a nutshell, infinity can be characterized as immeasurable, eternal, and infinite.

‘Apeiron’ is the Greek term meaning infinity. It has the same meaning as boundless and limitless, but it was once a bad word. ‘Apeiron’ used to signify ‘from chaos, without definite form, or crooked.’ According to Aristotle, “being infinite is a privation, not a perfection, but the absence of a limit…”

To be infinite means to have no limit, to be limitless and eternal. Many religions believe that God is infinite, as is the universe.

Overall, Infinity Symbol have three key applications:

  • mathematical;
  • physical; and
  • metaphysical
Origin of the Infinity Symbol

In the area of mathematics, the sideways eight that we now connect with infinity was formed.

John Wallis, a mathematician, decided to utilize a sideways eight as a depiction of infinity in 1655. It’s thought he got the concept from the Roman numeral for 1.000, CI, which resembles the Infinity Symbol. This numeral can alternatively be read as “many.”

A similar symbol can be found in mathematician Leonhard Eule’s works, where he utilizes a sideways eight symbol to indicate “absolutus infinitus,” Latin for absolute infinity.

While the meaning of the Infinity Symbols has evolved and gained interpretations outside of mathematics, the core notion behind the design remains infinity.

Other Interpretations of the Infinity Symbol
  • A Representation of the Ouroboros: Some mystics believe that the circular shape of the two components that comprise the Infinity Symbol resembles the ouroboros, the snake that is depicted as devouring its own tail and therefore forming a circle.

As a reflection of the mystics’ belief in the everlasting and infinite, it is frequently depicted similarly to the sideways eight of the Infinity Symbol.

  • Harmony and Balance: The two converging circles have alternatively been interpreted as two opposed people or forces coming together in harmony and balance. It can also be taken as the interconnection of all things.
  • Regeneration: The Infinity Symbol can represent regeneration and endless life after death on a spiritual and metaphysical level. It can allude to God’s and the Divine’s limitless and limitless ability, as well as the eternal love we experience from the divine.
  • Kundalini Energy: The Infinity Symbol in Hinduism can represent Kundalini energy, which is generally depicted as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine.

It is also thought to reflect the dualism and uniting aspects of male and female.

  • The Christian God: The Infinity Symbol can represent God, who is eternal by nature. It might also be a reflection of God’s everlasting promises to his people.
  • The Universe’s Everlasting: Yoga practitioners interpret the eternity symbol to represent the universe’s unending existence. There is no beginning or end to the cycle of destruction and creation.

Everything in the universe is in constant motion. We are one with the universe, and even though we are individuals, we have an unbroken connection with one another.

  • The Nature of Energy: The Infinity Symbol can be found on some tarot cards, where it represents the unlimited nature of energy and the never-ending interaction between matter and energy.

It can also be taken as the endless nature of our thoughts or spirits.

How to Make the Infinity Symbol on a Keyboard

Windows User With Separate Keypad

  • Launch any application that supports text entering.
  • Press and hold the “ALT” key.
  • Type 236.
  • Depress the “ALT” key.

Windows user who does not have a separate keypad

  • Launch any application that supports text entering.
  • Select “Insert.”
  • Select “Symbol.”
  • Navigate to “Mathematical Operators.” To pick and insert the Infinity Symbols, double-click them. If the Infinity Symbols option is not found under mathematical operators, change the font until you find one that has this option.

Mac Users

  • Launch any application that supports text entering.
  • Hold down the “Option” and “5” keys.
  • Depress the buttons. The Infinity Symbol will be displayed.
Infinity Symbols as a Representation of the Number 8

Because of its resemblance to the number 8, some people have given the Infinity Symbols religious and mystical significance.

In Hinduism, the number 8 denotes the initiate, the person who has completed the seven stages of spiritual enlightenment and the seven heavens of Hindu theology. As a result, the sign can represent both resurrection and rejuvenation, as well as the restoration of lost Paradise.

Because 8 is an auspicious number for the Chinese, the Infinity Symbol is associated with good fortune and luck.

Infinity’s Origins – Infinity in Different Cultures
Asia – Tibet & India

Distinct parts of the world have different historical stories of the Infinity Symbol.

It denotes perfection and a balance between the male and feminine in Tibet and India.


Celtic Knots are similar to the Infinity Symbol in that there is no beginning or end. Furthermore, the Double Infinity Symbol and Celtic Knots are very similar. Few people realize that the Double Infinity Symbol represents “dual absoluteness.” There are various Celtic knots, each with its own representation. The underlying concept, however, remains the same – the never-ending circle of life.


Infinity was a point of contention among Greek philosophers and mathematicians, with philosophers such as Pythagoras and Plato contending that all things in the world could be represented by a defined set of values or whole numbers.

Their argument continued, claiming that ‘Good’ was also a measurable value and thus finite.


Another name for the Infinity Symbol is Lemniscates, which comes from the Latin word “Lemniscatus,” which means “ribbon.” The concept is based on Ouroboros, an ancient image of a serpent or dragon biting its own tail. This ancient emblem symbolizes the never-ending cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This meaning has a relationship, but it comes from an unexpected source.

The snake’s skin-sloughing denotes soul transmigration; the symbol of the tail biting represents fertility, with the tail representing the phallus and the mouth representing the womb.

The Ouroboros is thought to have first appeared in a 10th century copy of “Chrysopoeia of Cleopatra,” a 3rd century alchemical text.

The sign of the dragon chewing its tail initially appeared in an Egyptian funeral writing in the 14th century B.C. It first appeared in Western culture through Greek magical activities, and it was then adopted by Gnosticism, Hermeticism, and alchemy.


Gnosticism is defined as “knowledge.” It is a set of beliefs, culture, philosophies, and theological ideas that originated in the first century A.D. in early Christian and Jewish sects. According to this belief, the serpent biting its tail represents eternity and the soul of the world.

The Ouroboros was thought to have encircled the world, completing the circle by biting its tail.


Hermeticism is connected to Gnosticism in that it is the study of spiritual mysteries. This movement is mostly based on the writings of Hermes Trismegistus, a Greek God who has been compared to Thoth, the Egyptian God of wisdom and magic.


Many people are aware that alchemy is the pursuit of turning lead into gold. But few people realize that alchemy is more than just making gold nuggets. It is based on the notion that everything, including metals, possesses a universal spirit. It claims that metals contain life and that they grow inside the Earth’s womb. This interconnectivity is eternally unified.

Alchemists want to escape the cycle of life and death and achieve an immortal destiny.

All of these ideas have one thing in common: the desire to study and be a part of that which has no end. So, how did the Infinity Symbols enter modern times?

Infinity in Modern Day

The modern Infinity Symbols were discovered in 1655 by John Wallis, an English mathematician. In both science and mathematics, it refers to an infinite and limitless quantity. This amount is greater than any number.

Scientologists now refer to it as the “eighth dynamic” — the eighth dynamic pressing towards an unlimited and eternal existence – the supreme being, embracing the boundless capacity and wholeness of all.

The Infinity Symbols are all around us since they have been adopted in various aspects of life. Religion and fashion are two of the most prominent areas where this emblem can be found.

The Infinity Cross

Religious folks wear the infinite Cross to demonstrate their devotion to God. It is worn as jewelry and acts as a reminder of the religious people’s faith and eternal existence.

Infinity Symbols for Love

The Infinity Symbol is now used to represent unending love for a romantic partner.

It can be found as a pendant for necklaces, bracelets, watches, and even earrings. This follows the Indian and Tibetan tradition of using the Infinity Symbol to represent the balance of masculine and female.

Double Infinity Symbols

A double Infinity Symbol, which is made up of two intertwined Infinity Symbols, can represent the idea of two independent commitments coming together as an unified whole — a unity of different ideas.

On a more romantic level, it can represent the vows two people make to each other when they enter into a partnership. Furthermore, the double Infinity Symbols can represent perfect balance and harmony, as well as the aesthetic value of perfection.

Infinity Symbols in Jewelry and Fashion

One of the most prominent symbols in jewelry and apparel is the infinity symbol. It’s also a popular tattoo design.

Because the symbol is symmetrical, it can be used as the focal point of the jewelry piece or as a decorative accent, making it a versatile addition to jewelry. Its multi-layered symbolism adds to the symbol’s significance. Infinity Symbols jewelry gifts are ideal for a variety of occasions:

  • A single Infinity Symbol might be seen as a declaration of a couple’s eternal love for one another. The combined symbolism intensifies the love association when placed into a heart.
  • When given to a friend, the Infinity Symbols symbolise eternal friendship, showing that you value and will cherish their friendship.
  • Giving an infinite gift indicates the endless prospects and route ahead of a graduate or someone coming of age.
  • For Christians, an infinity with a cross represents God’s infinite love for them and the eternal life that comes from that love. It can also demonstrate a Christian’s love to and obedience to God. A triple Infinity Symbol might signify your family or the Christian trinity.
Swedish Malin Symbol

The Swedish Malin sign is one of the world’s most popular tattoos. It is the Infinity symbol, with an arrow piercing the center.

The symbol represents the necessity to overcome obstacles in order to progress.

Infinity Scarves

It is thought that the infinity scarf originated in ancient Rome. It was used to wipe sweat, as opposed to its current function in the fashion industry. The scarf is a fashionable accessory that has made a resurgence in the last decade. Try a knit infinity scarf, which has evolved into a necklace-like accessory that does more than just keep you warm.

Meaning and Yogic Connection of the Infinity Symbols

This symbol denotes infinity, eternity, empowerment, and eternal love. As its history suggests, numerous cultures have interpreted this emblem in a variety of ways.

There is no beginning or end to the Infinity Symbols. It symbolizes the universe as an everlasting and unending entity. It reminds us that everything is changing and moving.

In yoga, the Infinity Symbols symbolise oneness and serve as a reminder that we are all connected in this life cycle. This is demonstrated by the two independent circles merging into one. It can represent two souls coming together as a connected bond in love in our modern day.

Infinity rules & properties
NameKey type
Positive infinity
Negative infinity-∞
Infinity difference∞ – ∞ is undefined
Zero product0 ⋅ ∞ is undefined
Infinity quotient∞ / ∞ is undefined
Real number sumx + ∞ = ∞, for x∈ℝ
Positive number productx ⋅ ∞ = ∞, for x>0
How to type Infinity Symbols on keyboard
PlatformKey typeDescription
PC windowsAlt+236Hold the ALT key and type 236 on the num-lock keypad.
MacintoshOption+5Hold the Option key and press 5
Microsoft wordInsert > Symbol > ∞Menu selection: Insert > Symbol > ∞
Alt+236Hold the ALT key and type 236 on the num-lock keypad.
Microsoft excelInsert > Symbol > ∞Menu selection: Insert > Symbol > ∞
Alt+236Hold the ALT key and type 236 on the num-lock keypad.
Web pageCtrl+C, Ctrl+VCopy ∞ from here and paste it in your web page.
FacebookCtrl+C, Ctrl+VCopy ∞ from here and paste it in your Facebook page.
HTML∞ or ∞ 
ASCII code236 
MATLAB\inftyExample: title(‘Graph to \infty’)
What does Infinity Symbols mean in Apple Music?

The Infinity Symbols () are used in Apple Music to indicate the app’s recently added Autoplay capability. So, if you see an Infinity Symbol on the screen, it simply means that the autoplay option is enabled. With the feature activated, the app continuously streams all of your music, beginning with the songs queued on the service and progressing through all albums. When all of the songs have finished playing, the app will play comparable tracks based on the music in your library. It functions similarly to the Spotify functionality. Users should be aware that the Autoplay option will be enabled by default on the app.

Along with the Autoplay function, the iOS 14 release brought a slew of new features to Apple Music. One of the most notable features is the new design, which includes a highly tailored Listen Now page for users. Another significant enhancement is the ‘Recently Played’ widget, which provides access to recently played albums and playlists.

What Does The Infiniti Car Symbol Mean?

INFINITI is a Japanese premium automobile company that debuted in 1990. Its automobile icon is notable for its sleek, stylish, and trendy look. The name of the car company was picked in 1987, and the emblem represents the brand name. The insignia features two lines that lead up to a horizon.

It is also said to pay respect to Mount Fuji, Japan’s most iconic mountain.

It is also known as an upside down V and resembles a mountain or a road. Because the automobile brand aims to new vistas in the automotive sector, the horizon is sentimental. Some company officials have also described it as traveling on the wide road toward infinity.


What does an infinity tattoo mean?

The infinity loop is a popular tattoo subject and one of civilization’s most universal symbols, representing eternity, immortality, and the never-ending circle of existence. The lemniscate, which has its origins in mathematics, is a strong depiction of an infinite system.

What does the infinity symbol on a necklace mean?

An infinity sign denotes that something will persist indefinitely. Many people include infinity symbols on their wedding bands to symbolize their never-ending love. Others use it to express their confidence in God because the emblem is not religiously particular.

What is the significance of the sideways 8 as an infinity symbol?

The mathematical interpretation of the infinite symbol was discovered in the 17th century. John Wallis was the first to utilize it in 1655, although he never explained why he used an 8 on its side as a symbol of infinity. In reality, the Romans used a similar symbol to express huge numbers. For example, 1000 was written as CI, which stands for “many.”

What does an infinite ring represent?

This ring, sometimes known as an infinity ring or a promise ring, is generally worn by women to represent never-ending love. Infinity rings are normally made up of a precious metal band, usually gold, set with a line of continuous jewels, which are frequently diamonds.


The Infinity Symbols are still among the most widely used symbols, not only in mathematics but also in everyday life. Although developed as a mathematical representation for an endless number, the Infinity Symbols have been used outside of mathematics and have garnered a number of spiritual and romantic interpretations over the past 400 years.


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